Postal Service Closings: Snail Mail Can’t Compete With Internet

New bill introduced to stop closings

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Postal Service Closings: Snail Mail Can’t Compete With Internet
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With the ushering in of the digital age comes the inevitable decline of long-standing traditions, like going to the post office to send out and receive mail. So many companies do business online now–the offering of bill-pay and e-commerce have certainly been huge components in the decrease of traditional mail–that snail-mail has become all but obsolete, which is bad news for postal workers.

Do you think the U.S.P.S. can survive the digital age? Tell us below.

Not only are people relying more heavily on online bill-paying services now, they are also turning to the web for interaction with others; rather than sending a birthday card or party invitation, they send an email or e-vite, citing social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as major modes of communication. The introduction of media sources like Netflix and Gamefly saw a brief surge in mailroom activity, since millions of DVDs and games were being sent back and forth every day. However, even those companies can’t be relied on anymore by mail carriers, because they’ve conveniently added streaming and downloads to their services. And with more things going digital every day–even books–people are using their computers and digital devices more than ever, seriously decreasing their need for mail service.

The loss of revenue in the postal industry–which is the second-largest civilian employer in the U.S., coming right behind retail giant Wal-Mart– and sorting facilities meant the suggestion of raising stamp prices to 50 cents, but that idea is tempered with the realization that people will just seek services from UPS or FedEx instead. In other words, consumers don’t want to lose their mail service, but they don’t want to pay to keep it.

But with all the talk of closings and employees being laid off, groups like the Pensacola Area Local of the American Postal Workers Union have pointed out to WebProNews that the U.S.P.S. isn’t dependent on taxpayer dollars and that the idea of a taxpayer bailout is ridiculous. They also say that the revenue losses don’t stem from mail processing or delivery, but rather from a “2006 congressional mandate that the Postal Service pre-fund future retiree health benefits for the next 75 years”, which amounts to $5.5 billion every year to ensure the futures of people who haven’t even been born yet. They also propose that Congress grants the Postal Service access to its own money after billions of dollars were overfunded in their pension accounts. In their view, Congress is largely responsible for the issue and is capable of fixing the problem.

On the government’s end of the spectrum, President Obama has introduced the Postal Plan, which would eliminate Saturday service, saving as much as $3 billion a year. It seems like a fair idea; most post offices around the country already have limited hours on Saturday anyway.

But the plan has been opposed by some and began talks of a new bill introduced to the Senate; the bill went into debate on Tuesday and would allow for regional facilities to keep their overnight delivery capability. This would mean everything for some select postal employees, since it would keep open about half of the 260 postal services which are on the list to close. It will still mean layoffs, however, which apparently can’t be avoided.

Of course, there is also the fact that shouldn’t be overlooked–that some rural communities don’t have access to the internet and still rely heavily on the post office, and those communities would be taken into consideration with the bill and the introduction of closings. For some small towns, the closings have already begun and are taking a toll on their small business industry because of the need to ship packages in a timely manner.

Iowa Governor Terry Branstad says he pushed hard for a moratorium on the closings in his state and won, a brief victory in what may be a long battle.

“The Postal Service is supposed to be a universal service available to people wherever they live in America,” Branstad said. “What they’re doing is going against that premise.”

A representative for the Pensacola Area Local of the American Postal Workers Union says that the U.S.P.S. has survived technology advances before and come out on the other side bigger and better for it, adapting to “the invention of the telephone, the telegraph, the fax machine and more”. They acknowledge that the Internet offers “new and improved services to meet society’s changing needs”, but say that consumers are also still in need of mail service to accommodate their online ordering of goods; the Postal Service, in their opinion, isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Do you still use traditional mail services over the internet? Tell us your story–or comment–below.

Postal Service Closings: Snail Mail Can’t Compete With Internet
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  • http://firstdatingnetwork.com/ Jenny

    I think this is sad and many people will suffer from it…

    • jay zelmo

      I work for the post office and it is sad considering they waste so much money doing pointless things and force it down all of our throats then in 2 weeks it changes again gross mismanagement and way to many bosses that really don’t do anything is the real problem.

      • lanaya gardner

        We work go to thoug
        Post office alot!

      • Teresa

        Thanks for speaking the truth, Jay. Good to hear it from an “insider.” Our small town post office is on the chopping block. At the pre-closure meeting, the postal managers explained that the problem is that they are paying an employee for 8 hours a day but they only have 2 hours of work to do. I explained that that’s because they took the work away from the local employee. Our locals are no longer allowed to cancel a stamp and put the envelope in the box or in a sack to go to the next town where it would go out for delivery the next day. No, it has to be trucked to a city two hours away (soon to be three hours away), run through a machine (costing who knows how much) operated by extra people hired to run the machine, then returned to our area – usually in two days rather than one. They said that the current city sorting method is so much more efficient. Several others spoke up in agreement with me, but there was absolutely no convincing the brainwashed postal managers. They know what’s best and they don’t want to be confused with facts.

