Portia de Rossi, Ellen DeGeneres: Divorce Rumors True or Not?

    July 9, 2014
    Meaghan Ellis
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Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres have been making headlines for quite some time due to rumors about their alleged marital problems.

Despite their six-year wedding anniversary approaching in August, speculation of cheating and divorce continues to run rampant.

As a matter of fact, the media has reported so many claims that it’s difficult to decipher what’s true or false. However, People magazine reports that the famed couple is “taking it all in stride.”

An inside source has reportedly shared a few details about their marriage, but in a nutshell, they’re just like any other couple. “They’ve had their ups and downs,” the source admitted.

“Portia has been very outspoken about previous issues, like her eating disorder, and she’s good at seeking help when she needs to. They’ve worked out difficulties in the past, and no doubt they’re trying to work out any problems right now.”

Although the couple share a common interest in renovating and furniture restoration, the source also added that DeGeneres’ schedule may be a conflicting issue in their marriage.

The two reportedly sold one of their renovated Los Angeles homes for a whopping $55 million. However, the tedious effort involved in renovating and moving may have taken a toll on the 41-year-old Australian-American actress.

“At times Portia felt overwhelmed at all that goes into redoing a house and moving to another, no matter how lucrative it may be,” the source said. “She felt like she was doing everything herself and needed some downtime.”

However, DeGeneres is saying otherwise. The 56-year-old talk show host refuted the separation rumors during an interview with People back in February. “One tabloid said Portia’s leaving me because she doesn’t like moving a lot,” she said. “Which is funny because she is overseeing the construction of our new house and loving it.”

Some of their close mutual friends have even insisted that they’re so happy it wouldn’t be surprising if they opted to renew their vows for their anniversary.

“They both love to celebrate special occasions and holidays, and their wedding anniversary is no different. They usually celebrate with a big party and invite a lot of friends,” the insider says. “They really are a lovely couple. They enjoy being married, and it shows.”

So, are they splitting or not? Apparently, the two are still very happy together. Fans will just have to wait and see how everything plays out.

Image via Portia de Rossi, Wikimedia Commons 
Image via Ellen DeGeneres, Wikimedia Commons

  • Bicycle Girl

    Divorce? Don’t they have to be married first in order to get divorced? Two women cannot be and are NOT married. No divorce necessary.

    • Laura A Mendoza

      Girl, did you fall off your bicycle and hit your head. Same sex couples are getting married all over the place. Its currently legal in 19 states.

      • Mikki

        Call it what you will. They’re sexual perverts.

        • Laura A Mendoza

          According to you. Ever heard of the Kinsey report – Sexuality is a spectrum, get over it.

      • Bicycle Girl

        My marriage is legal worldwide, in every country on every continent…what’s your point, Laura?

        • archbanker

          I think Laura’s point is that they are married, dumb ass…

          • Bicycle Girl

            Laura’s “point” is moot since two people of the same sex are not married, no matter what humanly power deems them to be.

        • RJ

          You can bury your head in the sand all you want, bicycle girl, and you
          can close your eyes, cover your ears and say la-la-la-la-la-la until the
          cows come home, but unfortunately for you, that is not going to change
          the fact that gay marriage is legal in many states and countries. And,
          GASP, gay people in those places can even get legal divorces. So slink
          back to Bigot Fantasy Land where you belong.

          • Bicycle Girl

            I have no problem with gays marrying. They are not the ones breeding us into extinction. I’m just saying let’s not call the pink elephant in the room ‘normal’….because its not.

          • archbanker

            ‘Normal’ is subjective, what you consider normal may not be so in Russia, China or any other culture. The world is changing and you are just narrow minded…
            And by the way, how do you know for sure what your husband is thinking when he is making love to you? Do you know what really goes on in a man’s mind??? You’d probably never the use the word ‘normal’ if you really knew how men think…ha ha…

          • marie o’neill

            I’m for gay marriage, but you’re making up you’re own definition of normal. It is not subjective. If a majority does it, it’s the norm. And the opposite of “normal” is not “freakish”, which is what YOU are implying

          • Bicycle Girl

            Maybe ‘normal’ is subjective when you’re trying to justify the unjustifiable. Two d(icks can’t fit into each other. Two vajay-jays can only grind up against one another. Nature intended for male to mate with female. A penis into a vagina. Opposites attract. Nature does not lie and nature knows nothing of YOUR definition of ‘normal’. Sure, nature produces anomalies every now and then, but that’s why they’re called ‘anomalies’….because they stray from the ‘norm’. And that’s exactly what gay people are….anomalies of nature…which is why two people of the same sex cannot be married.
            My husband may very well be fantasizing about other women when we lay together, but I guarantee you that what he’s NOT fantasizing about is another dude. That’s what fairy boys do Archie….but I suspect you’re probably an expert in that area already given your fierce defense of your twisted definition of ‘normal’.

