Powdered Alcohol Legalized in the U.S.

    April 20, 2014
    Mike Fossum
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Powdered alcohol, or Palcohol, has just been approved by the U.S. Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau. Palcohol can be mixed with water to create an intoxicated beverage, and can also be sprinkled on food after it’s cooked.

The company that is producing Palcohol is aptly called Palcohol, and calls their solution a quick fix to the rising costs of liquid beverages. The creator of “Pal,” Mark Phillips, asks, “What’s worse than going to a concert, sporting event, etc. and having to pay $10, $15, $20 for a mixed drink with tax and tip. Are you kidding me?! Take Palcohol into the venue and enjoy a mixed drink for a fraction of the cost.”

Phillips had been attempting to keep his invention under the radar, though was recently prompted to adjust some of the wording on his website. “We are excited by the approval of our powdered alcohol product, Palcohol. However, we were caught off guard with the release of some of our labels by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB). As a result, people visited this website that we thought was under the radar because we had not made a formal announcement of Palcohol.”

Twitter intrigue concerning Pal:

Palcohol already has its own haters’ Facebook page.

Palcohol’s site offers some fast facts – When the Pal substance is added to roughly 5 ounces of water, it makes a standard cocktail. Flavors include V (vodka), R (rum), Cosmopolitan, Mojito, Powderita (tastes like a Margarita) and Lemon Drop. Palcohol is owned by a privately held company called Lipsmark, has no plans of going public any time soon, and is not seeking any new employees. Interestingly, Palcohol claims that its product will be sold online, as well as in liquor stores. Palcohol reminds culinary enthusiasts to not serve Pal-laced dishes to children.

Perhaps Palcohol can be used by astronauts to compliment their MRE’s while on deep-space missions. Surely the powder can be snorted or laced with other snortables to add an extra “umph” to ones leisure activities. Fraternity brothers everywhere can rejoice in having an advanced means of butt chugging, with a potential time-release functionality. Palcohol is expected to launch some time in the fall.

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  • GHB

    Something else for the Cops to “Plant” on you during your next Raid…lol

  • JC

    They say “Take Palcohol into the venue and enjoy a mixed drink for a fraction of the cost.”. That is baloney, no event is going to let you take alcohol in. This is a scam to make you think that you could do that.

    • Susan Betts

      I think it is that they can not find it as easy.

    • Carolyn

      No more BYOB, buy how about ” BYPA ” !

      • benzo

        lol tell your PA BY after ingesting this crap.

  • pete

    Awesome, with this, we are now one step closer to the beer Fizzies I thought would have been so cool when I was a kid.

  • Patricia Peck Henslee Jones

    OMG!!!!!!!this is legal and pot is not!!!!!!!BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    how totally stupid….

    • jay

      Great, now we know what will trigger the zombie apocalypse.

    • Carolyn

      I guess you have to pulverize Pot into a ” powder “, aka ” talcum pot ” !

  • Susan Betts

    Wow I wonder how dangerous this is? Seems like to you could get alcohol poisoning a lot easier. I don’t enjoy the effects of alcohol anymore but know a lot of people that do and I am concerned.

    • Carolyn

      When it becomes POWDERED, I wonder if it can be used for acne and ZITS !

      • Susan Betts

        That’s actually not a bad thought. You could put it in a First Aid kit for long term storage to disinfect wounds maybe. Just a thought.

  • plastered

    gout to dinner and a cook sprinkles your steak and your drunk more sex rape cases coming in the future wtg fda

    • Carolyn

      Gout ?

    • Susan Betts

      Wow I never even thought about that. Especially if it is flavorless. My husband actually has an allergy to alcohol this could be bad news if it is hidden in prepared food.

  • Consuelo

    Interestingly enough – save for this board, the comments sections on other sites regarding this story seem to be conspicuously absent of any reference to the blatant Double Standard going on here vis-a-vis, the ‘War on Drugs’…

    $Profit motive…? Just too big a market for the Feds to contain…? Personally, just for the exposure of naked hypocrisy surrounding the whole war-on-drugs/DEA circus, I am elated to see this ‘substance’ approved for sale.

    Gee, did you ever wonder what would become of the employment; $salaries, $benefit packages, $overtime pay, $$$retirement, etc., ad-nauseam, of the government ‘takers’ here, who are on the $Taxpayer dole, if their precious fiefdom of harassment, botched raids, killings, abuse of power, etc., etc., ever came to an end…? ‘Oh the humanity…’

    • Susan Betts

      Actually if you get bored sometime watch that show Cops. Almost every arrest and acts of violence alcohol is involved. How many times have you heard personal stories involving Dad or Mom being abusive and violent on alcohol? I do think it is a double standard and I say if you keep alcohol legal you might as well get the rest off the black market and tax it to clean up the mess that any substance abuse pukes back on society. The prisons are full of people with substance abuse issues. It would be better to use that tax dollar to treat people before they become inmates. Frankly, people are people and they are going to do it anyway.