    • http://none Claus

      Just go to Germany …they Pay without complaining 0.55 € cent

      and by the way My Bank charges me already 45 us cent for Paying a my Waterbill …lol

    • http://www.TransformationalStudies.com Barbara-Lynn

      I use the Post Office to pay all my bills buy stamps,and mail most of my packages. And I have a P.O. Box where I pick up my mail. Where I live the main branch is usually packed with people waiting to do the same. It certainly would be a change of life for me if the USPS closed.

    • Jerrie DeRose

      Our post office closing in Hutchinson, KS, a town of about 4,000 (not including college students), the county seat, and where the state fair is held, has negatively impacted a lot of local and area person. Including myself. The post offices should look at electronic mailing options and selling stamps, mailing labels, etc. on-line. I know many who would be willing to forgo Sat. mail delivery, or even have a post office that is open part time. This would still save jobs.

    • http://www.simpleworkers.com will

      lmao, I run my own stamp company and i love the post office but they get what they deserve. We just this year had simple claims totaling about $6000.00 and yes, as you thought, all were denied if with great paperwork backing any claim up. this is their new goal to save money, let customer pay for insurance and then just reject the claims. Well, they were told a big shock but didn’t care either. I am a large stamp dealer and we ship in a years time anywhere from 50,000 to 250,000 packages yearly, all WERE with the post office. we moved our shipping business with a great deal to fedex. Keep up the good work post office, soon you won’t be in business and yes, i have other revenues and business to keep us afloat. Sad but i smile when i hear stuff like this becasue they are doing it to themselves, so ignorant and they don’t listen to the people. keep raising the stamp prices and you lose more and more mailers as they will go digital and they should, it is easier and delivery is instant. The USPS sucks and i hope they close down but i would feel bad for all the lost jobs but then again, The United States keeps subbing work to foreign countries and making our own country shit so I guess “Shit happens”.

    • Dan

      we need MORE jobs.. not less. Pathetic

  • Jenna

    Times are changing and the post office is not immune to changes. As postage continues to increase, I continue to work around the post office.

    • shawn

      Seriously? Work around the post office? I am a letter carrier and it’s ridiculous that people complain about 45 cents!!! To send a letter anywhere in the U.S. for 45 cents!!! I can’t wait for the day when all you schumucks that pay your bills online will be getting charged about 2 or 3 bucks to pay EVERY bill and you’ll then see that 45 cents wasn’t exactly that bad of a service!!

      • http://www.e-marketingpartner.com Bob

        Why would we get charged 2 or 3 bucks to pay EVERY bill? 45 cents to deliver a letter is a good deal, but raising prices on a product nobody wants isn’t. There is no reason to think that there will ever be an increase on paying bills, doesn’t make sense. Companies like it when you pay them money and are motivated to keep the process as cheap as possible.

        • Clay


          MAny of the online bills being paid today are already charging some fee. Let that be the only option and see how much the price increases. it is already happening. muchless the idea of identity theft over the computer is also an increasing threat. Even $0.50 sounds like a great deal compared to that.

          • Anthony

            I pay ALL my bills online directly at NO ADDITIONAL COST. I can’t see services NOT continuing to take payments directly, thus bill pay services will always compete with those services directly. I can’t beleive people use bill pay services and pay that fee when they don’t have to. To me, If anything I can only see bill pay services going away when people realize (in most cases) you can pay your bills directly online without any extra fees.

        • MaxD

          Then you should go to Comcast then when you want to pay on line they charge you a $5.00 fee for the service to do it, Just to pay it NOW on the last day of the bill so you do not get a Late fee

      • http://webpronews.com Susan Coppersmith

        I kind of agree with you. They lure people into all this free automated stuff then charges come after the majority is on board. Do you remember when they introduced the ATM machine? No charges, easy breezy, and convenient. Now ATM fees are outrageous…

      • Montreal9

        Sounds like you are about ready to go “postal” on us!

      • Walker Bennett

        Anybody who complains about the USPS should be forced to try Canada Post for a month! I moved to Canada about 5 years ago and it was a major sticker shock. First, “it’s lost in the mail” is the norm here. Getting anything delivered here is worse odds than going to Las Vegas. Postage from Ontario to Labrador is around $.80 for a letter. There has NEVER been Saturday delivery in Canada: M-F only. Good luck getting a package delivered. Canada post uses contractors for packages who WONT deliver to the house. Instead they send you a notice that it’s available for pick up at some branch about 5 kilometres away. God bless the USPS!