          • Michelle

            Breeding us into extiction?! Have you noticed babies having babies, and these wonderful GAY couples are adopting! Or would you rather these kids just have an abortion. If 2 people are in love and want to get married, Let them! They deserve the same miserableness are regular married ppl!

          • Bicycle Girl

            Re-read my post Michelle. I said gays are NOT the ones breeding us into extinction.
            But to answer your question, yes, I would rather these kids breeding more kids just get an abortion to correct their mistake and LEARN from it by never reproducing again. Whatever it takes to reduce the surplus population. And a mommy and mommy or a daddy and daddy are poor substitutes for a REAL mother and father.

          • Payton

            Man do I feel bad for your children. You will NEVER be a real mother, or even a REAL human being if you think this way, and chose to put these values in our children. People do not CHOOSE to be gay, it is something they are born with, look into science. Secondly, being gay has NOTHING to do with you so why do you care so much?? And yes by the way, your husband does probably think of other dudes when he lays with you if your views are truly this deceiving.

          • Bicycle Girl

            We don’t have children Payton so your jibber jabber is irrelevant. Children deserve to grow up with two loving parents (a mother and a father). Instilling YOUR kind of values into them is what’s led to the deterioration of the moral fabric of our society. Yes, I know one does not choose to be gay, but that does not make it the status quo OR the norm OR even normal. That’s my entire problem with the gay community. Yes, we know you’re here, yes, we know you’re queer, but don’t ask us to get used to it because its not normal and its definitely not a lifestyle I would shove onto innocent children.
            Sorry, honey. My husband is as straight as an arrow. No queers or queens in our bedroom.

    • Payton

      You are the definition of ignorance in this world.

  • Rob

    What do you mean DIVORCED??? No, they can’t divorce.. they can absolve the relationship, but it’s sticky in a gay marriage… I’m not really sure if we can divorce or not…..ANYWAY… who cares??!?! I’m sick of Ellen!!! She’s not as innocent or nice as she looks.. she’s arrogant, rude, nasty, and has her head shoved up her hoo hoo so damn far she’ll need surgery to remove it!!

  • Viator16

    Homosexual marriage is like a square circle. It doesn’t exist.

    • Payton

      You’re Ignorant.

  • sammy

    i don’t mean to sound crazy– but i wish them well– but am tired of hearing about ellen’s woes. if there are problems let them work it out and be done with it

  • wills67

    Marriage is between man and woman! Get it right people we have become numb to the sexual perversion that are being thrust down our throat. Be what you are or what you think you are but you are HELL BOUND!!!

    • jhnmttngly09

      Who made you God?

      • Donna

        Nobody said they were God.What he speaks HOWEVER is in God’s word. Check it out in the bible. I personally love Ellen. Just because you don’t agree with somebody’s life style doesn’t mean you hate them, and God is a NEVER changing God. We are the ones that are changing and moving further away from God.Oh and just because it’s 2014 why do we need to open our minds to anymore corrupt morals.you kidding? People wake up before it is too late. If we open our minds anymore to the decay and corruption of society we might as well jump straight into hell.

    • Payton

      If you went to school you would know that sexuality is not black and white, it is on a continuum scale. Also, maybe open your mind, it’s 2014.

  • catsuny


    • Payton

      Hahaha wait. You say “the real problem is the constant gay shit they run up our ass?” Don’t you think they feel the same way about us as Heterosexuals? Constantly being forced to see a man and a woman together, shoving it down their throats creating a concept that it is wrong? You could have left this as a positive statement in the first two sentences but had to talk about them “EARNING” their rights? What are they animals or just human beings like all of us? They should have rights whether they have to fight or not. Equal rights should be given to everyone whether about sexuality, race, gender,,,,, everything.

      • catsuny

        Go find something to do …your all over everybody’s comments.
        constantly being forced to see a man and a woman together ..blah blah ,,,then you say it is a concept that it wrong…..
        I wish who ever made you felt that way ..

  • JFromTheBeyond

    Ellen seems to be a person, whom on TV and in public, is the charm of life, yet if you’d see her from the background -namely at home and in private -say with Portia- sounds very domineering and somewhat someone whom would throw knives at you…if she was any good at the aim with them. (And not as warning either…I think she likes to maim and Portia is her victim…someone to take the killing out on from the daily grind of her day job when she gets home. -The doma-matrix; whip your ass and smile and laugh while making you kiss her pinky toes…! “Slap,” goes the paddle; punch in the stomach…smile and laugh; smile and laugh….) No, this has nothing to do with homosexuality (…or maybe it does: perhaps every relationship of the kind has one or the other to do this to the other?)…it might just have to do with Ellen Degeneres?

    • unfortunate witness

      The woman’s a Chameleon and Charlatan not the clown she portrays in front of the cameras.

  • pat

    that young lady is sick of Ellen old tail and wants something new and fresh. Ellen is controlling , wearing menswear which is crazy