Presidential Winner Predicted in State-by-State Analysis

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Presidential Winner Predicted in State-by-State Analysis
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A University of Colorado (CU) analysis of the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election predicts that Mitt Romney will win the election in November. The model used for the prediction is one that has correctly predicted all presidential elections since 1980, including George W. Bush losing the popular vote but still winning the election in 2000. [Details Here]

“For the last eight presidential elections, this model has correctly predicted the winner,” said Michael Berry, political science professor at CU. “The economy has seen some improvement since President Obama took office. What remains to be seen is whether voters will consider the economy in relative or absolute terms. If it’s the former, the president may receive credit for the economy’s trajectory and win a second term. In the latter case, Romney should pick up a number of states Obama won in 2008.”

The prediction model uses an analysis of economic factors to determine an outcome for each of the 50 U.S. states. It was developed by Berry and his fellow CU political science professor Kenneth Bickers. Two of the factors the model takes into account include state and national unemployment numbers and changes in real per capita income, both of which affect Democratic and Republican candidates differently.

The study has predicted that President Barack Obama will only receive 218 electoral votes, far short of the 270 needed to win the election. It also predicts that Romney will receive 52.9% of the popular vote.

“The incumbency advantage enjoyed by President Obama, though statistically significant, is not great enough to offset high rates of unemployment currently experienced in many of the states.” said Bickers.

The Berry and Bickers study will be published in this month’s Political Science & Politics. An update to their analysis using more recent economic data will be coming in September.

Presidential Winner Predicted in State-by-State Analysis
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  • Gina


    • bella

      ME TOO!!!

  • kate

    ditto Gina

  • paul henderson

    If Baback Obama and the socialists retain power for 4 more years the USA will cease to exist and we will be governed by an anarchy with our freedoms totally gone. People of the USA need to wake up and realize how far obama has gone to weck the constitution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Raven

      An anarchy? We would have no law so all there would be is freedom.

      • bad to the bone

        anarchy means NO government. Sorry Raven, some laws create freedom.

    • Joshua Brown

      That kinda doesn’t make sense…a government of anarchy is pretty much an oxymoron…and if it was anarchy as you predict, then people would do whatever they wanted, which is an extremest form of freedom…and I fail to see how Obama has wrecked the constitution.

      • bad to the bone

        if he is re-elected with no re-election to worry about, we will all have a front seat to watch this once mighty nation crumble into a pile of SOCIALIST rubble. Have you not read his quotes on re-distributing the wealth. We might as well all quit our jobs (those of us who still have one) and sit at home and wait for the welfare checks to roll in.
        BUT just remember, when everyone is on welfare, nobody gets welfare.
        I remember when there used to be a stigma to being on welfare, now with this generation, people believe it’s a STATUS SYMBOL. just sucks.

    • RON

      Paul i couldnt of said it any better !! the people need to wake up this man is destroying are country . he is a liar and a socialist !!

  • ralph

    What happens if we don’t want either….???????

    • PH

      Vote for somebody else. That is my plan.

      • bella

        Stupid plan.
        Just a waste of a vote

  • Susan Epperson

    If this is true, God help us all….

    • bad to the bone

      If it’s true, God did help us.

  • Zach

    i hope that is wrong

    • bella


  • Bridget

    God I hope it’s wrong!

    • bella


  • GBA

    Awesome!!!! Its time to bring some integrity back to the White House.

  • TJ

    I hope to GOD that the prediction is WRONG. If not, we’re in very very very big trouble.

    • joe

      Really? Fiscally smart business men will get us in trouble? No…Obama with nothing to lose (no re-election) is scary and in trouble

      • Anonymous

        Anyone could be a business man. Research his record as both a business man and Gov, and then create a valid opinion.

    • Andre

      I hope this prediction is wrong or we will have a racist, stupid, ignorant, dumb, out of touch president ever.

      • PH

        What has Mitt done to be considered racist? Other than being white which I know makes one automatically racist. Disclaimer: I am not trying to defend Romney. He will be another Bush. Unfortunately, Obama will be another Obama. Looks like we are stuck between a rock and a hard place.

