Portia de Rossi: Is Marriage to Ellen DeGeneres in Trouble?

By: Kimberly Ripley - June 26, 2014

Is Portia de Rossi’s marriage to Ellen DeGeneres in trouble? Sources say she is terribly jealous of Ellen’s close friendship with Sofia Vergara. Those same sources claim that Ellen and Sofia have grown even closer lately since Sofia called off her engagement to Nick Loeb.

“Portia always resented Ellen’s friendship with Sofia, and now that Sofia is leaning on Ellen for support, she’s even more jealous,” a source told the media. “Portia has always thought Ellen was a little too touchy-feely with Sofia. They’ve fought about it before, but Ellen convinced Portia she was blowing the situation out of proportion and that the women were just good friends.”

Ellen DeGeneres is doing her best to let everyone know that rumors saying she and Portia de Rossi are divorcing simply aren’t true. Everyone knows how the media can make a mountain out of those proverbial molehills. Might this be what’s going on here, too?

“The tabloids had a photo of Portia not wearing her wedding ring. She goes, ‘I didn’t wear it because when I ride horses and I’m holding the reins, it gives me a blister!'” Ellen said during an interview with PEOPLE magazine for its March issue.

“The truth is, and this is corny, I fall more in love with Portia all the time. I really do. She surprises me all the time,” DeGeneres said. “It’s what anyone experiences when you find that person that gets you, wants to take care of you, wants the best for you. We’re really lucky because we know how rare it is.”

What do you suppose is the real story behind these divorce rumors? Are there problems in Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres’s marriage or is this all some big elaborate scheme created at the hands of tabloid reporters?

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  • CSWebber

    Lesbians and gays are just unhappy people, which is why so many of them are in therapy or suffer from alcoholism or drug abuse.
    Despite all their enormous efforts to put on a happy face and pretend they “love” being gay, they are not happy. Deep down they wish they were not gay, but they don’t want to do the hard work to change that, preferring instead to accept the popular liberal notion that they just can’t change. That misperception that gays can’t change their sexual preferences has been proven demonstrably untrue , but don’t try telling that to liberals. In fact, liberals would like to make it illegal to help a gay person change their sexual orientation.
    There are a small percent of gays, among the small percent of humans who claim to be gay, that really look like they were meant to be of the opposite sex. Whether that is a genetic thing that got screwed up in the womb, or a mental thing that they got stuck in their head, who knows? Certainly there are a lot of masculine-looking women and effeminate men out there who are straight, so it doesn’t necessarily have to be that just because someone looks a certain way, then they must be gay.
    Most of the time, if you look closely at the individual family dynamics, you figure out exactly what’s going on there. I mean, really – is there any surprise that Cher and Barbra Streisand have gay children, or that Dick Cheney’s daughter doesn’t like men? Hmmm…wonder why?

    • tiger

      you sound profoundly ignorant in more ways than I can count CS.

    • Nanners

      So what’s your analogy on straight people that are drug addicts and/or alcoholics? And straights that go to therapy? I have been to therapy on and off for seven years and I’m a straight woman. As far as Cher, Barbara and Dick, that makes no sense.

    • Carol Westley

      you are a dope

      • Roza

        Yes, SC, you are a real ignorant ass….. Straight couples have as much/if not more, trouble in their relationships….What about all the STRAIGHT DIVORCES…YOU jerk!! How about those abusers and child molesters? Are they Gay??? NO, They are mostly STRAIGHT???? !!!!! ignorant dumbo. I would like to see how your relationships are..

    • Heidi Riley

      Maybe they have drug abuse because of small-minded piss pot tossers like you.

    • DiGi

      “”That misrepresentation (spelling fixed) that gays can’t change their sexual preferences has been proven demonstrably untrue , but don’t try telling that to liberals. In fact, liberals would like to make it illegal to help a gay person change their sexual orientation.”” Really? WTF! are u talking about! Does a Diabetic, cancer pt, manic depressive (bi-polar), ect. pt change their orientation to PLEASE us? A pre-consisting disease is a PRE- disease!!!
      God loves us all, not just the ignorant!!! BTW I’m Republican!

    • WingedHeart

      Are you really as ignorant as you sound?!? Just how do you know what all gay people feel and think? I’ve known I was gay since I was a small child — long before I had a name for it, and long before there were protrayals of gays on TV, etc. (I’m 62 years old.) I’m not unhappy or sad BECAUSE I’m gay, but because ignorant people like yourself seem to think you know what is and is not right for me. If you were to actually do the research to back your claims, you would find out that gays have no more drug addicts, alcoholics, etc. than non-gays. Why don’t you take your judgmental self to a psychiatrist and find out why you are so concerned about why someone is gay or not? One doesn’t have to be straight to be happy.

    • Gay friendly

      I don’t want to really waste too much of time, but you are an ass clown homophobe. Carry on…………..

      • John Tischio

        Well,bend over and spread ’em!

    • brit

      OMG listen to yourself.Well you as a straight person if you say gays can change.How about you change and love the same sex or both?Is that possible or impossible for you?We are born who we are.YOu are born gay or straight or bi.There is no choice it is chemistry,hormones,and our genetic make up that makes us us.So don’t try and go change people.Instead worry about changing yourself..

    • Nikki A Galvan

      What the hell :-/ ?