      • http://www.gayvets.net Roy

        My, my, my now we’re all nothing schumucks and no longer people huh because we all use online bill pay and use either FedEx or ups when we order online, not very good PR for the postal service now is it. Well I got news for you it’s gonna get a lot worse and over half of my mail is either stolen through the postal service, returned as undeliverable or just outright given to others who either keep it or throw it in the trash and complaining about it is like complaining to the man in the moon. One of the postal employees here once told me when I asked him what he was going to do when email really took off and starting cutting into the profits of the postal service. His reply was “We ain’t worried” well buddy it sure sounds like a lot of you postal workers are sure as hell worried now and doing an awful lot of bitchin, pissing and moaning, gripping and blaming it all on congress. Well get a life fellow this is the digital age and the days of snail mail are numbered.

        • http://www.gayvets.net Roy

          Apologies Bob, that was meant for shawn
          April 19, 2012 at 4:01 pm and I clicked the wrong reply.

          Again apologies.

        • Marty

          Got to agree. I have lived in a small Canadian town of 5-6000 for over 30 years and everyone knows me by name. We all have to go to the Post office to collect our mail from their boxes because we have no delivery. I have to get my ID out to prove to the postal clerk, who’s had her job for 2 weeks and was transfered in from God knows where, who I am.

          About a month ago I bought a 2 similar products on-line both sent via regular post and sent within a day of each other. One from Ontario and one from Florida. The one from Florida arrived a week and a half before the one from Canada.

          Another time I decided to send a post card to my daughter before I left for home from Hawaii. I sent it 2 days before I left and it arrived before me. Try that with Canada Post.

          We regularly send stuff back and forth to Asia to family members. Canada to Asia up to 3 months. Asia to Canada 1-2 weeks maximum.

          Canada post is a total disaster and it’s always been that way.

        • l aquilino

          You are a liar!

      • Kyle

        Times change. The postal service simply isn’t required in the same capacity as it was before and so changes have to be made to that business.

        The US cannot continue to artifically keep entities afloat that cannot sustain themselves without change.

        At the rate the postal service is increasing fees as appeased to pivoting the business, it will be 2 or 3 bucks for first class mail soon, then what?

  • michelle

    I think no sat mail would be a good start ..dnt think as many jobs would be lost.

    • jay zelmo

      Cutting sat delivery will eliminate over 100,000 job positions

      • http://www.e-marketingpartner.com Bob

        I would like to see a reference for that number Jay. Removing Saturday deliveries would not change the mail volume, so all of that mail would still need to be sorted and delivered, it would just have to be done on Mondays. Most carriers don’t work six days now, so their day off would be moved to Saturday. Fewer substitutes might be needed, but most offices are typically understaffed for subs now and if they are fully staffed those that would be let go are only working 1 or 2 days a week.

  • Bridget

    I think the world of technology will naturally bring about traditional services falling by the wayside. However, there is nothing more sad than people losing their jobs. Today, it is a lot of this going on. Personally, I’m for keeping the postal services open. President Obama is trying to get a bill passed to do just that and stop Saturday services. This seems to be fair enough because layoffs will happen due to the loss of revenue. Hopefully as much good as possible will come from this matter.

  • juan

    People are more about being sheeple than thinking for themselves. Everything done online can be copied and trasfered by anyone just due to a click of a key. I hear more about peoples private info being stolen just because they used a travel agent; stayed in a hotel or have a credit card. Than I hear of mail being stolen. With all the automatic bill pay when fraud does happen it is so much time to track down what happened. When a check is forged the fraud is blatanly evident! Untill the human race goes completely honest I will always use the best way to track my finances! Such as the United States Post Office

    • Paul

      How about getting rid of bulk mail which is crap anyway? Then employees can spend time delivering real mail which will then move faster. The junk mail can go to the internet, which moves at lightning speed. The cost of auto bill pay on the internet is usually much higher than the cost of a stamp. What are people thinking?

  • Kevin

    The first thing the post office should do is become reliable in the services they provide and honest. They lack sorely in both.
    Priority Mail which costs more then First Class mail is often slower then then the latter. The post office regularly does not deliver mail that requires a signature simply coming the door and leaving a sticker that says to come to the post office to pick up because ”you weren’t home” . They also leave oversized items — even those marked ”contains food’ outside mailboxes to melt in the sun.
    They are a dishonest and unprofessional organization which has hurt small business. No sympathy here.

    • shawn

      Our job is to deliver it are we going to take food back to our office and let it rot that way? How is that dishonest we delivered it its at your door step when you get home? Maybe you should do a little shadow day with your regular carrier and see how unprofessional and dishonest he or she really is.

    • John

      Kevin which Postal service are you talking about? In my 45 years I have never seen a Postal Worker or Carrier do anything but handle mail in a very professional manner, now I have seen people treat them like crap.

