President Rejects House Proposal, Talks Break Down

By: Lacy Langley - October 12, 2013

“It’s now up to the Senate Republicans to stand up,” said Representative Raúl R. Labrador of Idaho after House Republicans left today’s meeting on the fiscal crisis in the Capitol. Angry Republicans reported that Obama has rejected yet another offer to ease the stalemate over raising the Debt Ceiling, opening the government, and other urgent issues.

Representative John Carter of Texas showed his dismay as he described Mr. Obama as “acting like a royal president.” He added, “He’s still ‘my way or the highway'”.

Unfortunately, the House is not scheduled to meet again until Monday, and House Republicans insist they are pretty much out of options.

The New York Times reports that negotiations have broken down between House Republicans and Obama on finding a solution to the impending Debt Ceiling crunch.

Attention now turns to the Senate. Republicans have spent the past several days trying to garner Democratic support for a proposal that they hope could reopen the government and extend the debt-ceiling through the end of January.

House Republicans remain reluctant to accept any proposal that comes out of the Democratic-controlled Senate, even if it has substantial Republican support. However, Mr. Boehner now has to be concerned about whether he will be forced to put any Senate-offering on the House floor for a vote.

“The problem here is that we don’t have a functioning majority,” said Representative Devin Nunes, a California Republican. “After three weeks of this, they’re still not figuring it out. I don’t know what it takes.”

The President is unwilling to compromise on any proposal that would suggest limiting his Affordable Care Act. The proposal presented last week by the House called for increasing the Treasury Department’s authority to borrow money through Nov. 22, but only if Mr. Obama agreed to more expansive talks about overhauling the budget. No dice.

Representative Aaron Schock, Republican in Illinois, speaking of the detriment this meeting imparted to an already tense relationship, called the development “a total breakdown in trust.”

“You don’t tell the speaker, the majority leader, the majority whip ‘we’re going to negotiate’, then they come and tell our entire conference ‘we’re going to negotiate’ and then 24 hours later, you recant,” he said.

House Republicans remain skeptical that any Senate plan could gain support in the House. Representative Thomas Massie of Kentucky said the Republicans remain “very united” and were unlikely to cede any ground as long as Mr. Obama continues to treat the standoff as “still a game.”

Global financial markets could be thrown into turmoil if Congress does not agree to raise the debt ceiling by Thursday, but there is a lot of water to tread for that to happen. Unfortunately for America, this is not a government that is particularly keen on compromise right now.

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  • Bottom Line

    Bottom line is that affordable healthcare is needed in this country. Too many people are uninsured and Obamacare is a step in the right direction. In fact, the republicans know this but are being paid by insurance company lobbyists because they are the ones that stand to lose from all this. The whole system is bloated. I don’t know if anyone has seen a hospital bill recently but the costs are just crazy and unwarranted. There is absolutely no reason why any person in this country should not get medical attention. Heck, at the end of the day, we could cut our military budget and pay for it. After all, we already spend more than the rest of the world combined on defense. Much more.

    Don’t get me wrong. I am not a democrat or republican. I don’t subscribe to any particular party because in the end, it is all one big game. All politicians are the same. They only care about themselves, their power, and wealth. Political parties are nothing but an extension of divide and conquer. Divide the masses — stay in power — and continue to become wealthy.

    The real issue is not healthcare. Say they reverse Obamacare right now. Within a week, Congress will get back to doing nothing. The problem is the whole system is corrupt to the core.

    Vote them all out and start over. Vote every politician in the country out. From the federal to the local levels. They are all corrupt and not looking out for the common man. Don’t think this is only a federal matter — local politicians and offical are corrupt as can be. Ever wonder why a sheriff will spend 300,000 on a campaign for a position that only pays 40,000? It is because they are getting something behind the scenes. Corruption is rampant in America.

    • Yes

      Yes, you are right. The Pentagon lost 2.3 trillion dollars before 9/11 and the fed lost 9 trillion dollars. That is 11 TRILLION dollars that just vanished. That is enough to give every man, woman, and child in America $40,000.

      All the politicians know about this. We literally ‘lost” over half the national debt. I say we start auditing all the holdings of every politician in the country. I am sure we would find out where some of that money has gone.

      11 Trillion Dollars just does not vanish into thin air — unless you are in the USA.

    • tim

      You are a true moron. Obamacare is a step in the wrong direction and healthcare now has become truly unaffordable. Go live in a communist country you liberal.

      • @Tim

        Look what you wrote. You contradicted yourself completely.

        Obamacare started a week ago and has no bearing on how unaffordable insurance is today. It only started a week ago!!!

        But you are right — healthcare is unaffordable!!!! That is why Obamacare was put in place.

      • @Tim

        You are part of the problem. You believe in liberal and conservative. Republican and democrat. When the reality is that they all suck.

        Bush was a conservative and he was leading the country into a depression before 9/11 happened. People forget this.