  • ry

    this is legal and they are trying to bad ecigs. WOW

    • ry


      • Gjc79

        BAN*…Think someone has sprinkled your food with magic dust already…lol

    • Susan Betts

      I know. Crazy isn’t it.

  • Rusty Cavanaugh

    Imagine the care packages to Iraq and Afghanistan:-)

  • chicotd

    Well, I guess if a person doesn’t like the idea of this product they could simply not purchase it. The main benefit of a powdered alcohol to me would be in the weight savings for backpacking. We sometimes bring a small bottle filled with wine or liqueur for an evening cocktail on the trail. Other than for weight savings I can’t think of too many other uses . I imagine it will be fairly expensive .

    • Susan Betts

      But not everyone is going to be as responsible as you are. I think that because it is in a “condensed” form it is dangerous.

  • Bill Foxx

    In the real world we call this Coke.

    Its amazing how much R&D goes into finding new ways to get high.
    Lets focus this intellectual know-how on improving life on our fragile planet.
    We should be working on a way to make a synthetic or natural alternative to gasoline.
    Doing this will cure a lot of wrongs we’ve done to the planet.
    I do not drink alcohol so I probably will not test Palcohol anyway.
    Bill Foxx

  • Digital.Gods

    This product is probably made with Cyclodextrins, a distant cousin of the active ingredient in Febreze ( hydroxypropyl beta-cyclodextrin ). Any drink made with this will likely have more calories than the real thing, can’t say how much or how much is available to the body. Additionally, Cyclodextrins are suspect in preventing bioavailability of certain vitamins, meaning you could be starving your body for vitamins as long as you keep drinking the stuff? Already versions of this in Europe by other manufacturers. I will try it. But, I’d rather have the real thing I think?

    • Susan Betts

      So it is “fake” alcohol? A distant cousin of Fabreeze. Sounds like poison if you ask me.

  • deepfriedfunk

    This was my idea F%$^ you hacker idea stealers!

  • unowentampa

    How does this guy not get a Nobel Prize… I bow to his genius.

  • kiss

    This is gonna kill people…quickly….

    • Reality

      Yep…while they’re worried about LEGAL prescriptions that HELP a lot of us unfortunate enough to be in excruciating pain, our kids can have a pack of powdered Alcohol. Make it legal too !! Pain…sorry, you’ll just have to live with it. Drunk…here ya go, now you can kill even more people. Where/when is common sense ever going to prevail ??

  • George

    …..finally, a legitimate use for all that cocaine paraphernalia you’ve been hoarding since the eighties……

  • Reality

    Really?? Really?? You can be in excruciating pain and you’re checked like an outlaw and have to pee in a cup, GOD help you if you go to an ER..label= Drugie. Gov. spending gazillions to make sure we can’t get medication without what amounts to a shake down but drunks kill millions of people every day…but that’s OK. Right?? Something is very wrong here. Leave people’s prescriptions alone and go after the ‘legal’ drunks !!

    • Reality

      Sorry…forgot to mention. Lets make a powder so MORE drunks and KIDS can get it easier….yes lets do that !! OMG !! No don’t let this CRAP in the USA !! WAKE UP !!

  • Doran O’Donnell

    I read about this and similar products but really don’t see ANY advantage for using it. The amount of powder equals the space needed for having alcohol. You have to add 2 ounces of the stuff to 8 oz. of water to get a drink that is about 5% alcohol. I could add two ounces of quality rum and get a much stronger drink that will likely taste better too. I have a feeling it will be the rage for about a month and there will be people who use two or three packs and pickle their own stomachs and then it will either be banned or people will realize they are paying a lot more for an alcohol fad that tastes worse, uses as much space, and must be mixed with just as much water, which, for me, doesn’t make too much sense. It will sell well at airports though! LOL

  • Carolyn

    Powdered food, powdered kool-aid, and now powdered alcohol ! When will there be some powdered MONEY ? !

  • Johnny Cook

    One more powder yet to be mixed with hereon, cocaine, meth, and pcp. Wow, what kind of speed ball with that make?

  • sw

    What happens if you mix it in alcohol? Does it catch on fire?

  • Carolyn

    Powdered alcohol = Palcohol ? Shucks, it seems like it is a ” Pal ” ! Instead, why not say ” P’alcohol “. What about ” Po – hol ” ? If ” Kool-aid ” is a poor mans drink, then I guess ” Palcohol ” is a poor drunk’s drink ! Heehee.

  • benzo

    Just something else aimed at population control. It is too obvious whats going on in our world today. Let your faith guide you, for those that Believe.

  • M E

    Uh oh, watch out Black community, the enemy has once again made something in a test tube to get us. Naturally there will be high casualties, but heads up.