      • Raven

        Romney has never struck me as a racist person. Less than 10% of this country would ever even vote for someone that is racist let alone become a party’s nominee.

      • bella

        Seems like you are describing the current idiot you call a president

    • bad to the bone

      I hope to God that this prediction is RIGHT. If not, we will be a SOCIALIST country within the next four years. T.J. Grow a brain, quit being a racist, just because Romney is white doesn’t mean that he is wrong.

    • http://www.pronews.com Pat7

      I also hope this prediction is wrong. Having Obama in the Office of the President of the United States is better than having an asinine millionaire like Romney.

  • Sarah

    Sure hope this comes true. Not anyone I know is better off now than they were 4 years ago and many are far less well off. The only ones who seem to be getting more are those on the government dole, which explains why those of us who work for a living are less well off!

  • Anon

    I don’t know why people would want Romney for president. Would you all like a baby Bush to ruin our country once more? Everyone saw the mess he got us into.

    • Misty

      I Loved Bush as President!!!

      • Carlos

        Another DUMMMMMMMM….IDIOT who ruin our country.

      • Anonymous


      • bella

        Me Too!
        Great Man!
        Love Mrs. Bush also.

      • Urani Diot

        Carlos…. Everyone saw the mess Bush got us into…. and some us remember it was Democrats as well (have you forgotten the democrats were the house majority in his 2nd term and that dingbat Nancy Polosi) HOWEVER that being said, Romney is not BUSH. AND OBAMA IS CERTAINLY NO LINCOLN!!

  • Lee

    Lord help us! Romney 2012!!

    • bella


  • lori Starr

    I hope this is correct!

    • bella

      me too!!
      I really hope this prediction is true.

      • majorsticky

        i am not a christian , but would be willing to pray to god to keep obama from another 4 years of destruction .

  • Andre

    I would elect my cat before Romney/Ryan. Obama is the better man for this country. Romney only cares for himself. He is a selfish man, liar, racist, dumb, ignorant, liar, liar, liar, liar, along with his ugly old cracked face wife.

    • bella

      you seem to be the racist!!!
      all these nasty names you call these people that you don’t even

      • bella

        these words probably better describe someone like you:
        selfish man, liar, racist, dumb, ignorant, liar, liar, liar.

    • jason

      Andre, are you sure you know Mitt Romney? Or are you a paid democrat blogger?
      Mitt Romney is not a selfish man, he served as governor in Massachussetts. His salary was donated was donated to charity, he did not receive any compensation when he became president of the Winter Olympics. He has always donated most of his income to charity including the his heir money.
      Do you really think he is selfish compared with the current President.?

    • Urani Diot

      Sweetie I am pretty sure your cat would be far better than Obama! At least cats don’t take all my money and give it to free loader illegals AND take away all my rights in the process. If Obama wants to take more of my money to fund his Healthcare to pay for you then at the very least, he should help it fund the vet bills too. At least then I would feel like I am not lugging the weight of the fat assed free loading Americans on my shoulders for nothing.

    • Rick

      proud to be an ignorant thug andre?

    • Urani Diot

      Andre, your really have been brain washed. The Obamas love suckers like you! BTW I would take a classy ugly old cracked face 1st lady ANYDAY over that Elitist Amazon who thinks the world revolves around her. Tell her to stop drinking the Big Gulps and get moving (the amazon beast that she is). That’s like the pot calling the kettle black as far as I’m concerned. “Hey Michelle, look at me….. I am having a BIG GULP just to SPITE YOU! All 75 oz!!!”

  • Kevin

    It won’t matter who wins in NOVEMBER, because the world will end in DECEMBER! So say the Mayans, so shall it be!

    • Gonz

      The mayans never predicted the end of the world. If they were so smart, why didnt they see their own demise coming? And since when are the Mayans the end all be all? It must suck living by what others did not even predict.

    • Josh

      The Mayan calendar continues into the next cycle…so no, the world will not end.

    • Rick

      idiot! they found that lost mayan calender that go’s on after dec. 2012.

  • E

    Best news of the week.

  • Indrid Cold

    Can’t wait to serve master Romney and get forced into converting to the LDS faith before WWIII, better get my measurements taken for my magic underwear! :p

    • Urani Diot

      Yeah or start living like they do in Cuba. That sounds even better. I just love having all my freedom taken away from me. I can tell you do too!

