Press Releases Can Have a Long Search Shelf-Life

Traffic from Press Releases Long After Their Release

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As a follow up to a recent article we ran on how press releases can be great for search, a representative for PRWeb, a press release distribution company, contacted us with another interesting example. This one looks at the shelf-life press releases can have, with regards to search traffic.

"A small business called Leatherup.com, which sells peripheral gear for motorcycle riders issued a news release on November 6, 2008, titled, ‘LeatherUp.com 2008 Sales Explode to over $20 Million,’" the representative tells WebProNews. "This year alone, this release has received more than 11,000 unique page views excluding advertising (I can see that Leatherup.com used this release as a landing page for some Doubleclick ads which boosted the total unique views to more than 20,000, so have excluded them)."

Press Release Shelf-Life

"Once I had the 11,000 number, with the exclusion, I looked at the entrance sources," he says. Among the top ten, these include (all numbers are unique views):

Google:  2,832
Direct:  1,551
AOL: 696
search.rr.com 247

"Moreover, peak views included December 11, 2009 – more than a year after the release was published," he continues. "The flat periods before April 7, 2009 are due to the fact that we had not yet implemented Google Analytics at that time, and the flat period in June 2009, is when PRWeb.com migrated over to a new Web site – the point being these search results could well be higher."

There are a number of reasons that press releases can be great for search. They’re great for spreading word to the media (journalists/bloggers), they can contain links, when used with credible news wire services, they are often looked upon with some authority, and as discussed above, their shelf-life can be significant.

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Press Releases Can Have a Long Search Shelf-Life
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  • http://www.the-franchise-shop.com Matthew Anderson

    I didn’t really get this article… Almost seemed like you were paid by prweb to give them a small bit of exposure and you did this by chucking out this uninformative rubbish.

    Better get yer writing together dudes or I’m outa here and back to ell techcrunch and theregister for anything of substance…

    Poor stuff boys.

  • http://makeawebsite101.net/ Ben

    There is some benefit to releasing press releases, first you shouldn’t forget their original purpose. You want to inform the people that have the authority to further spread the word. Online they have the added benefit of actually being indexed and promoted. In any case they are definitely a viable tool today as they were years ago.

  • http://www.heavenpeturns.com/home.html Norma c

    Hi there
    A press release is good but the problem is you get a flood of activity while it is current then nothing after-like a news cast it seems to die off.


  • http://lincsoftech.com Srinath

    It was really an interesting piece of information for me.
    I have just started off with a company of my own after 23+ years in the IT industry.
    Even if it does 10% of what is claimed in the article, it is well worth it.


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