Pot Cookie Blamed in Student’s Fall To Death

    April 3, 2014
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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A pot cookie has been blamed for the death of 19-year-old Levy Thamba Pongi, a native of the Republic of Congo. Pongi fell from his motel balcony on March 11 and died from injuries sustained from the fall.

Pongi attended college in Wyoming but was visiting Colorado on spring break. Colorado recently legalized the use of marijuana and Pongi had decided to try a pot cookie that had been legally purchased in one of the new marijuana shops in Denver.

Pongi’s friends claim that after eating the cookie, Pongi began to act strange and violent. They said that he began tearing pictures and decorations off of walls in the hotel room and speaking erratically. The friends tried to calm him down and just when they thought he would be fine, he ran outside and jumped from the hotel balcony.

Although Pongi did jump from the balcony, his friends and police do not believe that he was attempting to commit suicide and his death has been ruled an accident.

Colorado legalized the recreational sales of the drug in January. While many people were excited about the legalization of marijuana in the state of Colorado, there were many who felt it was bad news for the state and would spark crime and violence. Laws require buyers to be at least 21 years old in order to purchase any type or marijuana product.

Pongi was not old enough to purchase marijuana and one of his older friends bought it for him instead. Police have not commented on whether or not they plan to press charges against the person who bought the cookie for Pongi.

Pongi was a student at Northwest College in Powell, Wyoming. The incident marks the first time a Denver medical examiner’s office has listed a marijuana edible as a contributor to a death.

Do you think the friend who purchased the pot cookie should be held responsible for Pongi’s death?

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  • OnlyTheTruth

    That’s Bull Shit since when did pot make you act violently. This all sounds like a bunch of shit. most likely trying to be used by the people who don’t want to see good things come from the plant so they make up stupid stories for all the other ignorant people to follow.

    • JCohou

      I agree. That sounds ridiculous. He clearly had issues that maybe the cookie did not help with, but the cookie (marijuana) itself was not to blame.

    • AmFig

      Totally agree, this is all propaganda from pot legalization opponents and it’s absolutely ridiculous. And what sucks is like you said, so many ignorant people are going to believe this bullshit.

    • Buck Daddy

      Marijuana can indeed cause some individuals to act violently or aggressively.

      • Kris

        Yea act violently in the fridge….XD

      • Sarah Brooks

        Really? Since when???

      • gr8mikey

        Really, I have never known anyone to act violently or agressively on Pot. Did it have that effect on you?

      • 13yearsMedicatingLegal

        you sound uneducated

      • The speaker of truth

        YOU sir, are a fucking moron.

    • AMaz

      I totally agree with you this guy must have had some serious fucking issues. There is no way that a weed cookie made him fall of the balocony and there is definately no way that it made him more violent. All this bullshit is just a way for people who dont know anything about pot to make it look bad and it honestly annoys the fuck out of me.

    • JSweat

      If I were law enforcement I would strongly consider “Fowl Play” who were these so called witnesses?

  • NoWay

    I am sure he was depressed. Pot doesn’t make you jump off buildings… other drugs might… if they were eating pot cookies, they may have been taking other things too &/or drinking! Pot doesn’t kill people.


    “He took a bite of a cookie, and when he didnt get a reaction he ate the WHOLE cookie.” Pot didnt kill this man, he killed himself.

    • JCohou

      Somebody shoulda told him you can’t eat the whole cookie! You can be messed up for 24 hours doing that.

    • https://twitter.com/KrissyL47 Krissy Willoughby

      I ate a whole cookie once and nothing happened AT ALL. I was kind of pissed. And it was from a dispensary in California!

  • Alexandre Bret


  • BSAmerica

    hahaha this story is hilarious. anyone who believes this story is a complete idiot. There are other things going on that’s not being told. you’re all ignorant.