      • Derick Branson

        Tim, you are asking another person to live in a communist country because he believes Obamacare is better. Right? Healthcare is one of the basic needs of human being. In fact, that is a right for every person on earth. USA must ensure that the americans have better health. If I take your word to be true where you said ” Go live in a communist country”, it essentially means you consider that healthcare is provided free of cost in the communist countries. So, in a way, that’s a good thing. You are in fact vouching for a communist country in a way as they provide free healthcare to their people while people of the US have to bear the brunt of escalating healthcare prices. THINK AGAIN BUDDY :)

        • Charles

          A Basic Human Right? Only in America will a spoiled American say this. We have a right to succeed and a right to fail. Sadly these rights are being taken from us and soon most hard working Americans will become tired of carrying everyone that “chose failure” on the backs, and may just give up, Obama is counting on this. Americans need to take care of the people that can’t care for themselves but if you can work you do not deserve a thing from the government. The Federal Governments job is to protect us and ensure the general welfare of the people. There is NO right to Health Care, that would be the states responsibility, same for abortion. We have made Obama a King of the USA and soon he will be here to stay.

  • william

    Well said bottom line

  • All Politicians are the Same

    This is all BS. All politicians are the same. They go to the same schools, share the same benefits, invest in the same companies, join the same clubs, date/marry from the same circles, and are members of the 1% richest people in the country.

    Don’t people get it yet? The politicians do not care because nothing they do effects them. They send your kids to war and not theirs. They have great healthcare and you don’t. They have guaranteed pensions and you have nothing. They are not being spied on but you are. They are not losing their jobs but you are. Hell, they can even give themselves raises and you can’t. There are many more examples. Do I need to continue?

    • Derick Branson

      Please continue. It’s amusing. I really don’t care about politics. But the recent showdown between Democrats and Republicans has forced me to take interest in Politics because that is going to hurt my financial prospects if US defaults. What did I find in the first place? Obama vouches for Obamacare, which I personally think will benefit the poor 7% of the US. However, GOP comes up with something that is unacceptable to the Democrats. And now, on the question of raising debt limit, the two parties seem to be on a fight. It seems that both the parties are not serious enough about the prospect of the economy, if it actually defaults. It seems that Democrat and Republicans are two sides of the same coin, who are not bothered about the country at all.

      • Charles

        This is what you get for not caring

  • Carole Griffin

    From the beg. Obamacare was unlawful in the way it passed behind closed doors, a partison bill and Ben Nelson/Mary Landriue were bribed
    to vote for it. Nelson didn’t run as he new he would be defeated aft.that scandal. The congressisonal budget comm is now saying the cost will be 3T instead of 940B and there will still be 10% of the people NOT Covered. Stop reading liberal commentaries as they are lying to you. Now Obama has made changes in the bill which he had no
    auth. to do by exempting congress, corporations for a yr. Why shouldn’t the people be exempted too esp. since most don’twant it.
    Let the people have it who want it and the one’s that don’t let them be. This started out being a free country. The politicians work for US the People not the other way around!
    We better wise up or we will end up like a 3rd world country w/o any freedoms, no jobs, no $ but Oh the Govt. will throw us a few crumbs like in Greece, Spain, France, et. Do you want to give up your freedoms for that outcome? Let ALL of us starting being PERSONALLY RESP. FOR OUR LIVES! THAT’S WHAT REAL FREEDOM IS ABOUT.

  • AMK

    Viewing this from outside as a Brit I find it interesting just how little people on both sides actually understand our National Health Service. Admittedly, not many in this country do either, but at least they aren’t trying to score points based on lack of knowledge.

    The NHS has its flaws. It’s a bureaucracy, which causes waste. Part of the waste is from people not understanding it, and so thinking nothing of wasting thousands of pounds in drugs that they’d think twice about if they had to pay for them themselves. Hundreds of people were accidentally killed, and then it was covered up.

    Conversely, I read a, since altered, editorial from a respectable US publication that stated that if Stephen Hawking was British and had to rely on the NHS for treatment, he would be dead. Ignoring the fact that he is British, not dead, and states that he owes his life to the NHS.

    Another writer said that the US had better medical research because drug companies got paid for their drugs. Ignoring how many major drug companies are European. Drug companies don’t give away drugs to the NHS; they are still paid for them. Quite possibly made more too.

    The NHS doesn’t mean there aren’t alternatives. If you have the money, or the insurance, you can pay for private treatment. There’s nothing stopping you.

    Any politician, from whatever party, that tries to make out that socialized medicine is 100% good or 100% bad is either lying through their teeth or too stupid to do their job. Either way, they shouldn’t be elected.

    It’s an imperfect system. The truth is in the middle.

  • Guerry McClellan

    If Boehner spent as much time working on solving the budget issues as he does under a sun lamp, this whole mess would be over and done with. His fear of losing his leadership role has allowed a few Tea Party zealots to put the whole country in economic danger. He will be remembered with the likes of Nute Gingrich and Tom DeLay as a failed leader.

  • MadMan

    Essentially the big problem is the way all the assholes on DC are always “attaching” crappy bills to the main bill and trying to get it thru the lame dog congress.
    Its a dick swinging match and it looks like neither side are all that well endowed!
    At least not in the common sense department.
    And its about time that it gets called by its name – not Obamacare but The Affordable Heath Care Act