      Hrmmm maybe you should be nice to your Postal Worker.

  • Hal Teal

    Cut everybody back to $15.00 per hour, take away all the pension plans, sick and personal time and paid holidays, and go back to twice a day delivery and longer hours. Make it competitive and it will work. If the USPS doesn’t want to do it this way, farm it out to another contractor who will.

    • john

      They have already embarked on that, all new employees are part time. Perhaps you would be tempted to take this job when this type of management style affects your job.

    • tiana

      I work for the post office and I am a carrier. Not all of us are like that. Most of us work really hard and do everything right. I do agree that some carriers do lack in performance but that’s something to take up with the post office that serves you. I would just personally disagree with your statement of the post office in general.

    • shawn

      Makes no sense………period

  • http://usunitedpilots@yahoo.com Philo

    Close isreal instesd of our US Postal Service

  • J T

    Hey Amanda you forgot one important fact as the real reason the Post office is losing so much money.It’s the 5.5 Billion dollar payment that Congress forces the Postal Service to make every year to fund future retiree’s benefits. The Post Office receives No Tax dollars.It depends on the sale of products and services entirely for it’s revenue.Yes the Internet has hurt First Class mail,but it has also increased parcels from this fast growing market. Cutting home delivery to 5 days may make many who depend on the Post Office for delivery of their products to abandon the Postal Service altogether.

  • http://yahoo.com howard board

    Just maby everyone could take a 10% pay cut instead of my friends loosing their jobs Greed by a union!!!!

  • Shelley

    A check, envelope, pen and stamp cost less than a computer. Those on a fixed income may not beable to afford a computer, computer repairs, and internet service. Kind of like tranportation…..do I take the bus or learn to drive and buy a car?

    • GMONEY

      Hi Shelley, “A check, envelope, pen and stamp cost less than a computer”, in your own words, yes is cheaper, but add that up over “Years” and all those Stamps and Pens and Envelopes Cost alot of money in the Hundreds over the years on just the Necessary Bills(Power, Water/Sewer, Garbage, Phone, Cable, etc…). You can buy a COMPLETE(monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers and tower)computer system for Under $100. Yes it is used and older, but it works and gets the job done to pay bills online. Plus its FREE to pay your bills online*. I know what you are going through as my Mother and Grandmother still use Snail Mail with “CHECKS”(Neither have a Debit Card from their Bank/Credit Union either?) Checks actually have ALL your information Printed right on the Check! Your address, phone number, and your routing number and bank account number!! Checks are Not A Safe way to go these days. Just a thought of Mine and My Opinion on the Comment. Sorry to offend anywone. Greg

      • shawn

        It won’t be “FREE” for long greg….remember that also!! 2 or 3 dollars a bill will be in your future soon enough and then will you just pay it or will you complain that its too expensive?

        • http://www.gayvets.net Roy

          No so Shawn snopes is full of scare stories and hoaxes like yours. And all your doing is deluding yourself.

        • Anthony

          See my post above, I pay my services DIRECTLY at no additional cost (free), bill pay services will always have to compete with the services directly, unless they stop taking direct payments, and I don’t see that happening. I still can believe people pay a bill pay service to pay their bills when they can pay the company or utility in most cases online at no additional cost. The only reason I see to use a bill pay service is for the convenience to do it all in one place, if that cost goes up too much, I can only see people ditching that and paying the services directly.

      • John

        GMONEY you may be right about the cost of a computer, but now factor in the cost of having the internet which in most cases is around $39.95 a month if you want high-speed, and I do not think dial up exist now-a-days, unless you live in a remote area. So I think the cost for the computer are way higher.

  • http://yahoo john swanson

    When i was a kid we had twice a day mail delivery.Morning and afternoon.40″s and 50″s

  • Tony

    The reduction in salary is imperative to keeping the USPS viable. Postal employees have a starting pay of $20.00 plus/hr. This goes up to at least $25.00 within five years. You factor in the extraordinary amount of overtime needed to deliver the mail because of all the sick/vacation time used due to the generous package employees receive. These are jobs that would still get filled at $13-15 per hour because they can retire a lot earlier than the average joe in the private sector. Also, reduce the workforce by about 50% and force the remainder to work harder. When carriers are done with their routes what do they do? Get a coffee, read a mag, make a call, anything except going back to the postal station to avoid extra work before their shift is over. How do I know this? My brother is a postal carrier. They try to outdo each other to see who can be laziest. And supervisors can’t do anything about this because the union will prevent anyone from getting fired short of a postal employee killing someone. Even clever ideas such as having carriers scan a barcode and send it back to the office to see where they’re at on their route doesn’t work because they’ll copy the barcode on their iphone and send it back to the office at designated times. The union needs to be disbanded to fix these problems. People talk about religion as antiquated and needing to get with the times, which in my opinion is society that is in need of a change, yet they protect unions and don’t realize that they have outlived their usefulness. If people, especially liberals, held religion and family in the same esteem as they do civil unions, society would be a much better and more successful place for everyone.

