Pregnant Woman Murder: Husband Charged With Slaying

    January 3, 2014
    Jasmine Allen
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A charge has been brought against the alleged killer of missing pregnant woman, Melissa Sowders, whose body was apparently discovered on Thursday in Harris County, Texas.

The estranged husband of Sowders, 28-year-old Matthew Sowders, may face the death penalty or life in prison in the slaying of his ex-wife and her unborn child.

Divers found the body of who they believe to be the 26-year-old behind Matthew’s home.

Her abandoned white Honda Accord on I-45 led investigators to the exact location of the body in Cypress Creek. Sowders had been missing since Dec. 26.

Her boyfriend said the last time he spoke with her is when she dropped him off at work prior to meeting up with her ex-husband and their daughter. Witnesses say she was seen at McDonald’s with the two the day she disappeared.

During a hearing Friday, two witnesses came forth to testify against Matthew.

According to one woman, she saw what she “believed to be a lifeless body in the doorway of Matt Sowders’ apartment when she went to visit” on the same day the mom-to-be went missing.

She then alerted the police in a conference call, which led to Matthew openly confessing his involvement in the murder of his ex-wife.

Matthew was denied bond on Friday and is being held in the Harris County Jail.

His attorney claims that his client had nothing to do with Sowders’ death.

“He is maintaining his innocence. It was a shock to be charged and arrested without a cause of death determination. He is not guilty of this charge,” Neyland said in a statement to ABC News.

An autopsy has yet to be done to verify the identity and cause of death.

Yet, further details into the story make the motives behind her death seem like an act of jealousy.

Opened records show that the two filed for divorce in October 2013 and were in the middle of the legal process. They had four children together. However, Sowders was said to be expecting her fifth child with her boyfriend.

Image via Youtube, USNationalistNews

  • Who Knows?

    I don’t understand how one witness alerted the police in “a conference call.” I have seen police interrogations. Innocent people plead guilty all the time. District Attorneys are actually the worst. They just threaten people with a lot of time and they plead guilty.

    In this case, though, who knows. You have a couple on the rocks. A woman who got pregnant while she was still married. People do crazy things in relationships.

    I don’t know. The older I get the more I realize I don’t like drama or the police. Neither of those two things are good for you.

    • Derp

      it means that the police said “okay, if you’re serious about this allegation, lets find out what he says to you when you call him when we’re there with you at your side”

      then because of what he said, the police decided to pursue charges in the name of the state

    • Lynn

      I agree. Hopefully this man is not a monster but he may well be. What has happened to us as a society? Are we so ambiguous about family and commitment? We are failing this generation, greed and hate has taken over.

      • Donna

        Ambiguous about family and commitment? Are you implying that she should have stayed with this guy? If he killed her, it’s not a jump to conclude that he was abusive.

    • jane

      Oh yea its always the fault of the police and DA. What would you like, let everyone run around killing each other with no repercussions, Moron.

  • venture

    God know best for me

  • D. Dingman

    Wow, did no one-writer or editors-notice that the first sentence in this story is extremely libelous? I like the way the writer acts as judge and jury to convict the guy. Way to open yourselves up to a libel lawsuit. Also, what was he charged with? The story doesn’t say. According to the headline, he was charged with slaying. Yeah, that’s not a charge. When was he charged? It doesn’t say. What was the hearing about? A hearing to determine what? And what’s with the conference call with the police? Who was involved in the call? If it was only the witness and police, which the story implies, that wouldn’t be a conference call. I also like the way the writer spews her opinion throughout the story, such as, “Yet, further details into the story make the motives behind her death seem like an act of jealousy.” Unbelievable. Why doesn’t the writer just get the facts, write them up and let the reader decide, instead of throwing partial, unattributed facts together with the writer’s opinion. Readers are not as clueless as you think and it’s scary that a story with so many holes the size of an 18-wheeler in it is acceptable because as a reader, it’s not.

    • Lynn

      OMG, it’s an article. Why are you so fast to attack a journalist? You seem like the guy (or girl) that dost protest too much. Get over it, it’s merely a news story. No one is going to do anything other than read it. But he did confess. So….what do you want?

    • Lynn

      You think this “A charge has been brought against the killer of missing pregnant woman, Melissa Sowders, whose body was apparently discovered on Thursday in Harris County, Texas.” is libel? What are you smoking? Or do YOU have something to hide. There is nothing libelous about that statement. li·bel
      defamation by written or printed words, pictures, or in any form other than by spoken words or gestures
      the act or crime of publishing it.
      a formal written declaration or statement, as one containing the allegations of a plaintiff or the grounds of a charge.
      anything that is defamatory or that maliciously or damagingly misrepresents.
      So what the heck are you talking about?