    • Zulu’s mama

      OMG really?! Now I KNOW there are stupid people in the world. Drivel total drivel. Oh and I have been a lesbian all my 62 years – and my folks were fine with it.

    • Michael O. Maloney

      Shut your fucking piehole, you imbecile!

    • Michigan Matt

      Yes, you are correct about most of what you said. I feel bad for Cheney’s daughter, and can understand how she got how she did being around someone like him.

    • Michelle

      What a beautiful analogy about something you know nothing about & your comment shows your ignorance. How did you come up w/these findings? Did you study genetics? I doubt it.

    • Brian Milinsky

      Thank you for providing yet another proof of the axiom that it is better to remain silent and let others think you an idiot rather than speaking (writing in your case) and removing any possible doubt.

  • Philip Scharfy

    A fox like Portia should be with fem cuties like Ann Heche or Joan Chen, not a butch dog like Ellen

    • Billy Shears

      They are both losers. Period. I wish they would both go away forever. I mean FOREVER!

      • Heidi Riley

        why are they losers? bet you can’t live up to their standards, you bucket biff.

      • Caroline Mcclain

        Billy, you are a loser also. Didn’t you know that there are gay men that are married also? Yeah, it is true. And they have a right to live as they want, like you do.

  • John Tischio

    Here’s my thoughts on homosexuals and what they espouse-BARF! That being said,I’ll bet Portia is glad Cali is a community property state!It’s ‘gonna be funny in the future watching the “offended” party whining about how they gave up their careeres and all to “support” their loves endeavers!

    • Heidi Riley

      You’re so ignorant.

      • John Tischio

        Thank you muchly Heidi ! I’ll give your comment all the consideration it deserves!

        • Heidi Riley

          You’re welcome…you twat.

          • John Tischio

            Noooo Heidi,I believe your the twat(you are a girl?)!

  • Maria Perez

    Yes Portia should feel like that. Sofia Vergara is crude and ugly. She just wants to get media attention. And this is probably the best way to do it. Put your foot down Portia and don’t let that home wrecker get away with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tammy Moore

      LOL @ Maria! Seriously?? I highly doubt Sofia Vergara is looking for, nor does she need to look for media attention! She gets more than Portia (unless the name Ellen is in it). I think your curlers are too tight

  • imo udeme

    Dis couple are just the best lesbian couple hv ever seen. Just want to implore Sofia to go look for another shoulders to cry on cos Portia does not like the fact dat she’s too close to Ellen though am her fan. obviously, there is no smoke without fire dat why Portia is feeling so insecure.

  • Caroline Mcclain

    Just regular tabloid trash as usual.

  • Dago T

    Gawd, I’m so old I remember when Ellen was funny, nnd that was all that mattered.

  • Michigan Matt

    I think Ellen made it in this business sleeping with women that helped her get there. Married and single.

  • jamescnevers

    What happened when Ellen told her spouse Ms. De Rossi that she wanted a divorce?…..A Portia 911.

  • jamescnevers

    What happened when Ellen told Portia she wanted a divorce?…..The Dyke broke.

  • tinkerbelle

    I have been there ~ I feel bad for Portia. Being swept off by a charismatic but underneath self centered and insecure public figure. My heart goes out to Portia.

  • Brookester

    Despite the subject matter this is one f the most poorly written articles I’ve come across to date. My guess is that “author” means she is self-published.

  • Guy Karr

    Hard to be sympathetic to anyone living in that lifestyle. They bring problems on them selves.

  • DWS

    Are there any American media telling this story? Doing a search, its all from UK. ABC, NBC, Associated Press, UPI, Radaronline, Huffington Post?

  • DWS

    How can an airhead have all those Emmys, the most popular daytime TV show and all her millions/billions?

  • Fantasy Maker

    Maybe a good rogering from the right male would be helpful in clearing the air inside her head

  • Mark

    reading some of these comments is so sad yet funny. All you homo-haters are exactly the same. You pick and mimic ideas you have convinced yourself are true. going on about “that lifestyle” is wrong yada yada. Let me fill in the blanks on the rest of your ideals “Obama’s a muslim” and “The liberal media ” and “The gay agenda” and then something referring to the bible. Sounds about right? Do you see how ridiculous all those statements are? You have invented enemies that don’t exist all because deep down you have some internal conflict that your projecting out at the rest of the world. Why else would you go out of your way to comment on an article about lesbians if u hate lesbians?? I don’t go into super rightwing republican forums to complain about the republican agenda, that would be a waste of my time! I clicked on this article because I wanted to know how they were doing. Take a good look at yourself next time you decide to post because the world is only going to get harder for you. While your trying to earn a win in a comment section, there is progress above and progess moves on with or without you

  • sherry

    Gay, straight or married to a goat. If my partner didn’t like my hanging with someone and was distressed by it, for the sake of the marriage, I’d honor the person’s wishes and back off. Isn’t that what marriage is about, respect?

    • Mark

      Preach the truth!

  • ugottabe kidding me

    i guess all the strap-ons are just not enuff, and she’s come to the conclusion that her relationship is not normal and they she wants a real baby, not from ivf, surrogate, adoption,or having a “male friend” drop a load into her…she wants a baby the natural/normal way and she now realize she no longer wants to be in a sick-twisted-degenerate-sexually reprobate relationship