Portland Trail Blazers Set New 3-Point Record Against Charlotte Bobcats

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The Portland Trail Blazers routed the Charlotte Bobcats 134-104 during a Thursday night thriller. The Blazer's victory gave the Bobcats its fifth straight loss this season after being whipped by the Clippers 112-85 the previous night.

Wesley Matthews made 25 points and contributed to 5 of Portland's 21 3-pointers. "Making shots is contagious," said Matthews. The Blazers made a record 63.6 percent of their 33 3-point attempts.

The 21 3-pointers also matched the team's 3-point record against the Philadelphia 76ers, who they beat 139-105 on Dec. 14. Both wins make Portland the first NBA team to have two games in one season with 20 or more 3-pointers. The current NBA record in a single game is 23 3-pointers.

Portland now ups its record to 26-7 to move to the top spot in the Western Conference.

After Thursday's loss, Bobcats team coach Steve Clifford said that the team lacks solid defense."Our team is thinking too much about offense, we have individual guys who need to build their games around their defense, and they're worried about their offense," said Clifford. If we're not going to commit to defense and rebounding, then we're limited in how good we can be."

On the other hand, Portland played great defense and offense throughout the game. They led from the start, making  four straight 3-pointers to lead 23-9 in the first quarter. By the fourth quarter they were up 100-77 against the Bobcats but never allowed themselves to lose momentum. At the final buzzer the Portland Trail Blazers won by 30 points.

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