Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres Receive Guidance from Jennifer Aniston

    August 15, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres have reportedly been leaning on pal Jennifer Aniston for help with their marital woes. It seems Aniston is helping provide some guidance for the couple ever since Jen reached out to Portia following her recent stint in rehab.

“After Portia got out of rehab, Jen reached out to her and they’ve been in close touch ever since. The joke among Jen’s friends is that she should charge a fee for her counseling. They call her “Mama Jen” because she’s a nurturer and caretaker to everyone,” a source explains.

Portia and Jen have long been good friends, and Jen and Ellen are friends, too.

“Jennifer has listened for hours as Portia poured out her heart over the issues she and Ellen are grappling with, including fighting over whether to have a baby and how to deal with Ellen’s jealousy,” the source continued.

Sometimes a good friend can help a couple realize exactly how important they are to one another. Jennifer Aniston is known for being a caring person–one who puts aside her celebrity persona for those she calls her friends.

Of course one has to take a lot of what is said about Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres with a grain of salt. A book that will soon be released by celebrity journalist Randy Jernigan is reportedly filled with lies. Ellen and Portia are fairly quiet people when it comes to their relationship and their home life. It’s hard to tell these days what is fact versus what might be fiction.

The Jennifer Aniston story definitely doesn’t sound out of character for the actress, however, so she has likely been helping out both Portia de Rossi and Ellen DeGeneres. Hopefully with both of them leaning on Jen for added support they will work out whatever problems have troubled them recently.

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  • Kelly G

    I thought Portia was the wife. Anyway, these people should keep their private life just that.

    • rtw91569

      If you feel that they should keep their private lives private, why did you read the article? I suspect that they DO want to keep their private lives private but the media is fixated on reported half-truths and rumors about them.

      • Unavailable

        No celebrity wants to keep their stuff quiet. That’s why they went into the business. They’re struck by narcissism and the overall need for attention. Or they would quash the rumors, which they rarely do.

        • jacksonm

          If celebrities spent time trying to squash every rumor, they wouldn’t have time for anything else.

          As for the asinine claim that no celebrity wants to keep their stuff quiet, how would you know? Have you personally interviewed every last celebrity about every last issue in their lives? Of course not, you just want to come in here and take a big steaming dump because you’re one of those who hates every celebrity for no good reason.

          The next time you have a serious issue and try to talk to someone, I hope they laugh in your face and tell you to stop seeking attention so much.

    • blueyedlorelie

      When you live in the public eye, it’s hard to keep problems silent. Just the nature of the beast for celebrities as well as politicians. I wish them well.

  • mkdogzzzz

    LOL…NOW THERE’S A PERSON TO GO TO FOR RELATIONSHIP ADVISE!!! OMG, can this world get any crazier!?!?!?!

    • SouthBchBlonde

      Jen can’t get past her divorce to Brad…LOL…It was reported Jen was in Counseling herself..She needs to be able to come face to face with Brad and Jolie so she can go to Clooney’s wedding…What a crock..Jen the ADVISER..LOL

      • annie

        she could care less for the old brad and skinny witch..jen is doing just fine…don’t believe all you read !!! she is 5 times the lady angie could ever be…

        • Unavailable

          They’re both attention hogs. Unless perhaps you know them personally?

          • jacksonm

            Interesting how *you* can make a claim about them both, but question whether the person you’re responding to knows them personally.

            Do you know them personally? No? Wow, what a hypocrite!

  • mkdogzzzz

    Surprise surprise, another “gay couple” that is not going to make it?!?! I’m shocked and aghast said NO ONE EVER!!!

    • rtw91569

      That’s right! They’re not like straight people. All of those marriages work, right?

      • mkdogzzzz

        Oh blah blah blah blah blah…stick it where the sun don’t shine you sickos…oh never mind…you ALREADY DO!!! UGHHHHH!

    • MommaK

      I’m not sure if you just want to comment to feel special or what. (Surprise, surprise!)

      However, I know many (MANY) heterosexual couples that last much shorter periods, have on and off again flings, and/or are unfaithful and disrespectful to one another. On the other hand, I know many “gay couples” (as you put it), who have been together for years, get along great, are respectful, faithful, and truly love one another and WORK to make one another happy. That’s a lot more than I can say for about 75% of heterosexual couples I know – and celebrity (heterosexual) couples as well. So next time you want to comment, look up some news or just look around you and make sure what you are running at the mouth about doesn’t make you look like a total moron in reality.

    • Unavailable

      Look, I get annoyed with all the gay crap thrown in our faces too. But seriously, do you really think straight people stay together better? I’d check my stats again if I were you.

    • jacksonm

      How’s that 50% divorce rate in heterosexual marriages going?

      • mkdogzzzz

        I don’t know Jacksonm…I just celebrated my 26 yr. anniversary on Thurs. how’s your love life going???

  • donna

    Hope Portia gets ALL the money.. Ellen took her beauty away deliberately. Why do all of Ellen’s women end up in a nuthouse? Because Ellen is the devil. She has screwed over so many women it’s about time she gets hers.

    • Unavailable

      Ellen is disgustingly ugly and a pain in the @ss, but come on — these are all grown women that “married” her. Anne Heche was even with men, which tells me that she’s one of those fake-dykes just looking for a meal ticket. Ellen’s “wives” were at fault too.

    • melinda

      lol,you are crazy

  • chloe

    If you are married to someone you have no desire to cheat.

