PreFound Offers Ad Revenue To Top Finders

    March 29, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Finders in’s system of tagging and sharing online content will receive 100 percent of the ad revenue generated by their user pages on the community-oriented search engine.

When I first chatted with PreFound and iLor CEO Steve Mansfield in early February about the new website, we touched on the whole “chicken or the egg” situation facing PreFound.

To draw users, PreFound needs content. To get content, PreFound needs users. It’s not an impossible challenge; witness the success of Digg and Delicious in going from simple concepts to destinations that get the attention of the major news media.

PreFound has decided to expand the revenue model from the Featured Finders program for topic experts to all of PreFound’s users. Once PreFound Finders have shared 151 or more Find Groups, those Finders receive 100 percent of the Google AdSense revenue generated from their User Pages.

When they share over 300 groups, Finders receive 100 percent of the ad revenue from their User and Group pages. Featured Finders receive the same percentage of ad revenue for their User and Group pages as well.

Early movers at PreFound who scour the site diligently can accumulate sharing ranks quickly. PreFound announced the “Make This Group Your Own” program. Users can claim any search results marked as “PreFound Preloaded,” make revisions to the group, and the group then belongs to that user.

“We want to bring regular users into the part of the Internet where they can take advantage of its commercial aspects,” said Mansfield. “We’re offering a platform for commercial participation.”


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David Utter is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.