  • Theresa

    Thats about enough of this f—–g shit, is it worth it, now we have to worry about the legal limit of pot while people are driving, and who the hell dosen’t eat a whole cookie, what kind of shit is that, he died beause he ate a whole cookie?? dosen’t make any sense. Legalizing pot was the stupidest thing anyone could have done, we are in for alot more problems with this stupid decision to legalize pot, I hope they shut it down. This is only the beginning. How sad that is.

    • Mike

      Clearly Theresa needs a pot cookie

      • Stew

        Agreed, maybe two!

    • Sarah Brooks

      You need to read up on marijuana! How many deaths a day are there from people on prescription drugs or alcohol????? Both are legal & man made. Marijuana is a natural plant here on earth to help mankind. Just like all seed bearing plants are – says so in the bible! isn’t that what this country is based on; religion?

    • Jeremy Contreras

      Hella more people where by cell phones driving every single day, should make them illegal too!!!!

  • judy bee

    ve never seen anyone get violent from using weed either. something is not right about this story.

    • JCohou

      Right. Most get sleepy and just chill. Whoever wrote this story obviously has a bias towards the legalization of Marijuana use anyway.

  • horse$hit

    This article is stupid, there are a lot of other things that are “legal” that cause death also. Just turn on your television and take any of those drugs they advertise. Do you hear the side effects that these so called helpful and legal drugs do. Just because you show somebody having a good time, and mention in the background very fast that this drug might cause you to die and bleed from your butt, doesn’t make it OK. I am guessing this guy who did this was probably doing other things also.

    • Swift

      So true!

  • Bill Hoare

    it takes a very very very very very very very very very very foolish person to jump off a balcony while high, and yes the person who bought it should be charged. Does that really even need to be a questionable factor? that’s like not charging those who buy alcohol for minors. It’s almost unbelievable how my generation behaves. The weed is not to blame

  • Bill Hoare

    however, nothing good ever comes from a death, honestly the person really should be charged with giving an underage a drug he has never used before, marijuana can be used responsibly, this is an act where it was not, no different than alcohol, no reason marijuana is, in conclusion, to blame, it should never have been given to him, marijuana will make you paranoid and cause you to over react if you are not familiar what you are getting into. The person really does need to be charged

  • Helratz

    It’s “Reefer Madness” anti-cannabis propaganda all over again. “A black kid had some cannabis and he went crazy!!” Contributing to the cause of death is not “cause of death”. It was probably just listed as being in his system. He consumed it illegally as he was not of age. It also probably wasn’t the only thing he consumed that evening. Just the media likes to push the anti-cannabis agenda, because it controversial! Per CDC stats an average of 88,000 people die annually in the US for alcohol poisoning alone. 400,000 more earn a visit to the ER. Yet it is legal. Why? Because you can’t punish a majority of 300,000,000+ people for the actions of a minority 88,000 idiots. It should go the same for cannabis. Considering cannabis has been documented in our society for over 10,000 years and this is the first documented “death from contribution”(i.e. the ME is anti-cannabis so he/her listed it in the report and the media loves controversy) I still think we’re doing okay! I say sure, punish that older kid for giving him the cookie. It’s idiots like him, doing stupid illegal things allowing cannabis to further be shown in a negative light. While the responsible majority is now left to suffer. If a few have to die so the rest of us can live happy productive lives thanks to cannabis, then okay. This herd could use a little thinning. You have to break a few eggs to make an omelet!

  • Patricia Peck Henslee Jones

    i have been smoking and eating weed for45 years and guess what i have never jumped out of buildings or had a car accident. there has to be more to the story. and yes his “friend” should be arrested for contributing…..this is wrong…do not blame the weed….blame the stupid people that seem to think they are entitled to over do, over react, over load, just go over board on everything they do. people need to know there are limits and consequences to their actions. most young people do not know that for every action there is a reaction.

  • Ben Dover

    Sounds more like he was on some kind of hallucinogen like LSD molly or mushrooms witch are hard to test for not just a little pot and now here comes the demonizing with out all the facts.

