Pregnant Nun Surprises Roman Catholic Church

    January 19, 2014
    Jasmine Allen
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A 31-year-old El Salvadoran nun has caught the Roman Catholic Church off guard by giving birth to a baby boy.

Roxana Rodriguez was rushed to a hospital in Rieti, Italy on Wednesday for severe stomach pains. She eventually had the baby several hours later and decided to name him Francesco in honor of the Pope.

Rodriguez apparently told doctors that her pregnancy was impossible being that she is a nun, and of course nuns are forbidden from having sex, as they are required to be chaste.

This phenomena sounds pretty familiar, right? This may or may not be yet another “virgin Mary” situation, but hey, that’s up for one’s own interpretation.

A number of sisters at the Italian convent claimed that they were oblivious of her pregnancy. One even mentioned that Rodriguez appeared to be a little heavier in size, but she was completely unaware because she kept to herself.

The head nun made a statement that Rodriguez may have just not been able to resist temptation.

As for the church, they assume that the nun was well aware of her pregnancy and believes that she intentionally kept it a secret.

Due to humiliation, a spokesman for the bishop has reported that Rodriguez, which also manages an elderly home near the convent, is forbidden from the nunnery.

“It would be preferable that she now lead a secular life with her baby, away from religious institutions,” he said.

According to BBC News, people at the hospital made donations to the mother and baby Francesco.

Sources say that she will be keeping and raising her baby.

After the news broke out worldwide, of course people had something to say about the “miracle birth.”


The baby’s father is unknown, OR is it?

Maybe the Pope and Rodriguez have some explaining to do? Well, hopefully not.

View her official picture here.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Jeanie

    Of course only “men” religious are “allowed” to be unchaste. Does anyone really think this is the first nun to give birth? Hopefully the church will take care of her and her child and give her a chance to continue working, even if she is not a nun. Of course, this could be the second coming:-) Who really cares – love this child as we should love all children and hope he has a good life.

    • Sharon

      If men had babies most would get pregnant

    • annie.o

      she does not have her period for 9 months…and she didn’t know she was preggy???? whaaaa????? is this girl for real????? just crap !!!!

      • helen

        I didnt have my period for about 1 year and wasnt pregnant. . And a few years later when I actually got pregnant I had my period for 9 months. So everyone’s different.

  • Armando Bansil

    This baby might be another Messiah ! Just like Jesus of Nazareth, he might have been conceived by the Holy Spirit.

  • Armando Bansil

    This baby must be another Messiah ! Just like Jesus of Nazareth, the baby might have been conceived by the Holy Spirit.

    • hollywoodnc

      That’s EXACTLY what she wants you to believe.

      Please…GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

      Jews are going to be HIGHLY upset…it’s not JeBus.

      Are we going to see another set of tablets with new “commandments” (orders from a fairytale god) now?

      “Thou shalt not bullshyt others!”

  • mike


  • Kanna-Chan

    Looks like someone has been breaking her vow of chastity.

    • annie.o

      gee she is a gal..so even NOT having your period for 9 months was NO HINT????? just crap she didn’t know…just crap !!!! wonder who the lucky daddy is ?????

      • Soila

        you can have a period and be pregnant stupid annie

        quit judging

  • mokhoro

    This was deliberate. The local priest must be responsible, or one of these wealthiest me.

  • mokhoro

    This was deliberate. The local priest should be responsible, or one of these wealthiest men.
    Banna bofebe ke nthoe tje? Sekhukhuni se bonoa ke sebatalali.

  • Patti

    The Immaculate Conception????

  • larry jackson

    Her story does stretch credibility just a tad.

    • hollywoodnc

      They should kick this imbecile out for (at least) TWO reasons…

      First, because she went against the primary rule of celibacy…

      Two, she’s a LIAR!

  • Elizabeth

    What if someone drugged her. It’s possible she is telling the truth.

