Priceline Hailed By Piper Jaffray

    June 19, 2008
  has some good things going for it.  First, William Shatner stars in the travel the company’s commercials.  Second, it’s an "Internet Top Pick," according to investment bank and securities firm Piper Jaffray.

Captain Kirk karmaWilliam Shatner
Priceline Negotiator

Given the near-constant talk of recessions and bubble-bursting, it’s almost surprising that there are such things as Internet top picks; most sites don’t have much to do with water, food, or shelter.  Priceline’s savings-oriented setup may have helped it rise to the top, though.

Also, our economic problems haven’t affected everyone in the world.  "International travel (especially Europe to U.S.) is becoming a larger part of Priceline’s business, and should help Priceline continue to outpace industry growth," Piper Jaffray analyst Aaron Kessler told Reuters.

Priceline’s stock is down this morning, but the same can be said for almost the entire market.  Priceline had a good day yesterday, and over the past six months, its stock has risen.  The Dow and Nasdaq have not.

All in all, Priceline’s on quite a streak, and even people who don’t travel and have no investments should appreciate it.  Here’s why: perhaps the company will avoid changing anything, and as a result, produce more Shatner commercials.