Presidential SEM

    January 23, 2008

After writing several posts on SEO and the Presidential candidates, I started thinking, what would I do if I ran for President of the United States, in terms of online presence and search marketing.

No politics here, just Internet Marketing. Here’s what I came up with: If I were POTS


1) PPC Ads – (a) I would run PPC ads for the names of all my opponents, and point the link to a page that contrasts me with them on many issues and experience, looking as credible and unbiased as possible, maybe even have it hosted on another site. Each page would be just 2 candidates, not all of them plumped together.

(b) I would run PPC ads on all the keywords of major issues, after doing keyword research on what people are typing about them. The page would then point to a news article or write-up about my position on that issue and perhaps contrast with a major opponent.

(c) I would run PC ads on keywords like “politics quiz”, “candidate quiz”, “help choose candidate”, “candidate match”, etc. and then send them to either an actual quiz (that I made and control) or a comparison chart that highlights my positions of strength.

(d) I would make small ad videos and run them through Google’s video Adwords program.

(e) I would run radio ads through Google’s radio ad program.

2) Social Media – (a) I would create a “team” of supporters and upon sign up ask if they would like to be involved in (1) participating in online discussions with their comments, “diggs”, and submissions or (2) participating as a blogger in generating buzz on important issues and news. I would then send out emails to both parts of the team when an important political article/post is up in support of me, and to the comment team when an important article/post is up that is critical of me.

3) Blog and SEO – (a) My site would have a blog where myself, family, and close staff would post on our blog, allowing for discussions to take place in the comments.

(b) I would actively pursue SEO for important keywords and make sure I can “own” the top 10 listings for my own name.

4) User Generated Content – (a) I would encourage supporters to create their own “campaign videos” which I would then feature on my site the best ones, and maybe even air some that are really great.

(b) I would have a section for users to submit news stories that don’t get much coverage, like small straw polls or local newspaper coverage of me from campaign stops.