Potential: Got Any?

    April 26, 2002

I have a friend, who just recently discovered the beauty of following his heart. This friend is busy, family, work/business all the “normal” life stuff, however his life was always full & fun, but still resting on the frantic side.

Since he has now chosen something which makes his heart sing, he finds that he is so very focused and so much stuff is getting done in less time !

He made the comment to me, that it seems that the “spiritual stuff” leaves out that part. The part of “organization” of ones life.

And I said “no”. What you are finding, is that as you focus inwardly, which is what you are doing in following your heart, which is how the mind center of the heart operates, then your outer life appears to now be wonderfully and beautifully orchestrated. You are finally doing something for you, that you love doing.

The Spiritual Stuff does not leave that out. That is at the Core of it All! So. The Point: As you Live within Your Heart, Your Potential Shows up. And it IS that Simple.

Ok, Fine & Dandy. How do we “get there”? We can begin with Ancient Wisdom.

Ancient Wisdom, not really so Ancient these days. One of the appreciations that we more so on a conscious spiritual path are re-discovering is that our Imagination is a lot more than we have been conditioned to think it is.

Our Imagination is our pathway in communication to Higher Intelligence, Higher Realms. It’s how we receive messages, its how we send messages.

This was a normal understanding in Ancient Wisdom times. It’s what brought about the wonder advancement in technology.

We now are continuing that in a more balanced state. We embrace the heart center this time around, which brings beauty and grace to us as individuals as well as a species.

This is why as we teach ourselves the skills of clarity and focus we use our imaging POWER, and it is power, that our lives are designed as we in corporation with our Spirit Selves have destined us for.

So…..we have a choice. Further our knowledge and under- standing of the communication tool of “proper imaging”, or do not. And there in-again, awaits our Potential. (end/sj)

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