    • shawn

      lol “postal employees have a starting pay of $20″ wow are people really this uninformed about the post office?

  • Steve

    The Postal Service is bleeding out money. Like all businesses when you are losing money things have got to give. The post office need’s to do something. The Federal Employee thinks that their job’s are beyond reproach. Like all employers right now it is time to look at ways to save the the Post office is not special in that way. The Leaders in the USPS have done nothing about this and now it is coming home to haunt them in a big way. We have no more money we are broke. I am sorry for the people involved but something has to give before it all come down like a house of cards.

  • Tom Kinton

    Ask Gov. Branstad how many post office properties he owns and rents back to the Federales……………

  • Mary

    okay – you put 45 cents on a letter – how far can your car go with 45 cents in gas? still the best and cheapest rates in the world for a first class letter – and remember there sre still a LOT of people who depend on the US Postal Service

  • dweezer.dude

    That’s what this country needs more good folkes out-of-work, more services being cut for people that can’t afford or have access to the alternative, jobs lost that aren’t being replaced – thanks Al Gore – as the self proclaimed inventor of the internet – ‘hope your super electric so-called ‘green’ house blows a fuse and you have to sit in the cold and dark and eat cold beans – that’s if you can get the can open – the rich get richer and now the rest of us wont even be getting our mail any more- yet as I post this comment I must admit I am as guilty as Al for the situation- Sorry Post Office – whiskey tango foxtrot – out

  • john

    Technological advances are nice, but there are those that can not afford the internet, smartphones and computers. These are the people that will suffer. I say keep Postal Service going by cutting to M-F service only. This will keep a lot of people working, with less Overtime hours, and keep the poorer and less computer savoy people in touch.

  • Christine

    Why not just sotp mail on wenday and the weedend?

    • http://www.e-marketingpartner.com Bob

      Businesses rely on mail delivery. Stopping delivery on a day of the week would doom the USPS completely. Many businesses would be forced to find an alternate method of sending and receiving letters and parcels and would stop using the USPS on the other days of the week. Saturday will probably work, but Wed will not.

  • jim smith

    As soon as you shut down the post office, then the transaction fee’s start popping up on bill pay.

    If the post office wants to save money stop placing the flat rate boxes out for everyone to conveniently take. I get packages all the time in the mail thru eBay where they have wrapped the product in cardboard (meaning, flat rate boxes) and placed in a bubble envelope. Also, the custom, tracking and misc other forms that people take as well. Easy to grab a handleful that you may use and never do.

  • gail

    Think like rest of big government – too much waste at the top, and sometimes the service is nonexistent. We have not had a regular postman/woman on our route for over 6 months and have suffered – no pickup, no delivery, mail returned to companies with note “no such addressee or address”. Make mail service competitive, bring in non goverment group or groups to manage for a contract – best bid with most competitive price – note not the lowest but the most competitive for services offered.

  • small clothier

    it is sad; but there is an idea floating around but just like the delivery system of the mail; they must have an act of congress to do anything; how do big corporations get their legislation passed? money?
    what about attorneys? is it legal or knot if it does knot go thru the mail? there is a way so that millions of jobs lost to the internet are made up. but if awl that are saying only the internet, mobile phones, high tech… sorry… i do knot like just talking to an inanimate object…i like people…how about you?

    a sharp pointed object used to blind
    A World Lives…

    Apart Y Ink
    small clothier

    breach of peace judicative logic
    white crane aka big bird legislative logic
    garden of eden executive logic

  • Nancy

    I enjoy getting a Christmas card, B-day card or maybe a magazine. I even love the old printed newspaper that is now coming to an end in my area.. And I do know alot of people who are unable to pay for the internet, cable tv, and home phone because of high cost…Some are disabled and live on a fixed budget or single parents working two jobs to just get by. Sometimes we don’t know how lucky we were growing up, free tv, milk delivery, playing kickball (not video games), not seeing kids on phones at such a young age.. We just basically had fun..

