Predictions For 2007

    January 2, 2007

Emarketer has compiled a list of 10 key predictions for 2007.
What to watch in 2007….

1.Online Ad Spending Will Hit $20 Billion
2.Some Money and Lots of Hype for Online Video Advertising
3.Social Networks Are Set for a $1 Billion Windfall
4.Downloadable Games Will Get Hotter
5.Thirty-Seven Million Strong: A ‘Minority’ Bigger than Canada
6.Mobile TV Arrives
7.US B2C E-Commerce Will Cruise Past $200 Billion
8.The Retail Power of Word-of-Mouth
9.Broadband Services Will Matter as Much as Speed
10.DVRs Pump Up TV Viewing

Online Ad Spending
Total US spending on Internet advertising will reach as high as $19.5 billion in 2007. This would be a 19 percent increase over spending in 2006.

Online Video Advertising
Spending on Internet video advertising will total $775 million in 2007, eMarketer projects.

Social Networks
Global ad spending on online social networks could soar to $1 billion in 2007.

Video Game Downloads
Digital downloading of video games will be popular in 2007 and by 2010 this distribution method will account for 22% of all worldwide game software revenues.

Hispanic and African-American Internet Users
The number of African-American and Hispanic Internet users will increase from 35 million in 2006 to 37 million in 2007.

Mobile TV
Mobile TV will continue to grow in 2007 with the help of user generated content.

US B2C E-Commerce
US B2C online sales will pass the $200 billion mark in 2007. eMarketer predicts that a new record total of $223 billion will be reached.

US consumers purchase decisions will continue to be influenced by consumer generated content more than brand advertisers and marketers.

Broadband Services
Broadband is about value-added services and is driven by providers bundling voice, video and data together. eMarketer predicts that one in four broadband households in 2007 will subscribe to a VoIP service, rising to nearly 40% of broadband households by 2010.

DVRs and TV Viewing
eMarketer predicts that VOD will be in 30% of US TV households by the end of 2007 and that DVRs will be in 30% of TV households by 2009.

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