    • whynot

      A woman cannot go that long without a menstrual with a growing belly and appetite and not know she’s pregnant. Don’t be stupid

    • Sharon

      That is a very common thing.

    • Sharon

      She’s embarrassed, she has to say something.
      of course she knows.

  • rm

    Supposedly she got pregnant in El Salvador, before she went to Italy. This article is not complete. Check this one:


  • david shepherd

    With God all things are possible. Don’t Judge please.

    • hollywoodnc

      It’s NOT a matter of “Judging”, it’s a matter of misleading the followers of religion AND lying (covering up the act of intercourse).

    • Sharon

      This has nothing to do with God. Its no miracle.

  • http://no celine

    Why make so much of fuss about a nun giving birth??? why don’t people stop making fun about the private lives of others and do something good? why not write article about the killing going on in the world?? How many unwed ladies give birth in the world?? what’s so special about a nun giving birth?? why not write about the thousands of nuns who give their lives to the well-being for the poorest in the world??

    • Sharon

      People do all of the above which you mentioned.
      Now this is the topic on hand and people are giving their opinion here as well.

  • Nickolas

    The nun’s only a human being…so why don’t the Catholic nuns and priests officially marry? She is not from planet mars. Can the pope officiate their marriage next week?

  • http://none Riko

    Well I’m lack of words precisely. Though the human mind set would be quick to have it that this nun must have slept with a man to make this happen. If not so , then , i still remain curious.

  • http://dna Count Von Zilch

    Her conception must have been a “religious experence.” Either way, it a pope-less cause

  • Philip-Neri Mornah

    Congratulations Roxana Rodriguez.Who are we to condemn you because God has not and will never condemn you. The only lesson for us to learn and for that matter the Catholic Church from this and many others, is for the Church to begin to have a second look at the vow of celibacy.This (vow of Celibacy)has given birth to a lot of scandalous and shameful activities which are in effect sinking very fast the integrity and Spirituality of the Church.
    Welcome to the world little Francesco,great you shall become in Jesus Name. Amen

    • hollywoodnc

      That’s just like the controversial catholic religion to “Change Policy” to fit the times.

      Gee…WHAT’S NEXT?!

  • stella

    nothing is impossible .just want say God bless them….

  • http://Yahoo.com Auroraortiz

    Hello,people in the world mine your business ,love one another and we are all son of god ,we have to believe no matter what kind of religion we have
    Thank god we are alive ,blessing is coming to us god bless you my friend……..

  • http://Yahoo.com Aurora

    Happy birthday to you Francis your great child to see the world. Like Jesus Be happy and love all
    The rest of your life ,

  • Bronson

    Yea! Go on, fool us more and more. How can this Nun claim that she,s unaware of being pregnant? When her stomach grew untill it became so large? She would have showed surprise by alarming, call ambulance or simply alarming fellow Nuns that her stomach is growing out of proportion. Well,she conceeled to herself because no one caught her in camera, she maintained the secret as an adult only to say “I did not know I was pregnant” What if she had made clear on time being honest? No one would even care because no one is perfect in life. Just because she chose to surprise everyone including herself by her secret deceitful life and to maintain ignorance is absolute in sain. This is real world, not fantasy world. In this generation, in this century,in this time of advanced civilisation she chose to fool the world. Why allowing her privacy now? Why not investigate her now? Why hiding the secret? Clearing the truth, making it transparent now will be for the good of the church,the society and go a long way to removing doubts in the high places. Why keeping the secret? No one will kill her. Insanity at daylight at it,s worse. I,m sorry for this generation. Just because there are lots of secrets unravelled does not mean that simple minds can,t know the truth. I mean that this Nun is quite conscious of what she did in secret places but pretending when her stomach grew so large like baloon. Insanity.