  • http://none Dennis in Winslow, AZ

    I realize that something, that would really help them, needs to be done, but doing things our of shear fear is not the way to go either. They have been hurting for a long time now and it doesn’t seem like they have done “anything” to try and make things better. Now they are going really crazy. My mail box fee has been between $32 up to $38 dollars every six months and now when they are really hurting they just jump my rental fee to $90 every six months. Its the same old crap. Sit on your fanny and doing nothing when it starts to go down hill and then when you do finally do something you come out & burn us royally because of your laziness and not wanting to do something earlier when it actually started. I am just about to build a steel mailbox in my welding shop at home and put it down the road, almost a 1/2 mile from the house and let them deliver my mail instead of me going in and picking it up. I live in the rual area of town because we have horses so they don’t deliver house t house.
    I don’t understand our businesses in America. We are in bad times and every business or just about every business has been raising their prices on us like it (the economy) is doing great. Landlords are even upping their rental costs. Loving people we have for business owners. I realize some of them are forced into raising their prices to some extent because of gas prices, etc. Wal-Mart, who I am not a lover of, has done something for the economy because they have put a new brand of food and items in that is cheaper than the other ones. That brand is “Great Value” & it does save money when you shop there. I have seen a lot of people move because the landlord upped their rent, some of them even upped it by 30% and the owner of the business had to shut down and move out.

  • David

    Time and new technologies stand still for no one.
    I myself realized the convenience of going to the websites and paying the bill by having it witdhdrawn from my bank account at a later date,and saving the postage which seemed to go up every other month.

    The USPS has grown smug in its assumptions that the government will never collapse and their retirements are secure. That would be nice in a perfect world…a vacumn, but I, an average worker have realized that over the past few years because of the immigration influx there will always be someone to work harder for less and be grateful for it.
    Case in point…UPS and FEDEX are the USPS competition.

    We are now more than ever a spoiled nation that “expects” our services to be there to make our life more comfy, well if you have the money to pay for it, it can be that way.

    All of America needs to get back to a honest work ethic, and realize that just because you are physically at the workplace doesn’t mean that you are doing a good job.

    The gist of my comments is that the world is changing and when you have a business you will always have something or someone that will do it better and for less. That’s life dude.

  • FD

    Paycut???? Ok you 1st. USPS is the BEST form of advertising as we ENTER each home, each day, and for the cry baby about PO box fees, Hey we deliver to your door for free, YOU just opt to have a PO box, YOUR CHOICE not ours. So then why dont you just say THANK YOU and be on your way. We are an AMERICAN institution and we spend our money in America. How many companies can say that? Who do you work for?

  • http://wwwmgigantecatering.com larry holman

    I think the post office was in our rights and to change something in order to change with the times is not always the best way remember the patroit act 1441 they have the right to read emails ect even thou the may not be anything to hide its still not totally privite I will not be supporting this bill way not leave it so ppl can choice because when the post offices are gone there gone

  • http://na Doug

    I don’t have a lot of remorse for usps as a company, I am retired military, when i got out i took the test and maxed it, along with 10 pts for being a war vet, Never got a call, was told by two different people, its due to affirmative action.. geesh.. so again.. no remorse for them as a company.
    Ebay probably has kept them alive to this point, dropping sat delivery is a good start.

  • Jason

    The ending of this article is the only smart thing you idiots should pay attention to:

    the USPS will still be needed to ship all the stuff being BOUGHT ONLINE, and the USPS aint going nowhere!!

    Me just need to fire Congress because they are stealing all of our fucking money!!!

  • http://campingwithcharlie.com Charlie

    The problem is all the 2nd and 3rd class mail. 99.9% of the items in my mail box are adds, flyers and junk mail. If they raised the price on those by 5 cents each that would solve the problem. Leave the 1st class price alone.
    Besides, I thought 3rd class items aren’t suppose to be deliveredunless there is a 1st class item going to the same address.

  • http://www.thescrapbookstore.net/shop Kathy

    “Do you still use traditional mail services over the internet? ”
    I use traditional mail services more because of the internet. I have an online store so I am now shipping products which I never did before the internet. I also do a lot of my shopping on the internet, I live in the forest, so it is cheaper to pay postage than it is to drive to the store. Even after the post office says to me, I know the last time we saw your package was in NY 2 weeks ago, were sorry there is nothing we can do about it because it wasn’t insured. (How do you just lose a package? I have to pay you extra to insure that you do your job?) We also still receive all of our bills in paper form so that I have them for taxes.

  • http://www.best-wedding-anniversary-gift-ideas.com Renee

    The times have changed—people are conscious about saving trees, the stigma about sending ecards has largely dropped, paying bills & handling transactions online makes life tons easier.

    That said, I hope that the mismanagement of funds such as the Postal Service pre-funding future retiree health benefits for the next 75 years is addressed & corrected. We probably wouldn’t have this issue otherwise. In the meantime, perhaps closing on Sat. would close some gaps, but I do feel for those in rural areas who depend more on the USPS. The U.S. is too big for a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

  • http://Wredlich.com Warren Redlich

    Put the post office up for auction. This is a perfect example of why government should run as little as possible.

    I like my local post office. But it’s not necessary in today’s economy. I used to joke that “government should only defend our borders and pass the mail, and we’re not too sure about the mail.”