    • bad to the bone

      WOW! Idrid Cold, How hot is it getting inside that bhurka, what an IDIOT. TRY to finish elementary school before you post.

  • PH

    As much as I hate Romney, I really fear a version of Obama that has no reelection to lose.

  • buce

    Dum he headline. In one breath he states that his pole is never wrong but there seems to be other factors that could occur to make this article not very certain.

    • Raven

      If this prediction was 2 weeks before the election I might believe it, but this is too far out to be making predictions like this. It only takes a day to change someones mind or one of the candidates to do something stupid.

    • J.F.

      I just have to make this comment that has nothing to do with the article but what the hell is wrong with people and their inability to spell? If you don’t know how to spell something, look it up. Is it pure laziness? A result of public schools? Seriously!

      • Rick

        of course it’s public schools and rap, hip hop, hollywood and ultimately democrats!

  • Erick

    it doesn’t matter who wins all these presidents run on hidden agendas. the day the RON PAUL or any RON PAUL supported wins that day i will finally be happy. but ROMNEY OBAMA they can screw them selves i couldn’t give a damn about them. come November my absentee ballot will be filled!

  • Anonymous

    SMH, an anarchy is freedom to the extreme. Mitt doesnt care about you or me.. he only wants to help his rich buddies. WAKE UP People! Choose the lesser of two evils :P

    • J.F.

      The lesser of two evils is a statment made by uneducated people who don’t treat their country as a priority and just take it for granted. I suggest you do your homework or you (and people like you) should stay home and NOT vote. It may be your “right” to vote, but you need to do it responsibly. I have more respect for those who don’t show up to the polls and cancel out the vote of somebody who knows what the hell is going on. Your ignorance is truly showing.

      • Anonymous

        Oh no! I’ve researched the candidates… I’m not some guy watching Faux news nor relying on the National media to provide me with information. I research the records of every candidate and form my own opinion based upon the facts. You should seriously ask questions before jumping to conclusions…Makes smart ppl look not so intelligent

    • liz

      Two Evils alright- they don’t come more corrupt then the
      DemoRats including Omaha and his Chicago gang.
      How does Mitt benefit? He already rich, he doesn’t need
      the money.
      Our country will be destroyed if Obama wins.

      • Anonymous

        Both have their own hidden agendas. Neither are great choices, but Obama cares for the general population. Don’t Believe me? Take a look at the laws he’s signed

        • bad to the bone

          Do you mean those laws that tax me because i took a job with health benefits. when i could just sit on my a@@ and get those benefits for free. $5,000 each and every year just to pay for lazy low-lifes to get t medical. YEAH THOSE LAWS!

  • C. E.

    Let’s all NOT vote for Romney! The headlines will be like Truman beat Dewey headlines and teach people to read about studies. Any study is always biased, depending on who is funding it and most are NOT correct!

    • Jane Foy

      Yeah why don’t we vote for the Communist in Chief just to show the survey is wrong. What a stupid thing to say. But if the shoe fits…. I guess there is a pretty good chance if people take your advice we will be funding the freeloaders with a shoe allowance to help further fund their vacations with their EPT balances.

    • bella

      That is such a STUPID thing to say

      • bella

        I meant C.E. – Stupid.
        ROMNEY is the best!!

  • toothbrush

    Darn if you do and darn if you don’t. If you plant a tree it will not bear fruits over night. If you scorch the ground it will take time before you can plant vegetation for us to feed our people. If you totally wreck the economy – bankrupt the treasury, the economy will not resurrect in three years. First there are many factors at play with some who refuse to let it resurrect, and unless the country is in a laboratory where you control every aspect of the experiment it will not turn around so fast especially if those at the help of the $ and job submarine take it to the bottom of the ocean waiting for the right “leader”. Too many players who don’t really care; they want what they want and if they dont’ get what they want they will make sure there is “no play”. Many seem to have forgotten the group responsible for wrecking the ship and they focus on the fact that the ground is still scorched and people still feeling the heat. I heard a 6 year old say “You get what you get and you dont get to pick”. we did not pick a wreck economy.

