Presidential Election: Follow The Money

    December 20, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) opened its campaign contribution maps to Internet users who want to see who raised how much, and where they did it.

Hillary’s picked up over $18 million in New York. Mitt palmed $4.6 million in Utah. Barack is big in California, but not as big as Hillary.

Campaign contributions serve as the fuel that powers the campaign. Resource Shelf pointed out the new FEC maps that show campaign finance information for the Presidential runners, and for House and Senate races.

Data for the Presidential campaigns through September 30th, 2007, presented on maps of the US, appears as circles of various sizes. The bigger the circle, the more that state contributed.

People may look at contributions per state by candidate, party, or overall donations. The individual profiles of candidates provides the most interesting picture. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Mitt Romney, and Rudy Giuliani had the highest totals in millions through the September 30th date.

California and New York have been home to the most generous donors. Campaign contributions totaling $51.2 million from California, and $48.8 million from New York, flowed to the coffers of various candidates.

Some basic search functionality makes the FEC Presidential map interesting for followers of the search industry. By checking employer data, we found Google’s Marissa Mayer gave $2300 to Obama; ex-Yahoo CEO Terry Semel gave Clinton and Obama $2300 each; and a certain William Gates contributed $2300 to Obama’s campaign (Gates listed his Foundation as his employer, instead of Microsoft).