"Pregnant Man” Tracks Ex-Wife With GPS Devise, Charged With Felony Stalking

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Thomas Beatie made the news back in 2007 when he became the “world’s first pregnant man”. Beatie is now on the news yet again but for another reason. Beatie has been charged with stalking his ex-wife. Beatie allegedly tracked his former partner, Nancy, by installing a GPS device on her car. He was arrested last Thursday, November 20, after a public safety officer found the device while fixing Nancy’s flat tire. Thomas is charged with a felony count of stalking, while Nancy has yet to be formally named by the police as the victim.

In a police interview, Beatie admitted to putting the device in the car. According to him, he placed the device when he still owned the automobile. It was activated six months after he served Nancy with an order of protection. Thomas claimed that Nancy attacked him, hence the protective order. Nancy alleges that Thomas would show up at places where she was and would ask her how she had been, and according to her, his knowledge of her movements made her afraid.

It’s been reported by TMZ that since Beatie is a first-time offender, he won’t be doing time even if he was convicted and that he will most likely get probation.

Thomas, who was born female, changed his gender back in 1998. While he had his breasts removed and underwent hormone treatment, he opted to keep his reproductive organs intact. He and Nancy bought sperm on the Internet. They used the sperm to artificially inseminate Thomas. In 2008, Beatie gave birth to Susan and followed her up with two more children in order to limit the length of time he’s off his hormone treatment.

The couple split up and Thomas filed for divorce. He was granted sole custody of the children in May 2012 after a court battle centered on the validity of their marriage and subsequent divorce.

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