    • tricks

      check spelling!

  • http://yahoo.com Linda Schoene

    Which is the lesser of two evils, and that is Mitt Romney. Our society is being reined by President Obama. He is a socialist and wants to make our country into a socialize one. Can’t everyone see that. None of the politicians want to speak up to him, because they are brainwashed that if they speak up, it is discrimanation. But not so. I am tired of hearing that word all the time. Some of the blacks just want to say that beause they know when a white person says somthing about Obama, they can chime in with,it is discrimanation. This is free speach and because I say that I don’t like Obama, some people will hollow the word discrimanation. Not true. Obama does not want the little companies to survive, because some have only white people that have been working there for years, so he wants to put them out of business. Hey Mr President,take a look, it was a lot of little companies that had work for people. If anything, President Obama discrimanates against the whites, and small businesse’s.I bet he goes home to the white house and laughts at what he did that day to disrupt something. I would not care what color the person is that gets into the white house, as long as that person is really trying to help our country, but President Obama is just distroying our country. He wants our country to depend on our government for everything. Wake up people, if that happens, we won’t have a say on anything. It that what everyone wants. I don’t think so. Let’s face it whoever gets into office, there will be something someone does not like, but I say if Obama is re-elected, our country is really down the tubes and you might as well say goodby to being really free. The government will be telling us what to do and when to do it. They will decide on everything. Our country was not built on this kind of treatment. So, if all you its discrimanation people think that way, then so be. Cause I don’t care. I am just speaking my mine and what is wrong with that. The word (discrimanation) is overused and just used as an excuse. Open your eyes people,before it is to late. It seems like everyday, you see Obama face on television, and with some famous star. Reason is that he is not sure of himself and by being seen everyday on television, and with a star, he gives people the impression that he just one nice person. Don’t let the smile fool you.

    • tricks

      check your spelling first.

      • Roger R. Fernandez

        Though spelling counts, it does not affect the economy nor the state of the nation. Linda’s thoughts and ideas certainly do. I find them beneficial to a true political debate. After living under Communism for some six months in my youth, I find that Obama is taking me back to it in my old age. By the way, didn’t Obama say that he “had visited 57 states and hat one more to go”? And din’t Vice President Biden say that what the country needs is a three-letter word: “jobs”?

        • Roger R. Fernandez

          Excuse me, I meant “had one moare to go”, not “hat one moare go”

          • Roger R. Fernandez

            Excuse me one more time… I mispelled the word “more”… because I failed to reread my writing.

    • Anonymous

      Look up Romney’s record as both a gov and business man. He never praises himself for his achievements holding those positions, because it was so terrible. He doesnt care for anyone but his rich friends. He’s running for president soley because he wants to BE president, not to help any one else. Fact Check what he says and check Romney’s record

      • jen

        he doesn’t have any achievement that’s why he can’t talk about them.

      • Urani Diot

        Hey ANONYMOUS…. Fact Check.com is for the liberal media. Duh…. This must be why you have listed yourself as ANONYMOUS!

    • Penelope

      For the love of god woman, learn to spell. Even if you had a valid point, which you do not, you have expressed it so poorly that taking you seriously is impossible. It is very important to finish the second grade before posting to political sites.

      • becky

        Your a piece of work to complain about someones spelling.

    • Al

      Stop attending those tea party rallies. Where do you get your information from? Obama grandparents, who raised him, are white. His whole adult life he has received a “very white” college education. The reason why the guy can relate to the common middle class is because he was one of them. Obama took out student loans, lived in crappy college apartments, and had debt leaving college. Romney knows nothing about student loans, he comes from significant wealth. So when Romney makes an argument for educational initiatives, and the middle class, it falls on death ears. Romney is very rich, very sucessfull, but has no message. This is why he will lose.

      • bad to the bone

        why doesn’t ANYBODY remember him at those schools, Where are his transcripts (SEALED) Just like his birth certificate.

      • bad to the bone

        Also where are his student loans? HE IS A BOUGHT AND PAID FOR MUSLIM!