  • http://Yahoo.com Baby

    Roxana, your so bless to surrender your child to the world ,all our sin will be surrender to god but you did
    The right way you love, you care and no make sin to kill we are not holy so god will see you in heaven amen

  • http://Yahoo.com Lourdes

    Love one another , and love god we are all sinner but Jesus save us we are free to choice the word you choice
    Will be your life , Jesus cleans us our sin ,why people don’t understand sin no more and be happy to this world amen to you ,Roxanne be ready to your world god bless

  • John

    How many nun and Rev. Fathers have children they had never seen again in life? How many African children who will never know their parents or parents who will never see thier children again because of the authority of the papalcy. My opinion is Catholic church should come out of this. Allow those serving reverence Fathers or nuns who could not hold themselves to marry.

    • caro

      In Christian Orthodox religion Fathers get married before they have their parish. and I find it becoming of a priest who will lead and counsel and support his parishioners in moral crisis. How would a person who never had a family can teach others about how to overcome the adversities. Nuns though are a different story A nun is choosing the life a purity an dedication to God The very Purity is the prerequisite of the higher spirit who would pray for our salvation (asper Christian belief

  • http://WebProNews Libran

    If the Church wants to make a scandal of this, then they need to think before they act, in view of the scandals that so many priests have brought on to the church, with the molestation of children. Perhaps this new baby was concieved in love. God loves all his children, even those disturbed clergy, and if she is honest, who knows, maybe this is a miraculous birth. Who is anyone to judge?

  • Sami

    No matter how wrong it was. No matter who the father is. No matter if she lied. The God of my understanding is willing to forgive anything and everything. But, it would be nice to see the Catholic Church be more honest, humble, and open.

  • whynot

    Pregnant, Lying, fornicating nun. Didn’t know she was pregnant, but never thought to see a Dr about her menstrual cycle disappearing and her stomach getting bigger? Did she think it was a tumor?

  • Reb

    Immaculate Deception

    • http://YAHOO ROSEMARY

      your right she knew she is not a dummy is she should be kicked out of the order or tell on who raped her


    SHE IS NOT A DUM CHILD SHE IS 30 YEars old she knew if she bdid not than there is a rapeist in that convent hummm the other nuns better beware

  • ters girl

    Father of the child, PLEASE come forward. Mother and baby need you. There is not a question of not knowing she was pregnant, that happens all the time, the question is will the father come forward. Please do not let the “immaculate conception” myth be perpetuated.

  • uncle

    Who loves nuns on their Knees? or their backs?

  • Gabby

    She knows she needs to stop lying. Just like the Catholic priests tried to cover up f**king alter boys, This female was doing the nasty and is TRYING TO COVER IT UP. Wondering if it is a priest that is the baby daddy.

  • http://facebook DORTHA RANDOLPH

    she went public and gave it life. she isn’t the first nun that gave birth maybe a abortion,or adoption this is worse.

  • bf

    sounds good now see, look

  • oukothaddeus

    Roxana is a human being like all of us mortals. We fail now and again and rest our case with Lord who is our advocate. People stop stigmatization. Long live baby Francis. Linus

  • fely

    we are all human being weak and all in need of Gods mercy,Rox take heart, and take care of your child. as you try to condem her look at your self are you perfect?then stop it.atleast she caried her baby to term.what do you expect her to say,with all this publicity? shame on you all who are even judging the catholic church. we can forcus our attention on people nuns and priest who give their lives for the course of poor and down trodden by this our selfcentred world?
    Sr. Rox God has forgiven you,just believe it.

  • subbu



  • Shabbir

    this is just a non sense first of all jesus is not going to appear like this if this is then where is anti christ they both should be in same era now the story is total non sense because there is a secretion of blood before delivery and their are also movement of baby in the uterus and this is not possible after Hazrat Maryam Radi Allah Anh she was the one and only to give birth like this.

  • Bradley Speck


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  • http://batman-news.com jude

    This nun was very naughty. I would love to do fucking with her and make her pregnant again.

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  • http://batman-news.com jude

    The guy who got her pregnant enjoyed so much pleasure from her virgin love hole. He’s one lucky dude.

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