      • D. Dingman

        She called him “the killer of missing pregnant woman, Melissa Sowders,” in the first sentence, which is libelous.

        • Sheila

          It stated that he faces the death penalty !! Which means they are charging him with Murder.,now the state has to prove he did the crime. If found guilty he will end up with The injection. Which is too easy of a death for anyone who would kill a pregnant woman. The fact is there’s a pregnant woman found dead, who might be this man’s astranged wife.

          • D. Dingman

            No, it states he MAY face the death penalty, which appears to be the writer’s opinion since she did not source where she got the information from or the charge against him.

    • Lynn

      What was he charged with???? Your first attack…Murder. Did you read the SECOND line? What is wrong with you?

      • D. Dingman

        Yep, I read it and nowhere does it say what he was charged with but it does say “slaying,” which isn’t a charge. When it comes to murder in Texas, the charges can be murder, capital murder, manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide. Which is it?

    • Christina

      He was charged with Capital Murder. It isn’t tough to google the story and find it on another site, if you’re that concerned about it.

  • ElreyJones

    If he is guilty, I hope he is publicly quartered. Even that would be too good for him.

    • Donna

      So you hate the Constitution? I ask because it prohibits what you just suggested.

  • sam shown

    Can’t stand people who are on death row for years,needs to change
    no longer than 3 yrs tops.

    • Donna

      Many people who have been exonerated were on death row much longer than three years. So you think they should have just been killed because it took too long to find they were innocent?

    • Who Knows?

      There are many many many innocent people in prison. Hell, one third of all prisoners are in prison for victimless crimes.

      Sam, I hope you find yourself in court one day. I really do. Then you will see that the courtroom is not like it is on TV. The DA in your case will pile charges on you. He will go after a ton of years. Then he will dare you to go to a jury trial that has a bunch of morons a jurors. You will plead guilty more than likely.

      Innocence or guilt rarely matters in an American courtroom. Doubt what I say? Go to one.

  • shirlee

    It was a shocked to be arrested for killing your ex wife and her unborn child? I guess here in America that is quite a shock since most laws protect criminals like you. But, looks like the law got it right for once. You will excuse me if I don’t cry a tear for your stupid self. I hope and pray they burn you at the stake. You piece of shit.

    • Duck Commander

      The first sentence says “…killer…” instead of “alleged killer.

      C’mon now, if the media call the Newtown shooting perp ” alleged gunman” then why not call this guy alleged killer? At least in this case, he wasn’t caught with the weapon or wasn’t even caught in the act.

      What if her current BF ( who probably impregnated her) killed her and transported her body to her estrange husband’s doortsteps?

      I have another issue, the neighbor went to this “killer’s” house to see what looks like a dead body on the doorstep? Did the “killer” invite her inside knowing all too well that he has a dead body of his estranged wife right there? Or did he leave her body outside for everyone else to have a look?

      Some things just don’t make sense. Either the reporting is a bit foggy on the info or somebody is screwing up somewhere ( maybe the alleged killer is or the nosy neighbor is lying).

      You hear the media calling murderers who get caught in the act “alleged perps” but this guy isn’t caught in the act. So the least we can do is call him “alleged killer” not killer. He isn’t convicted.Yet.

    • @Shirlee

      Who are you kidding? The US arrests and incarcerates the most people in the world. Our sentences across the board are the worst in the world.

      Shirlee, I could follow you around for a week and arrest you for some type of felony. In fact, what you wrote in your comment is actually a felony. It is called a terroristic threat. Minimum 5 years in some states.

      Yeah Shirley. There used to be a lot of people like you in Salem. Of course, you realize all the people they burned at the stake weren’t witches or guilty of anything.

      Then again, people like you who won’t give mercy. Will not receive any either.

  • Convicted

    In America, you are convicted of your crime before you even step foot in a courtroom. We don’t know if this guy is a killer or not.

    But then again, it is a man. All men are guilty in America. If you are woman, you can kill anything and still have a good chance of going free.

    By the way, I hope all you people that are outraged out there about this are equally outrages about abortion. It is the same thing. Same results.

  • Sheila

    Obviously they had enough to arrest him in the first place. Maybe the investigators have more on him then what the journalist can report. If he did do it,he is a monster for killing her and her unborn child. I don’t think that to bf did it. He would have no reason. The estranged husband ,well he does have motive. We will probably never know the reason why they were divorcing ,only that they were,she was with someone else and having that man’s baby. If he did do it and that fetus was along enough to be considered a person. He could be facing to counts of murder. I hope he didn’t do it , she was a mother of four children,His children. But if he did he needs to pay for this hideous crime.