      • Urani Diot

        Al lets not forget that Obama attended Columbia as a Foreign Exchange student on scholarship for Columbia’s diversification program. This is why his school records are sealed and he is paying millions to keep it that way. He is not a natural born citizen of the United States. EVEN IF he was born in the United States (which is a total lie) he had dual citizenship up until the age of 21 when he didn’t claim his loyalty to Kenya exclusively. He lived in those crappy apartments because he was a pot smoking radical following his communistic groups

    • jen

      Linda I hate to say you are a racist. The only reason you hate Obama’s policies is because it doesn’t benefit white Middle America country bumpkins like yourself or at least you think they don’t because you don’t know any better. If he were completely white (as opposed to half white and half black) these conversations wouldn’t be happening. By the way, where is the proof that he is a socialist? Where do you get your references from? what proof do you have other than what fox news feeds morons like you everyday do you have that the rest of us are missing. I can see by the way you write that you are not an educated person. im sure that you had trouble finishing high school and have a low wage job that requires no skill set. I also bet that you are old enough to remember when that and being white was enough to earn enough in working in some factory to be considered middle class. But, thank god times have change where red necks like can’t get a job at wall-mart. Anyone with half a brain and some education would realize that Mitt Romney would make everyone in America who is not rich into a serf if he is elected. This giving the rich or “job creator” did not work when Reagan tried it or when baby Bush tried it either. If you had at least some college you would that voodoo economics don’t work. They place the country into more debt as Reagan and Baby bush did and hurt the middle and working classes. For god’s sake and everyone else’s, refrain from spewing your racist ignorant miss-spelled remarks. We need less of your kind and more thinking people.

      • becky

        Wow! Why is it when anyone who doesn’t love Obama then they must be a racist!! Is that all you got! Sad!!

      • chasser

        race card well educated dummy

      • http://www.pronews.com Patricia Walker


      • http://www.pronews.com Pat7

        Again, I say Amen. Jen, you are absolutely correct.
        And Becky your statement has No significance.

  • anon in tx

    The people in here who are chanting 4 more years, need to slow down, the weed is killing you-a good thing in this case!

    This kenyan commie has made congress a non-entity, has shredded the constitution.

    Romney has forgot more about making money and employing people than the communist in chief will ever know.

  • eddiek

    In Mitt We Trust!! Right man for the job in these times! It is time run this country like a business!

  • Penelope

    If you are a woman, and you vote for the Republicans, you need to surrender your uterus. Your brain has already left the party!

    • http://www.pronews.com Patricia Walker

      I agree. If Romney wins the hands of time will be turned back for American women. I am thankful that so many women lives are not like Ann Romney. A woman who has never been in the workplace other than being a housewife has missed out on so much of life


  • Al

    This poll is garbage. All the LEGITIMATE polls like Gallup, has Obama up by six points in Ohio, which no candidate has ever became president without carrying. Guess this poll forgot that.

  • http://www.LAokay.com Steve G

    If Romney wins the country will nosedive into disaster.

  • http://www.pennyleisch.com Penny J. Leisch

    Did you read about the judge in Lubbock predicting a civil war if Obama won? What does he think will happen if Romney wins and people don’t have access to medical care or food or jobs? Maybe he got the right idea tied to the wrong party.

    I remember coat hanger abortions, no school for handicapped children, no medicare or help for seniors who had no families to care for them and more. Frankly, I don’t want to go back. Regardless of anyone’s religious or political beliefs, a party that imposes those beliefs on me by passing laws taking away my right to make that decision is violating my rights. This election is about a lot more than the economy.

    Whose money will be paying for all the kids that are unwanted and living in poverty? It will come out of tax dollars for foster care–if we still have foster care. It will come out of tax dollars for prisons, which I’m pretty sure will have to continue to be in the budget. I’d much rather pay for birth control, if someone wants it.

    My parents were Republicans, and I grew up on that side of the fence. It has changed dramatically. The folks who blindly support a party without finding out the facts scare me. This isn’t the Republican Party my parents knew.

    • becky

      It’s the economy!! That’s why Romney will win. You can take that to the bank.

  • dave

    I cant believe people believe that Obama helped this economy at all. Bush put us in the hole 4 trillion … has anyone even checked our dept since then?