  • dontbelieveit

    sounds like a bath salt cookie,not a pot cookie

  • Guest

    What else was in his system? Booze? Other drugs? I don’t think the WHOLE truth is being written here.

  • G Scott

    It’s not the fall that killed him, it’s the sudden stop at the end!

  • Swift



    Pot can cause you to experience psychosis if you are not use to the effects. Baked goods are actually stronger than just smoking it. You can feel trapped in your high and experience a “bad high”. It can increase your anxiety to extreme levels. I say this and I am pro pot. Hell, I just smoked a bowl.

  • disqus_1tyGsEndX9

    if this is true, then it wasnt pot in the cookie. also…..people dont have to be high on weed to commit suicide

  • Stoner44

    the media is so damn dumb!! they are trying to do and say anything to keep pot illegal, when in reality we need it more then we need beer and liquor.

  • Not Buying It

    I agree also. That is bullshit.

  • Bill

    this is literally nonsense

  • Freakydd

    This is the stupidest article. What else was this kid on, because pot doesn’t make you violent. It just doesn’t happen. It can make you more depressed because it is a depressant but to become violent is an absurd assumption from a bunch of kids. But people will believe anything.

  • Rebecca

    Hell, I don’t even want to get off the couch after eatting a med cookie, let alone climb over a balcony…

  • Jimmy

    Cookies are dangerous. The first time I ate one I was hallucinating so bad that I ended up in the hospital. It was the worst experience of my life. I’m all for the decriminalization of pot, but I’m not so sure how I feel about edibles.

  • juf

    solid propaganda… jesus…

  • Joseph Fischer

    The abrupt stop at the end of the fall killed him – not the cookie. He was drunk or on something else as I have never seen anyone act violently after ingesting cannabis and I have been around potheads for 30 years. The behavior is incongruent with the psychoactive effects of marijuana. The story is BS!

    • blab

      Got to have some rules to distribution to minors, if i gave him the cookie I would feel sort of responsible from not knowing how the thc reacted in his system. On the average thc makes individuals mellow but each person has different chemical balances. bummer for the parents to hear about their son.

  • ROB 1


  • ATL_Pussywillow

    Are you sure it was not a CRACKer he ingested..?

    • Stew


  • DerpDerp

    Deaths by marijuana:

    Self caused: 1

    Families: 0

    What caused him to “fall?” Him jumping caused the fall, not marijuana. Sadly marijuana can’t make you jump, but that would be a nice feature if it could.

  • Happy Paul

    This article is so stupid. So which of “Pongi’s friends” claimed he was being violent? I bet none of them said he was acting violent. I think it was fabricated by the story for media attention. I have never seen pot cause violence. The only thing close I have seen is when two high friends in high school wrestling over a bag of cheesy poofs…and they were laughing hysterically.

    This article is crap…

  • myownday

    i gave a homeless man a dollar then he punched my windshield. clearly giving money to the homeless makes them violent. must ban helping people in need.

  • bluzboy

    Sounds like like Meth to me

  • Walter A. Bratcher

    That sounds the same as if he breathed air or drank water before he died. He obviously had some deep unresolved mental issues if he chose to jump off of a balcony. In my experience all that stuff does is mellow you out and make you Hungary.

  • Stew

    He could have been on anything and this outcome would’ve happened. I’m not condoning nor against the use of Pot, but let the facts speak for themselves. Clearly he had underlying issues and the consumption of a foreign body made him lose it.

    and to those who are pooping on the idea of legalizing pot, why don’t you go have a sip of poison known as alcohol…hypocrites

  • lilfisticuffs

    wow, maybe had some latent dementia triggered by the bud. I highly doubt this is the first time someone did something stupid enough to get themselves killed while being high. BUT considering thousands across the country are addicted to prescription opiates and the fact that there is Acne medication still on the market that has led teens to committing suicide I am neither moved nor influenced by this story.


