President Obama’s Email Tactics Upset Jon Stewart

By: Josh Wolford - April 6, 2012

Worldwide levels of spam email are down, but here in the U.S., many of us are dealing with a serious kind of spam. Presidential incumbent/hopeful spam.

While getting frequent emails from politicians asking for money for their campaign is nothing new if you are signed up for their email list, it’s the half flippant, half brutish format of some recent emails that really pisses of The Daily Show‘s Jon Stewart. Obama campaign – you’ve been put on notice.

If you’re the President and leader of the free world, why would you be so casual as to attempt to be cool in your email subject lines? You’re already cool. And why would you be so demanding with your requests in the actual body of said email? These, and other tough questions are tackled by Stewart on last night’s episode.

Check it out below:

President Obama is really playing the social media angle pretty hard – Stewart isn’t being facetious about that. his most recent account to pop up was on the fast-growing site Pinterest. Before that, the prez started checking in on Foursquare and Hanging out on Google+. There’s also been some Tumblr and Spotify action thrown in there as well.

At least the subject lines of his emails don’t offer instant penis enlargement or free iPads. Then we’d really have a problem. And you can’t really fault the Obama campaign for saying “Hey.” It sure does grab your attention. Plus it’s definitely not as bad as when Newt Gingrich addresses his campaign email recipients with “Hello future lunar dweller.”

Josh Wolford

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