    ^ there you go ^

    and he said if he did not cut the 4 trillion dollar dept by his first term that he will only be a 1 term president


    ^there is your proof that hes a liar ^ He said this numerous of times.

  • Dawn

    I think it’s kind of funny reading these comments. And how sad is it watching many of you attacking one anouthers freedom of speech as well as name calling like a bunch of politicians. Perhaps if some of your opions are so strong you should try to make a diffrence. Try starting your own buisness to create jobs, a food drive in your area to help less fortunate. And most important vote and make sure others do to.

    • Urani Diot

      I’m sorry Dawn. Although I agree with some of your comments, I no longer give anything to the less fortunate. Seems to me they have more than me – free health care, free education, free college, free housing, free clothing, free groceries. Sorry, I can’t afford to do it anymore. Maybe if they stopped having a thousand kids and control themselves or IDK BIRTHCONTROL (that we – taxpayers- pay for? Maybe if the brunt of them didn’t have iphones, big screen tvs, top of the line shoes, more vacations – In my area after an investigation they found people with EBT cards spent money on trips to the Cayman Islands, Disney, liquor stores, Bingo, Coach Store, etc. Meanwhile I pay my bills on time, go to work, take care of my kids, and HAVE NOT HAD A REAL VACATION in 20 years (that would be my honeymoon) and worry every day how we will afford to send my kids to college while the freeloading Americans and ILLEGAL “Americans” can go for free. So forgive me for being a little synical.

      • Kelly

        Urani Diot…couldn’t agree with you more!!! There are so many people who feel the same way you do. Like I said I don’t think it’s going to matter who wins the election, everything that has been going on with the “less fortunate” not doing their part is not going to change…it’s going to continue to get worse. All politicians know how to do is make promises that they don’t plan on keeping. They say all the necessary things to get elected and then nothing changes.

      • MLM

        @Urani Diot: Nothing to forgive. I see the same thing you do.

      • Brian


        I agree with you 100% but do you really think that millionaire Mitt is on your side; or the side of the working class? Both parties suck, but I’m going for the one that at least ACTS like they care about the middle class.

  • The end is near

    I’m voting for Mitt just because he’s white.

    • mark

      Why not, black people voted for obama because he was black…Ask Samuel L. Jackson.

  • Kay

    God help us both of them are evil.

  • Kay

    I doesn’t matter who wins were doom

    • DoomAndGloom

      I agree, no good decision here. I’ll take the less of two evils….Romney. Obama (who I voted for even as a republican last time) Has lied (Getmo prisons, taxed us to death – health care as example, create a czar system around him that is accountable for nobody, etc etc etc)…then when he sees lose over the horizon, he starts keeping some promises. Romney, probably does not care about the middle class…dont care about his take returns, seems like an okay business man, but some of his social issues are about a hundred years out of date….so both must be weight….so I default to the VPs…Biden, is a nut job. Ryan seems economically smart, sure maybe turns off some with his too right lean, but in the end Romney/Ryan is best choice this time around. So again, our country is the real loser. After election…more taxes, more economic downturn, more jobs overseas, end is near. O well enjoy the ride while it lasts

  • Lynette Hill

    I’m voting for Obama just because he’s black lmao lolol

    • posey

      we dont need either 1 of them

  • Urani Diot

    Bad To The Bone… You are my favorite on this page. I agree 100% on every comment you made.

    • Scott

      Black or white, your an ass Joe.

  • Joe

    Sad prediction…be prepared for the emergence of concentration camps ! Because the Romney/Ryan’s don’t care about anyone who is not white (or Black or Hispanic’s posing as white – actin’ Republican…they depend on these individuals) and rich and pretendin’ to be Christian…and the Koch Brother’s own them, the white, fithy rich brothers…the two new Hitlers! Welcome to the New Koch Order…we are all expendible in their eyes…they want to rule the world…with MUCH, MUCH FEWER PEOPLE on the planet….so the Tea Party can have a nice, tidy white tea party…all those races and sexual deviants and poor people GONE !Then it will be a nice planet to raise their children on….

    • Scott

      Voting for Obama because you want government handouts…correct? You feel entitled?