    • stacie

      So, then why do most married people tend to cheat if they have no desire????

    • Unavailable

      Suuure, Chloe. May I introduce you to Jerry Springer and Maury?

    • jacksonm

      Really? Then where do the all the extra-marital affairs come from? Are they all made up lies?

      You don’t have a clue what you’re saying.

  • wjm457

    Being a couple can be difficult. It’s nice they have a friend to talk to. I’m sure this is the sentiment the haters here wanted to convey.

    • Unavailable

      Why do so many people use the term hater interchangeably with “pitying”. Not the same thing, and in this scenario, I go with the latter.

  • Reptiles Rule The World

    Anyone got popcorn.

    • melinda


  • union carbide

    Just how close of touch?


    God Loves Gay People too, He want to deliver them from homosexuality….No matter what you all gays do, like having sex in the ass etc, Jesus Still LOVES you. Open your eyes and see the Evil work of the Satan working through your Homosexual lifestyle and come to God, The bible Clearly says, it’s an abomination and unnatural for a man to sleep with another man or woman with another woman, it’s clearly stated in The Bible.

    • Unavailable

      Oh boy…. Is it past your bedtime, or are you tipsy on the lovely Friday evening?

    • jacksonm

      The bible also claims it’s s sin to eat shellfish, to wear clothing made of two different fibers, and to cut your hair.

      How many of those sins have you committed? All of them?

      As usual, we see a cherry picking hypocrite trying to use selected words as a weapon while avoiding the rest of them.

      Oh, and isn’t judging people in god’s name a big sin? Look what you did, you hypocrite.

      • Richard

        jacksonm, you’re just showing your ignorance of Bible principles. The principle that homosexual acts are against God’s righteousness is repeated in the New Testament, after the ritual of the Mosaic Law (shellfish etc.) was done away with in Christ. In Christ homosexual activity is still a sin.

        • MARY LEENNIE

          these gays can be extremely ignorant…lol


        Typical ignorant FOOL quoting the Bible without knowing what you’re talking about, I bet you’re a typical gay…lol

  • RandyS

    I guess sometimes a steady diet of tacos can be to much, especially if you like hot dogs!

    • cookieII

      that is funny! the best comment of all!

    • jacksonm

      You may not realize it, but people like you are ***exactly*** why same sex marriage is becoming law in more states all the time. When people that the anti-same sex marriage people can offer up nothing but biblical hypocrisy and third grade jokes, they see there is no compelling reason not to allow same sex marriage. You’re helping more gays and lesbians get married every year. I hope your state names their new same sex marriage law after you, so that your contribution can be immortalized for eternity. What a proud day that will be for you.

      • RandyS

        If you have just expressed the total sum of your argumentative skills, you are woefully uneducated and an inept individual. I merely offered a comic relief jab in hopes of releasing a little tension to those who are too ‘uptight’ over the whole situation. You are obviously one of those people who find humor in nothing unless it is your humor which you can control!
        I could care less about the bible or religion in context to same-sex marriage. I rely on my common sense, reasoning abilities, and my pragmatic knowledge to guide me. All those a fore mentioned attributes tell me that in order to sustain life, human must procreate other humans through birth! Are you with me so far? If you are a human and are not going to produce life, you make yourself secondary to the main mission. Still with me? I said secondary, so do not try and change the focus by venturing off into fairy land with adding things I did not say!

        Marriage between and man and woman who procreate is on point, focused at one thing, and that is furthering the human race through reproduction. Sam sex marriages are not focused at furthering the human race through reproduction. That does not mean same sex relationships can not further the human race through parenting, being kind and loving, and themselves being treated as equal human beings. So, if same sex people want to get “married” pick another term like “bonded” or “Unionized” (without dues). Sorry for the humor, I forgot you are devoid of human emotion. So when someone tells me they are married, l understand they have a mate that is of the opposite sex. No confusion to continue on with the present term “marriage,” now just pick a new term and we are good to go! I like things simple, not simple things made complex.

  • Unavailable

    I can safely say these 3 people are made for each other. This is one of those stories that you say “oh, my God, ENOUGH already. Who really cares?!”, and then some troll gets on and says “Then why did you read it?? Huh, huh??? Leave my precious dyke brigade alone!” And you just laugh and shake your head. But seriously, this story is getting pukeable.

  • Me

    Disgusting foul people.

  • cltaylor

    Why can’t the media just leave these two alone. I mean really. Just stop with the articles, leave them be. When they have something to say, they will let fans know. All the speculation is just “national inquirer of the internet” trash.

  • kay3434

    They are “receiving guidance” (long pause) from who?

  • whatever

    First of all, Jennifer Aniston needs to keep her fat ass nose out of the two Dykes relationship: Second I don’t like DeGeneres show and I don’t like Portia whats her name. They should get a divorce and be done with it. This is no one’s business and shouldn’t be aired as dirty laundry!! DeGeneres is a big fat fake and phony and it’s always me me me and I I I……..cancel the damn show!

  • blueyedlorelie

    It’s always good to have a friend if for nothing else moral support. Professional counseling is the way to go, however. An independent person with proper training is integral to couple and individual therapy. Sorry that they’ve come to this because they seem like nice people, but everyone hits snags in the road from time to time. Sometimes if you come out on the other side successfully it’s a stronger relationship than before. Good luck to them both.