    So sorry for this boys family and friends, will be praying, and also be praying that the truth is let known, If the weed did this the Government and anti marijuana movements would have let us know a long time ago, But hopefully the truth comes out so his poor friend doesn’t get charged with manslaughter as he should, if the weed cookie he bought for a minor contributed to the minors death. I smoke all day everyday and have done so for years, never once have I got angry, I have been angry and smoked to calm my ass down but never, just in a perfect mood and then….. puff puff, break stuff ? I’m not buying this BS.

  • Clint Carpenter

    Something else was going on with this kid. A pot cookie alone wouldn’t have done this.


    So sorry for this boys family and friends, will be praying, and also be
    praying that the truth is let known, If the weed did this the Government
    and anti marijuana movements would have let us know a long time ago,
    But hopefully the truth comes out so his poor friend doesn’t get charged
    with manslaughter as he should, if the weed cookie he bought for a
    minor contributed to the minors death. I smoke all day everyday and have
    done so for years, never once have I got angry, I have been angry and
    smoked to calm my ass down but never, just in a perfect mood and
    then….. puff puff, break stuff ? I’m not buying this BS.

  • BigRob

    sounds like they just want to put a “death tag” on weed so it will be harder to legalize…yet alcohol and cigarettes kill hundreds of thousands each year but you can buy them at any convenient store. Hmmm…

  • Jason

    Propaganda bullshit here but anyway lets start keeping score.
    legal weed = 1
    legal alcohol= 1,000,000 +
    legal tobacco= 1,000,000 +

    Also they didn’t mention if there was any drinking or anything else consumed at this gathering my guess toxicology will show different.

  • chris

    Ok, and what would have been the difference if he would have been drunk vs high? Not much if you ask me. Stop blaming marijuana.

  • BigRob

    Even though this kid might have been high from a weed cookie, I don’t see him getting violent and wanting to jump over a freaking balcony…i mean come on! He obviously had some internal issues mentally that taking drugs of any sort would have triggered his response. People who smoke marijuana are NOT violent people. It’s almost impossible to get mad while you’re smoking a fat one! Try not to smile, I dare you lol.

  • Sarah Brooks

    What else was he on??? Pot does not make anyone go crazy & become violent!! The media is just blowing this out of proportion. I would bet he was on A PRESCRIPTION DRUG

  • strangerdanger420

    never had an edible, but every time anyone has ever talked about it around me, it’s very clear by the way they talk that even a simple cookie, if made right, can have overbearing effects on a person. and these are daily smokers warning this. They’d say a guy like me, almost 300lbs, should not take the entire thing at once. Unless i had done so before, and know how i’d react. You may believe this is just propaganda, but there’s no denying he ate the cookie, and is dead now. They’re wording of “first death from legalized weed” is a misnomer, and they aren’t hiding it either. This poor dude probably thought he was going to get super high, was sadly mistaken and wanted it to stop and ending his life was the only possible solution, in the heat of the moment. but then again, this is just speculation. maybe he was soo baked he wanted to fly 0.o

  • strangerdanger420

    And none of you are right. Weed can make a person do a lot of things besides eat and sleep and laugh. Drugs, no matter it be aspirin or cocaine…all have DIFFERENT effects on EVERYONE. As a regular smoker, i can say totally honestly, that every time i get high, it’s a different experience. it may be highly similar[no pun intended] but it’s not identical. the same two people could both eat the cookie, one hardly feel anything and the other want to rip off his face. THC, the active ingredient in marijane is classified as a hallucinogen. Maybe you guys have forgotten how dangerous and unpredictable hallucinogens can be. Stop assuming something because you know the stereotypes.

  • jerry garcia

    And I crashed my car whilst eating a snickers bar. Was the snickers bar to blame for my death. Come on people get real. This article belongs in MAD magazine.

  • David Jeffrey Barnum

    ‘Hungry, happy, sleepy.’ That’s it. Doesn’t force you to become stupid.