      • Pj Connors

        I’am not entitled, I work hard for a living like most Americans,…but neither are the scum bags on Wall Street who manipulate the markets so the regular investor always gets screwed. They are the Mit Romney people…racking in bucks by moving leveraged money around but never building, creating or accomplishing anything but taking care of themselves. Let them rot in hell.

        • Steve

          Romney will be the next Reagan. He completely dominated the election and he made this country great. Raising taxes and increasing spending has been so completely stupid of Obama he has no experience to be president and became one way to soon. It has definitely shown in his inability to fix the economy and unemployment. Im sure you will be saying oh well he inherited it. If Romney wins and it stays the same I bet the “he inherited it from Obama” will be no where to be seen.

          • crystal

            Understand the problems was inherited from Bush to Obama and what took Bush to destroy in 8 years u expect Obama to fix in 4. What has Romney said that he would do to began to fix the problems inherted by Obama, bet you don’t even know. Unfortunately, Bush started a war for selfishness and greed but I bet you voted for him and was glad to have him in office, now look what has happened, not good is it. Think about all the families that have lost love ones, at least Obama got rid of 1 of the problems and is trying to end this craziness.

        • HW

          Why are you so angry? some people have more and do better in life than others, stop with the jealousy.

    • Whitey

      Joe, regarding your Hitler and (white) racism rant, I just threw up in my mouth. I hope you stay home on election day. Eventually we’ll get you off of the government dole and a have you become a tax paying member of the actual society, not the lies someone filled up your head with.

    • Roy Payne

      The man who posted this is certifiably mentally ill. Someone who loves him needs to get him some serious psychological help.

  • angie

    White people are angry. they want their country back. So do us Native Americans! We don’t always get what we want! Romney needs to go down in flames, preferably set with all his money.

    • Roy Payne

      I know a lot of intelligent black people who will not vote for Oblabla. As I saw on a bumper sticker, “If you voted for Obama to prove you’re not a racist, then vote for Romney to prove you’re not an idiot!!”

  • Fred

    I voted for John McCain in 2008. He was cheated out of the white house by Obama !!! I will vote for Romney, because I know there school history. Obama’s is unknow what he did in college !!! Fake birth cert. !!! Hates christians and the US military !!!

  • surfcitysocal

    Really, “Joe”? Concentration camps? Really? We’re supposed to take you seriously?

  • http://www.thestudiocenter.com Frank Casanova

    Not gonna happen. Romney would have to run the table to even have a chance… and that ain’t gonna happen. Even the boys who make the odds for bettors… People placing real money bets… say Obama will win big.

    • The end is near

      Thats BS the people with real money are Romneys people, and thats why he’ll win. Where are you and your people betting I want in.

  • common sense preacher

    Here is a confusing issue, the title of the article does not match the content, There are two scenarios listed and each scenario poses a different result. Yet the title states, only one result, propaganda. Now in reference to Obama, he is a politician, Romney a politician, so both are not to be trusted. They are politicians. You idiots are treating politicians as your saviors, hmmm, It appears that your faith is in man, your hatred is in man, and your self destruction will be because of man.

    Now, Obama is not a communist, socialist, he is a politician, Romney is a mormon, probable a closet confused person. but he is still an American. Obama is an American, Christian yet you call him a muslim. wow! In the mean time, neither Obama nor Romney will do anything about the dual supply and demand system in the gs supply. that double the price of Gas.

    You people are idiots, when you attack the solution, and make love to the problem. Your hatred for Obama is unfounded, your love for Romney is un justified. Your self respect is gone, and you are nothing but sheep being lead to the slaughter. we call our selves a Christian nation. Jesus said love thy neighbors, as I have loved you, and love thy neighbors as you love your self. I guess most Americans must hate themselves< I mean really hate being themselves. Oh yes it's just the word of God.

    • Sara

      Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • The end is near

      You preacher are the one leading your sheep to slaughter. You have to attack the solution to solve the problem. And what do you mean “You people are idiots” rev. love.

