Portland Shootout Leaves K-9 Dead, Officer Wounded

    April 16, 2014
    Mike Fossum
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A police dog sent after a robbery suspect was killed during a shootout in Portland, Oregon Wednesday morning, and the K-9 unit handler was wounded.

The incident began after police observed three men exiting a uniform shop, which lead to a vehicle pursuit. The chase ended when the suspects crashed their SUV into a utility pole. The suspects and police exchanged fire, and officer Jeff Dorn was wounded in both legs. “Mick,” a dog who had recently joined the K-9 unit, was later found dead under a hedge in a yard.

In a statement, Officer Dorn, a 16-year veteran, said that “Mick saved my life,” after the officer had told the dog to “Take that suspect!” Portland Police Chief Mike Reese said that the shootout ensued shortly after Dorn sicced Mick on the three men.

Three suspects are now in custody, including one authorities had been tracking through southwest Portland neighborhoods for roughly three hours. That suspect was injured during the incident, and was transported to a local hospital.

The Portland PD was initially unable to locate Mick after the shootout, and used Twitter to put the word out:

Sadly, Mick was located with apparent gunshot wounds:

Police dogs are specially trained for duties including searching for drugs and explosives, searching for missing people, sniffing out crime scene evidence and protecting their handlers. The most commonly used breed is the German Shepherd, although Belgian Malinois are also employed. John Reese, the protagonist in the CBS crime drama Person of Interest owns a Belgian Malinois named “Bear.”

Police vehicles formed a procession to transport Mick across the Willamette River to an animal hospital after the shooting. Sgt. Rhonda Sandoval, an official of the Oregon Police Canine Association, commented that police dogs are trained to bond with their handlers, and that they “become part of our lives and our families.”

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  • svezinau

    sorry to here about your dog they are very precious

  • tee tee

    That dog was an officer. I hope those people get the maximum sentence allowed for killing an officer.

    • John Smith

      what killing an officer is a higher crime than killing any other person?

      • $468936

        It is a higher crime, in a way, because officers put themselves in harm’s way – part of their job description. I still think dogs should NOT be put in harm’s way.

  • Scorpion_J

    So sad, another hero dog like Bruno in Anaheim Ca.

  • $468936

    Sorry, but while I believe dogs are useful in some aspects of police work, I do NOT believe they should be put in harm’s way. The “suspects” who killed him should be prosecuted as though they had killed a human – and the police (everywhere) should be ashamed of themselves for this policy.

    • Mick

      well said, i agree, why was the dog sent against someone with a gun? that does not make any sense, it’s animal cruelty.

      • $468936

        Thank you for agreeing with me. I am tired of police dogs being treated as “commodities” and then, when one is killed or injured, there’s a big boo-hoo session by the police regarding “Officer Dog.” Again, shame on them.

  • Mike Hunt

    look he’s got a gun, send in the dog! oh look the dog got shot, if only the dog could carry a gun too.. oh wait the officer can carry a gun, dang, why did we send the dog to it’s death?

  • Teddy

    why do pretty boy cops always wear their sunglasses on their head?