P2P Pirates Give Booty To Katrina Victims

    September 1, 2005

The Distributed Computing Industry Association (DCIA) and a trade organization for peer-to-peer software providers, content rights holders, and service-and-support companies will offer P2P users a chance to help Katrina victim by buying and sharing music.

P2P users, more than 10 million strong in the U.S. alone, will be able to download the song “This Too Will Pass,” by Scooter Scudieri and distributed via P2P networks like BearShare, eDonkey, Grokster, Kazaa and TrustFiles by the INTENT MediaWorks company.

Users can preview the song for free and they can download it for 89 cents, 80 of which will go to the American Red Cross for support of hurricane victims. The track will be secured using the Weed technology of Shared Media Licensing.

“Hurricane Katrina, which devastated parts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, is inspiring traditional and digital media to respond with fund-raisers. As the newest online distribution channel, we felt we should also take responsibility to help victims,” said DCIA CEO Marty Lafferty in announcing the launch of this program.

“In the coming days and weeks, other DCIA Members will contribute additional content to this program, and we expect a strong response from P2P users who want to do their parts,” he added.

The storm destroyed much of the Gulf Coast both in terms of human life and infrastructure. They will need all the help you can spare. To donate, please contact the American Red Cross.

John Stith is a staff writer for WebProNews covering technology and business.