Preparing For Your Tebow Weekend With Sh*t Tebow Says

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The Denver Broncos play the New England Patriots this Saturday night for the right to go the AFC Conference Finals, so you know what that means, right? Of course you do. It's Tim Tebow time. As we already know, the man they call Tebow rules ESPN, and the Twitterverse, which means this upcoming weekend already belongs to him.

If you thought last week's excessive coverage was bad, Heaven help us if the Broncos actually beat the Patriots. That will mean Tim Tebow will be one game away from the Super Bowl, which, in turn, will mean "Tebow Time" to a level approaching the Nth degree. Such a level would actually be surpassed if the Broncos actually do make the Super Bowl, but that's another story for another day. If the Broncos were to actually win the whole thing, you'd have to cancel your cable and your Internet subscriptions to escape the inevitable tidal waves of Tebow mania.

Since we're not quite at the point yet, let us simply enjoy the current wave of "Tebow Time" we're enjoying, encapsulated beautifully with the lead image and the following video, termed loving as, "Sh*t Tebow Says." Courtesy of the Mentality Magazine site (hat-tip to With Leather for pointing it out), the video does a good job of capturing the man (the myth) in all of his divine glory:

While the video is indeed entertaining, the lead image, courtesy of Kissing Suzy Kolber's Matt Ufford, it is an incredible testimony to the entire Tim Tebow saga, at least for his professional football stage. There's not much else out there that can sum up Tebow's NFL journey than an image of previous Denver Broncos hero John Elway (and current executive VP of the franchise) riding on a Tebow centaur.

In fact, the image does such a great job of capturing what "Tebow Time" really means, it has to be considered a work of art.