Portia de Rossi Allegedly Taped Drunken Fights With Ellen Degeneres

    July 15, 2014
    Pam Wright
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Portia de Rossi has allegedly recorded some seriously heated arguments with wife Ellen Degeneres and threatened to release them to the public.

A source apparently told In Touch magazine that de Rossi, 41, recorded the arguments, telling DeGeneres that she would release them publicly to expose her abusive nature if she didn’t stop treating her badly.

“Portia secretly taped some of their arguments. She was drunk. Then she threatened to expose Ellen as controlling and manipulating,” said the source.

According to the source, Degeneres, 56, became very angry when she realized their argument was being recorded. She then allegedly checked de Rossi’s email to be sure the videos had not been sent to anyone.

The source also revealed to the magazine what life is like for de Rossi.

“She felt like a prisoner in her own home. She went from sipping white wine occasionally to drinking at least a bottle or more a day and topping it off with a pill. It got to the point where she was out of it four nights a week. They’ve had vicious shouting matches — with both of them yelling cruel, soul-crushing put-downs that they both deeply regretted.”

Despite these latest allegations, the couple are reportedly working hard at making their six-year marriage work. They were spotted in June smiling and shopping arm in arm at a furniture store.

Portia going to rehab was the first step in saving their marriage,” a source said. “They want their marriage to work more than anything.”

Like any couple, this isn’t the first time, nor the last time they will try to weather difficult times. A source close to the couple said de Rossi is “good at seeking help when she needs to.”

”They’ve worked out difficulties in the past, and no doubt they’re trying to work out any problems right now.”

In May, the couple renewed their wedding vows, proving that the couple are still very much in love.

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • http://cultoclock.wordpress.com/ Cult O’Clock

    Ellen, don’t wak, run away from this sick, twisted martyr before she drags you down to her level.

    • DaveG

      Perhaps it is Ellen who is the twisted abusive one?

      • http://cultoclock.wordpress.com/ Cult O’Clock

        Perhaps they’re both twisted. They are both clearly abusive to each other. Passion is a difficult horse to ride. I hope they can either get help or get out before they damage each other and themselves more than they have already.

        • DaveG

          I’m not so sure. During the few times I’ve watched Ellen’s entertaining show, I’ve noticed that she must always have the last word. That suggests a controlling personality.

          • http://cultoclock.wordpress.com/ Cult O’Clock

            Dominant personality types tend to get things their way and come to expect it first and demand it later. I’m thinking she’s not the only controller in show biz. No one is perfect.

          • DaveG

            Of course, you likely are correct, but diluting the blame pool does nothing to diminish Ellen’s likely blame here.

  • Charles Riley

    Sometimes it’s better to go Solo..

  • Rachelle

    In live you some bad some good,,Working on a marriage is hard for everyone….Ellen give it the best chance that you two can give……Good luck….R

  • Jay

    Perhaps the chaos results from the fact that they are both women and they are having a sexual relationship.

    • Theresa

      Perhaps you are a Neanderthal and a moron.

    • Jonathon Combes

      hahahahah wow ignorance never ceases to amaze me

      • mobadthangood


  • Kaylee Carson

    renewing your vows is for the public…people who are in love & committed don’t need to display it to the public…ask Heid Klum & Seal-they renewed their vows every year-waste of time….

  • elizabeth

    I think that all of the sources need to be reviewed and the author, who “loves God” etc, might have a hidden agenda for making this couple seem so sad.

  • Sweety

    Ellen seems to like the crazy ones.

  • jim

    beautiful lady, could never understand what she saw in ellen, who is no doubt the man in that family, wishes she was one looking at how she dresses , always dresses like a man, Portia could do so much better

  • TheBride

    I don’t care what gender people are in a relationship, when it gets that mean-spirited, and you cross that line, it’s difficult to move ahead.

  • No way out

    Portia is a gravy training to talent clown. Move on Ellen

  • Victoria Vallejo

    So in other words, Ellen has drunken crazed rants. I say release the tapes. It time we got to know the real Mel Gibson – oh! I mean Ellen. I meant to say Ellen.

  • KJ

    All of you are idiots if you believe what you read. They were just on vacation together AND during this “stint in rehab” Portia and Ellen were seen in public together countless times looking happy. Again….IDIOTS believe whatever they read.

  • Redpt Cruiser

    WTF if Portia is in rehab – then WHO is calling the kettle black in this relationship. Why bring this problem out to the public? Portia you must NOT love Ellen – since you are doing your best to ruin her celebrity status and her tv show. Stop talking and start action – go to rehab – apologize in public to Ellen and her many followers. Isn’t anything kept private anymore? Damn! Redpt

  • Sandy

    I wish them the best, however it works out…..relationships are not easy…

  • Mike V

    more hollywood tr ass h

  • Meandmybish

    Portia looks like she can be a little nutty

  • mobadthangood

    WHAT? Drunken lesbians fighting? The hell you say!