Portia de Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres Working Things Out

    July 9, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres have apparently hit some snags in their marriage, but none that can’t be worked out. In fact, sources close to the couple believe they may even renew their wedding vows some time in August. It seems an argument the couple had sent Portia packing–to a rehab facility for treatment of alcohol and drug problems. The former Ally McBeal actress suffered from an eating disorder in the past as well.

A source close to the couple says Portia de Rossi is “good at seeking help when she needs to.”

”They’ve worked out difficulties in the past, and no doubt they’re trying to work out any problems right now.”

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have bought and renovated properties since before their marriage. It seems the argument that sent her packing for rehab stemmed from her belief that she had endured most of the work involved in their most recent project alone. The couple recently resold the home for a $15 million profit as seen in the video clip above.

”At times Portia felt overwhelmed at all that goes into redoing a house and moving to another, no matter how lucrative it may be,” the source claims. ”She felt like she was doing everything herself and needed some downtime.”

Friends of both Portia and Ellen have lots of confidence in their marriage, however, and believe that the couple will continue to work things out. Next month the pair will celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary and that’s when it’s expected they might renew their wedding vows. Both Ellen and Portia were excited to tie the knot when it became legal for same sex couples in California to do so.

“They both love to celebrate special occasions and holidays, and their wedding anniversary is no different. They usually celebrate with a big party and invite a lot of friends. They really are a lovely couple. They enjoy being married, and it shows,” the source adds.

Portia de Rossi is clearly out of rehab now. The couple was spotted furniture shopping in New York in recent days.

Do you think Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres are in their marriage ’til death do them part? Will they work out these issues and put the pieces of their marriage solidly back together again?

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  • donna

    Uh…oh. Renewing vows always leads to divorce.

  • Susan Jankowski

    Every partnership goes thru changes and you either learn and grow with it, or you let it go. I have confidence they’ll learn and grow. I wish them all the best. :)

  • StewartFL

    What a couple of DeGenerates!

  • Donna Ellen Rubino

    i dont get it this whole lesbo thing, if portia wants a woman who looks and dresses and acts like a man, why not just get a man?????

    • SL

      That’s like saying to a straight woman, your spouse looks a little effeminate, why don’t you just get a woman?

      • THE CLINIC

        well ..unless your husband wears your dresses and use your make up, ..your example is just not the same.

        • MurphyG

          I rarely wear dresses or make-up…does that mean I’m a man?!

    • MurphyG

      Because she’s a lesbian. They prefer women, DUH! Btw…she DOESN’T look, dress or act like a man.

    • Irish O’Jay

      Please say you are kidding right? Can anyone be that stupid with a comment like that?..lol Go get an education if that is the case.

  • JFromTheBeyond

    Ellen seems to be a person, whom on TV and in public, is the charm of life, yet if you’d see her from the background -namely at home and in private -say with Portia- sounds very domineering and somewhat someone whom would throw knives at you…if she was any good at the aim with them. (And not as warning either…I think she likes to maim and Portia is her victim…someone to take the killing out on from the daily grind of her day job when she gets home. -The doma-matrix; whip your ass and smile and laugh while making you kiss her pinky toes…! “Slap,” goes the paddle; punch in the stomach…smile and laugh; smile and laugh….) No, this has nothing to do with homosexuality (…or maybe it does: perhaps every relationship of the kind has one or the other to do this to the other?)…it might just have to do with Ellen Degeneres?

    • snikas

      You are one sick individual. You do understand that you are projecting a lot of crazy shit, right? Cause this whole diatribe is straight from your own mentally ill mind…

      • JFromTheBeyond

        Wow, I get to face the evil…nothing like being irrational…let’s all jump up and down and do the monkey dance for you to prove it…-I thought this world was a better place: “I’M LEAVING AND YOU CAN”T STOP ME, MR.?MRS,?MS.? Snikas…And…I’m taking my excessively distorted mind with me, because nobody -who works for Ms. Ellen D. (I’ve got you figured: I looked it up….Ha!) is going to pronounce my pronouncements as ‘projections of dung;’ I’m going to resort to Hegel to solve this…with a dialectical postulation, to say the least…”Point, there Mr. Snikas -whom goes by other alias’ around the internet FOR Ellen….! Point!”

  • Geronimo Smith

    Too much too often, and that will send Portia right out the front door, but I sure hope the drug/alcohol isn’t the excuse for her leaving. Ellen is too possessive and that will bring death to ANY relationship, let alone a marriage.

  • Chico

    If Portia would relax that phony smile of hers, her face would break

  • Irish O’Jay

    News flash!!! They don’t care what you think. I bet most of this story is bullshit.