  • http://Binoculars4birdwatching.com Rose

    I think arguing over past leadership and policies is a waste of time and energy. The USPS is not the only business affected by universal growth and change. It is an evolutionary process and just like all businesses it is like a chain linked fence. We piggy back off one another. Look towards the future and what will be needed. I do think restructuring of the USPS transportation and proccessing centers is where money is slipping through their fingers. It’s not just the people but owning and keeping these un needed facilities open is ludicrous. I would like to see the Postmaster Generals proactive plan to keep up with the affects of the internet instead of reading about congressional arguments If America wants home delivery and even you Internet people that are so smart, perhaps you can tell them what to expect and help them plan. Don’t take a back seat on this. It’s not a game and something to prove or a popularity contest. In today’s world it’s all about making money. Once we learn we are all in this together then we will we have a solution to enhance growth for the comfort and benefit to all. Keep in mind, their are unions in the USPS. How many unions are there left today? Times have changed and the USPS is caught in the middle of this. They laid the foundation for the Internet and have served the World and supported all that we have today. So let’s hear what you think in the techy world? Do you think Harry Potters mail system is the future?

  • Liz Rainey

    The postal service could survive if they took a good look at FedEx, UPS and DHL. I wanted to send an overnight package on a Friday with USPS, and was informed it would get there Tuesday (within the same state). That is why they are looking at closing. Good riddance!

    • Brandon

      FedEx and UPS definitely ship a large quantity of their packages through the USPS, but at a higher price.

  • http://www.yummyfood.net Guido

    They have to move their core business from letters to small packages.
    As the postacards are going down, e-commerce is going up.
    Here in Italy, a package from 1 to 60lbs, cost € 10 and it hase a 3 days delivery time.
    It’s good for heavy stuff, but is too much expensive for a small, inexpensive, item.
    Sites like e-bay or classified in general are heavily penalized by the shipping costs.
    I suppose is the same in the US, although i’ve seen USPS is rather fairly priced compared to us.

  • Joy

    The problem here is Government and Unions. Get the governments hands out of a Privet Company’s pockets and let the unions and top leaders do there jobs and everything will work out. Can someone tell me Why the Government is telling the Post office what they can and can not do in the first place???

  • http://www.dobege.co.uk Martin

    In the UK we are having another hike in Postal Prices. As we have a number of online business this is affecting us in a big way.

  • http://PlanetThoughts.org David

    The Post Office is great. Delivering mail to the door is a great feat, and in the US it is cheaper than most of the world.

    I don’t know the details of the $5.5 billion annually that is lost to the USPS due to pre-funding, but it sounds like that should be changed by Congress. Meanwhile, the USPS can perhaps innovate new services such as fax service, package preparation service (like the retail companies that do so), or other services that most people do not want to replicate in their homes.

  • wanda

    I still write checks for bills and use snail mail only, and if I want to communicate with a fried I pick up my cell phone and talk in person. I also love to send out cards, forget that impersonal computer stuff.

  • http://www.LoftLivingLA.com Ted Trent

    I don’t think this story can be true. In my opinion, I get more mail everyday than I’ve ever gotten before. The Internet has only INCREASED the amount of mail that people use. Businesses are expanding where they do business. I just don’t believe the post office is going to go away. Won’t happen.

  • http://austincreditgroup.com Steve Gangey

    All correspondence with creditors, and credit bureaus in my business must go through regular mail services. Any other means of communication will not be responded to by these companies. Fax, email, and telephone is not considered legal medium. Original documents, or certified copies, signatures, Notarized work product must go through regular mail to be recognized legally. Sure, some things have moved in the direction of acceptance, but who knows which is which?

  • Carol

    I use the local postoffice all time for mailing packages, simply because it is much easier than trying to get to UPS, and cheaper also, would be terrible to not have one close by.

  • John

    Well I for one think that the internet free-bees will end, once they see that they are the only source, they will start charging and soon we will be back to square one. Paying for a service. And just so people know this, E-mail is not free, yes sending one is butt he service is not free.

    So if you think what you have is free, please take a look and find the hidden costs, I promise you, you are paying for it.

    I for one say keep the Postal Service up and running, just trim the management and restructure the organization, from the top down.

