Premium Publishers Have Negotiation Power

    July 11, 2005

Jensense has a good post about the benefits of being a premium publisher in Google’s Adsense program (premium publishers must have at least 20 million monthly impressions).

She particularly pulls out a couple of quotes form the Webinar Transcript which indicate that premium publishers have the ability to negotiate revenue share percentages with Google. Adsense team member Phoebe Ho was asked about this by an attender:

So I’m assuming that it’s just a custom rev share contract? It changes the revenue. It would make a different amount of money than with regular AdSense because with regular AdSense we don’t control the percentage of the rev share. So premium AdSense, from what I’m understanding from your answer, premium AdSense allows rev share negotiation?’

Phoebe answered yes.

Nice! Now I’ve just got to find a way to multiply my traffic by 20 or so times per month!

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