PriceFight Search Engine Steps Into The Ring

    November 17, 2006

There are only a few days left until the holiday shopping season begins in earnest, and a new shopping search engine has made its presence known just in time.

PriceFight launched on Friday; the site’s main page sports a couple of boxing gloves and the slogan “‘Tis the Season to Shop Like a Champ.”

The PriceFight beta may need to spend a little more time in the gym before it’s truly useful, though.

The site, like many others, tries to display the least expensive source for any given product.

But TechCrunch’s Marshall Kirkpatrick noted that PriceFight “currently searches over only twelve large merchants and is focused on consumer electronics.”

The TechCrunch writer had a similar concern about PriceFight’s “People’s Choice” feature, which tells “where most shoppers go to purchase the same items you’re looking to buy.”

Kirkpatrick observed that the shopping search engine needs to compile a reasonably large set of data before that can happen, but, he went on to say, “ratings have been compiled over the past seven months.”

The “People’s Choice” feature will should also incorporate “qualities beyond price that the shopping community values, such as customer service, return policies, shipping, and security,” if all goes well at PriceFight.

Look for “better search results” over time, as well.

The site claims its “search algorithm learns and adapts to customer shopping behaviors,” and contests that “unlike other engines that base their results on predicting user intentions, PriceFight’s results are based on associating real queries to user actions.”

Reactions to the site were generally positive. Following Kirkpatrick’s article, “Sean” wrote, “I just played around with it, I do like it a lot, very nice looking site also. They definitely need more merchants but like you said, that will come with time.”

It may not be long before PriceFight gets into tip-top shape, however.

While admitting that the site is “still a work in progress,” the site claims to be “in the process of adding many enhanced features.”

And the PriceFight team appears to have quite a work ethic – Michael Griffin, the site’s founder and CEO, writes that he “enjoys working” in his free time.


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