  • alex pacheco

    Its sad that in the year 2012 the basis of the topics have to do with race or religion or even sexual orient. Look bottom line Mr. Obama was not qualified to take office as soon as he did, we can see in the un employment numbers and the lack of structure we have had these last four years. And this is coming from a dem. I do agree with rep that our country is going down hill to the number of gov handouts we give out to people that should not get any benefits at all. Mitt Romney does have a better grasp on the economic ventures that we need. If obama wants to win he needs Hillary Clinton on the ticket. I would change my vote then. But as of now Mitt has my vote !

    • Pj Connors

      The bad unemployment figures were caused by a meltdown caused, and not dealt with, under Republican rule. Obama inherited a mess and has done the best anyone could have done. If Mit gets elected it will be big business and big money back in rule. The outcome will be the rich get richer the poor get poorer and the middle class falls. Supply side economics ( a misguided Rupublican speaking point, is a joke when most of the wealth is held by retiring Baby Boomers…they will not be putting the money back into commerce, just putting it away for themselves.

      • Steve

        I dont know if you know but Obama tripled the deficit. I would consider that making a mess not just inheriting one. Quit trying to blame everyone else take a look in the mirror, Obama has been a complete disaster.

        • What??

          The federal deficit when Obama took office was over $10 trillion. The current federal deficit is $15.5 trillion. How did Obama triple the deficit? Besides we’re still paying for the war Bush started so not all $5.5 trillion was Obama’s fault.

          • What? What?

            Ok, there is a HUGE difference between the federal deficit and the national debt. 10 X 3 is 30. So if the national debt is 30 trillion, you can say that Obama tripled what you think the federal deficit is. Triple the federal deficit, Obama may have done.
            Bush didn’t start the war. The a**holes who crashed a bunch of airplanes into our infrastructure did.

          • Jack Madison

            the people who crashed planes into infrastructures started the war!!??

            What a laugh!!

            President George W. Bush started the war, plain and simple.

            And, with the WRONG people!

            What a joke.

            Wake up What? What?

        • crystal

          Do you know it took Bush 8 years to put the U.S. in this mess now people expect Obama to get us out of it in 4 years. Bush has caused all these people to lose their family members because he’s worried about some damn oil. Give me a break. THINK people please.

    • Roy Payne

      Wow! A Dem who thinks outside the party box. May your tribe increase !!

  • Kelly

    I don’t think either one are going to do anything to help any of us! Black, white or whatever…race has nothing to do with it, politicians do nothing but lie!!!!

    • http://foreverelegant.com Karen Miller

      Yep! And so long as they keep us distracted, bickering with one another and pointing fingers at the “other side” as being the bad guys, it will make little difference who holds office. We can rearrange the deck chairs, but both D’s and R’s will sink us with out of control spending.

    • free

      You correct.

  • Riadse96

    And now let us ask the “pyschic animals”!

  • brian

    the republicans have made it their business to make sure he is a one term president rather than cooperate and work for the greater good of this country. perhaps they knew of this model?

    • Roy Payne

      Oblabla stated, “If I can’t turn this thing around in four years, then I don’t deserve a second term.” This is a quote from the man himself, so let’s agree with him and not let him have another four to finish his work of turning American into a socialist nation !!

      • rr

        Let’s see….got Bin Laden…helped get Qaddafi…we’re not in a great depression (most respectable economists said we were heading that way)..Saved the auto industry…

        I think he’s earned it, he’s got my vote.

  • kaytee

    …im moving to Canada….

  • David Daniel

    Eight in a row isn’t bad. Maybe someday someone will get nine. But it won’t be this guy. Statistically speaking, Obama will when the majority of the electoral votes and will be re-elected. The Clinton factor has to be factored in. I am not famous, but I have been right since 1984.

    • Roy Payne

      “…but I have been right since 1984″. Suuuurrrre you have. Easy to say, but I’m from Missouri, “The Show Me State”.

    • http://yahoo toomuchgovernment

      Maybe Obama will when but Romney will win Einstein. Clinton factor/ you mean the one who trashed him big time when she was running against him? lol what a moron

  • joel

    CU they GOT IT wrong. Think it is more of a wish, then an actual look in to the near feature!
    for that u will watch jimmy fallon nbc the night AFTER the election and see what kreskin had determined who the winner is!

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