  • Kasey

    This is a joke right…?

  • Daro Weilburg

    Someone laced that cookie with something…I do cookies now…I have used pot for 50 years in one form or another….not one time have I ever witnessed someone acting violently without cause. (Like being attacked) Trust me when I say back in the day…one joint would stone 4 people beyond wanting anymore but, still being able to function, ya just can’t stop giggling at stupid things…I will warn those that do the cookie…it is a 3 to 5 hour lift and it can be an intense high…I have seen people woof their cookies…I have seen them nod out…I happen to use a pot now that 20 to 30 minutes after ingesting…You will clean your whole house…wash your car…or any other chore you were putting off…before you realize you have done those things. :)
    If I had not used pot all these years..(Yes even when it was illegal) I would be totally blind. I suffer from glaucoma. For those who do not know about Glaucoma…you have to valves in each of your eyes…one feeds the eye the other takes the liquid away. If the away valve gets clogged…the pressure builds up and eventually the patient will go blind.
    For some reason, and I do not care what reason that may be, pot relieves the pressure in the eye balls.

  • HoobertHerver

    Maybe he should’ve tried wearing it!! HAVE YOU EVER TRIED WEARING POT PANTS?? Huh?? Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rod

    Good riddance to another dumb ass…..the world is better off without him

  • Amy

    It is possible that an edible could cause irrational behavior. Here is the issues first the student was under age so whom ever made the purchase of the cookie should be held responsible and dosage standards NEEDS to be established. I have made edibles for dispensaries for both humans and animals and I have found a dosing standard. The federal government needs to legalize ASAP to allow science and establish dosing standards based on weight and tolerance of patients.

  • Sirecoke

    This is pure crap. Marijuana does not make you violent. and won’t do what they are trying to say it did. The person has to have been on something else. Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Yeah Buddy

    I had a friend who came over one night with a group of folks. The group of us smoked a bowl or two. My friend did take a few hits and as time went after we watched a movie people left. I had a couple friends who were staying the night. My friend who took a couple hits went into my bathroom and didn’t come out for a while. when I went to check on him he was laying on the floor and was having an episode. We tried to comfort him, but he was in and out of any kind of reality. He wasn’t acting violent but something was up. We called the ambulance and they took him to the hospital. We later found out that this had happened to him before. He had an allergic reaction to pot and he was having seizure like symptoms. Its certainly not for everyone and allergies could have been this guys problem.

  • Robert Larson

    I don’t believe it, either. To become violent while high on the reefer is extremely rare – you kind of gotta be wacko (or snapped up on beer) in the first place. My experience over 50 years of pot use has always been exactly the opposite; a laid-back, pleasing hour or three, maybe a pizza, a good movie, a little romance…
    Violence? Jumping off balconies? Nonsense. There are lots of drugs that might contribute to that sort of stuff, but cannabis isn’t one of them.

  • jj0sh

    I personally have some serious anger issues myself, I’m not proud, I’m violent, its unfortunate, but true. I can honestly say, that when I used to smoke marijuana, I have NEVER, experienced any type of violent nature towards others, I have done nothing but, laugh, relax, reminisce, and enjoy the moment. This is not a drug that should be classified as anything other than a herb, a herb that calms and does more good than bad. If you want to go into a substance that causes violence, aggression, and belligerence, look at alcohol. It has destroyed my family, turn my father and grandfather, who were good men into absolute monsters, compare the murder, and suicide statistics of marijuana and alcohol, you’ll understand which is the true cause of demons.

  • karen

    yes the person that bought it should be charged,if i bought alcohol for and under age person and something happened i would be charged

  • WhoWritesThisStuff?