  • Deidre

    I am a substitute mail carrier of five years. I receive NO benefits whatsover even though it is a Federal job. We deliver your mail and packages in any weather for MUCH less than any of our competitors. I have even delivered during a Tropical Storm and nearly got blown off the road! A few things:
    *To reiterate, the USPS currently has to PREFUND retirees for 75 years which is before they are are even born! If Congress wants to fix our financial problem, changing this to a realistic term would save us 5.5 BILLION dollars a year.
    *Stopping Post Office delivery on Saturdays will not resolve anything because the mail still gets processed and we would just have more volume to deal with on mondays, not to mention if there is a monday holday you wouldn’t get your mail until after dark! Also, as previously mentioned the regular carriers would be forced to use saturday as their day off, which is the substitutes guaranteed work day, so we would all have to get second jobs or quit resulting in massive job loss across the country.
    *Another thing that the Post Office can do to save money is forced retirement. There are regular carriers who are in their 70’s-80’s and get paid huge hourly pay. Substitutes cannot move into a regular carrier position until a regular carrier quits, dies, or retires.
    *Saturday delivery at no additional cost to the customer is our primary advantage over our competition. Businesses rely on us to ship items and receive items on saturdays. It makes no sense to remove our advantage!

    • Brandon

      I agree.

  • Juergen

    It seems Congress tries to kill USPS in the long run, using the pensioners fund rules. Thinking like a detective, “cui bono?”, one wonders how many $$ UPS and FedEx are donating to the parties.

    Regarding the postal service itself, I believe it will survive, using modern technology not only for sorting (standard in many countries, not sure about the US) but also for delivering. Think autonomous cars and similar. The internet generates shipments, not only parcels but also letters. The separation between parcel and letter service will break down at some point.

  • http://incomefromhometips.org bj @ Income From Home

    The changing of the retirement/pension requirements is the main reason for the Postal Service’s problems, and it’s basically a union-busting tactic– no more postal service means no more union to campaign against Republican candidates. This is being played out in all sorts of places. Wisconsin is a good example at the state level. The demonization of teachers and the push for charter schools (which aren’t required to hire union teachers) is another. Many of these sneaky little moves that have been put into legislation have been done so by ALEC. I really really hope ALEC loses its 501c3, which will at least slow it down for awhile, though I doubt this Hydra will ever be killed.

  • JenL

    At my previous residence I had one of those bar code scanners for the postman. After about 6 months they stopped using it. At that time I had home delivery and my mail went in a slot and down a shoot into the closet in my house. I truely liked that – mail goes IN the house – not outside the hosue. Anyway I’d see him come, scan the bar code at a particular time and leave and then come back later to deliver. I still use the Post Office, although I do pay lot of bills online for the convenience – I prefer actual bills to arrive in the mail. The bills I do pay online are actually through my credit union who does the actual writing of the check and mailing of the check – all free for me but still using the post office or delivery. I get packages and magazines and don’t have one of those e-readers – I prefer the paper magazine. I hedged against postal inflation by buying MANY MANY forever stamps when they came out. My postal prices for mailing first class aren’t going to go up for MNAY MANY years. I don’t get door to door delivery, that was cut out to save money – seems it must not have saved much money. All my mail atr my current residence is delivered to a “communal” mailbox that I have to go out to. It’s prone to breakins I guess since a few weeks ago mail wasn’t delivered until they fixed the box. I’m glad they didn’t deliver mail to a broken box but maybe the boxes need more security on it? The person who said everyone gets home delivery is wrong wrong wrong. Many rural areas don’t get home delivery. The post office won’t go there. I personally know people who would love it if the post office delivered to their location – but the post office won’t and everyone in those areas is forced to use a PO Box and pay for it. I can certainly see the problem with funding retirement/health for 75 years in advance, it should most likely be a more reasonable amount. I imagine though that if every local, state and federal employer had to do the same we wouldn’t have all the issues with unfunded pensions now. I think future planning is appropriate, just not such a long one. So how should this be resolved. I think cutting the pay is a start. Yes, that hurts a lot, but people are struggling and a reasonable salary for the qualifications needed for the job is something to be considered. The next step is to cut post offices in the BIG cities – not the rural areas. The big cities are the ones where most people use more and more internet services and have access to it. Closing the satelite post offices in the bigger cities where costs are higher is going to be the better route – and have that business go to the main office. Cut the Saturday delivery is OK too. Let’s take it back to how can we best serve the needs of the people needing our services – not how best to line someone’s pockets. Also, have a contest on how the post office can use new technology to upgrade it’s services and keep with the times.

  • YesIHaveOne

    “But with all the talk of closings and employees being laid off, groups like the Pensacola Area Local of the American Postal Workers Union have pointed out to WebProNews that the U.S.P.S. isn

  • http://www.advancedlookinspections.com Inspector Jay

    I try to support the USPS as much as I can. When ever I get a piece of “junk” mail with a “NO POSTAGE NECESSARY … BUSINESS REPLY” envelope in it, I shred the rest of the contents and mail the envelope back empty. I also write something like “Help save Postal Worker Jobs – Support the USPS” and highlight it on the front of the envelope.
    The USPS get paid extra postage for these envelopes and it doesn’t cost me anything but a few seconds of my time.

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