Portia De Rossi And Ellen Are Staying Together


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There have been several rumors over the last few months that claim Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi have been having some relationship problems and even considering a split.

While neither Portia nor Ellen denied or confirmed these rumors, it seemed like the couple wasn't as close as they had once been.

But they weren't about the let the rumors get them down.

When they celebrated their six year anniversary together, Portia went out of her way to make it special for Ellen and hired a skywriter to write the number six as a symbol of the many years they have been together.

Ellen and Portia posted photos of the sky-written message and of themselves hugging and enjoying each other's company. It seemed like things were fine with their relationship, but the rumors didn't stop completely.

Portia was allegedly jealous of Ellen's relationship with friend Sofia Vergera and the couple was continuing to fight, sometimes minutes before Ellen would start her show.

A source close to the couple claims that their troubles are all behind them now and that they are working things out and have no desire to split up.

"Ellen says that she and Portia are doing so much better," a source told Radar Online. "Towards the end of last season [of 'The Ellen DeGeneres Show'] everything was really taking a toll on her. While Portia was in treatment and everyone was predicting that they were getting a divorce, it was really hard. But thankfully, all of that has passed."

The couple seems to be spending more time together and on Tuesday they were seen taking a romantic walk together down California's Melrose Avenue.

The source said that Ellen is trying to show Portia that she is completely devoted to her and is making their relationship her number one priority.

"Ellen says that she will be with Portia forever and that she puts her wife before anything, even her career," added the source.