    I have been a legal marijuana patient in California since 18 years old.This guy was just flat out stupid. Showing off in front of his friends. Accidents happen.
    I don’t buy edible marijuana product because it doesn’t effect me . I need much heavier marijuana. Concentrates such as wax and shatter. They serve free hits all day to people who drive home medicated. This is just propaganda as was already spoken of. Crack down on the people abusing pills and doctor prescriptions. Stop making crap like this up. MARIJUANA MAKES YOU HAPPY. Not stupid. Its very stimulating indeed but its not BATH SALT he made a poor decision. I use it to sleep.
    For hunger. For peace and relaxation. They should test him for salvia. I think he needs a new autopsy performed because this is impossible to believe he was just on a weed cookie. I want one now. What shop was it from? He didn’t overdose. Im sure he wasn’t the first to have an accident while under the influence. Not possible.

  • RobbieB

    Was he also breathing air? Maybe it was the air that caused him to take his own life. If the Sun came up that day, maybe that had something to do with it. Was his favorite color blue? I’m sure it was one of those or maybe some weed that was the absolutely the reason someone would jump to his death.

    • mikej

      I don’t think the jungle dude thought he would die, he wasn’t thinking.
      It was his first time getting high. But did he have mental issues we don’t know about? Must have had a screw loose. I have gotten many girls and guys high for the first time, since I was 14 and im 28 today. Nobody ever got hurt. My entire family is on real drugs. I been on my own 10 years now. Had a weed card 10 years now. This is just sad.

  • Brennan Sullivan

    I’m sure alcohol played absolutely no part in this…

  • docfjs

    As an MD and medical review officer for drug screens, I can assure you that if the “legal limit” for THC/driving is 5 nanograms than most of the people using legal marijuana are by definition are driving while intoxicated. So smoke it up guys, but don’t drive for 2-3 days at least.

    • Dick

      my grandpa smokes and drives marijuana only really effects you the first try so live it up. After that you will never get as high unless you don’t smoke for 3 months or so. I get a little paranoid at times but this is crazy.

  • dick

    Pot adds to depression,FACT! If he had depression and never ingested any thc then this Easily could have thrown his mind into a tailspin. I suffer from depression for over 30 years and there IS certain strains i cant smoke,like ak47 because they make me suicidal. There is over 3,200 chemicals that make up THC and thousands of variations of the plant that lead to millions of types of THC and yes within those combination there is suicidal, depression magnifying ingredients. If you think you know everything about anything including weed then u are an IDIOT! This kid ingested too much, probably thought he could fly and jumped to his death. I love weed but i do believe it killed him. It’s not for everybody especially the hardcore stuff.


      If he was suicidal he would have jumped either way, if he was so high he though he could fly, then he wasn’t suicidal, and what about the anger and ripping shit off the walls? I feel like he had some Molly or some other new BS, This is how the first documented death related to marijuana is going to be recorded? WTF come on I’m no expert but lets be fair, maybe if he accidentally stepped in front of a bus or did something stupid like accidentally shoot himself, but to freak out in anger and jump out a building? doesn’t make sense, if someone dies like this then everything they did prior to, could be a contributing factor as to why?

  • O G smoker.

    Anyone who believes this croc is a complete puppet and it was not cannabis that killed him , it was the fall. He did not OD on cannabis lol the thought alone comical.


    88,000 Alcohol related death’s each year, and this is what they come up with? WTF

  • Charlie

    I once ate a whole medical brownie and it was insane. But all that happened was i just sat in the same spot for HOURS. I doubt this story is true in any way.

  • FPB

    The older guy didn’t force the cookie down Pongi’s throat therefore he shouldn’t be held responsible. The first time I tried weed no one forced it on me, it was a personal choice. I feel terrible about this situation and my condolences, but there is no one to blame but himself.

  • Dash Riprock

    he jumped from the balcony. this was an individual who had some serious problems long before eating a pot cookie. stop the bull. when i read the crap that is spread in reference to marijuana makes me wonder why we are not still burning people at the stake for witchcraft. how can we have all this amazing tech. and yet be so stupid?


    That shit was laced, maybe with some bath salt or something, Never in history of marijuana has something like this happened and that’s alotta fkn history

  • American Dream