Porsha Williams Says Kenya Moore Bullied Her For Two Years

    April 30, 2014
    Val Powell
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Porsha Williams, one of the women in the reality series Real Housewives of Atlanta, opened up about her recent fight with one of her co-stars, Kenya Moore.

The on-screen catfight happened during the show’s reunion special that was aired a few weeks ago. The two women attacked each other verbally on the show and Moore brought a scepter and a megaphone with her to use as props, but Williams saw them as “weapons.” Williams then fought back by grabbing Moore by the hair and dragging her on the floor.

Williams said that the brawl had been a long time coming. Last season, Williams was going through a divorce with her then husband Kordell Stewart and Moore was quick to say that Williams was cheating on him. She also called Kordell Stewart a homosexual, which only further infuriated Williams.

Williams says her other co-stars knew about Moore’s bullying. “They knew the bullying she had put me through for two years straight.” Because of that, the other women of RHOA were not entirely surprised by the brawl.

Williams was arrested a few days after the catfight, as Moore pressed charges against her. In a statement, Moore said that violence is “never an option” and that’s why she called the cops on Williams.

The Atlanta police conducted an investigation on the incident which included a review of unedited footage from the reunion show. As a result, Williams was charged with battery, but was later released on a $2,000 bail. Williams was cooperative throughout the investigation in the hopes of clearing her name. When asked by The View about her charges, she only answered, “Just like everybody else who gets charged with something like that, I have to go to court.”

Williams is now deliberating whether to press charges against Moore for bringing a scepter to the reunion and using it as a “weapon.”

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  • Eric Matterson

    She would also have a case for pressing harassment charges.

  • Sara James

    Andy Cohen is a shady queen for allowing Kenya to bring those weapons and invade Porsha’s personal space. Andy did it for ratings and rating = money in his greedy pockets. I would sue Bravo and Andy personally if I were Porsha.

  • Delores Smith

    Kenya Moore is sending out the wrong message 2 our children saying that its okay 2 bully someone @ get away with it that’s not right Kenya Moore stop @ think about what you say @ do on the show I wonder how MANY kids looks AT R.H.O.A.SHOW @ as 4 bravo they need 2 stop this bulling on the show

  • Mary S

    I don’t blame Andy for the props. Bravo has known for two years what Keyna is capable of. They didn’t stop her. Are they as guilty in this matter as the others involved in the incident. I believe in Porsha and her values and would support her to the end. However, Kenya is a bully. Bravo knows she is a bully. And, Bravo turned a blind eye to her issues.

  • Regina Taylor

    Kenya is no bully. Porsha knew what she signed up for. The props were hilarius, and signature Kenya. Porsha left he big girl panties at home. If she was going to press charges on Kenya, she would have already done so. Her lawyer should tell her to be quiet.

    • Bird

      Thank you Regina, I agree with you 100%. I am still baffled about so many believing that Porsha was bullied by Kenya. I saw all the episodes and have never noticed this power that bullies have over their victims. What I saw was both ladies insulting each other which may have been instigated by Kenya. Porsha’s comments or insults to Kenya were usually far worse. I wish someone could provide examples of the bullying because I just don’t see it. Instigating something and having power or intimidating someone is different. Porshar ususally was more vile than Kenya with her remarks.

      • Regina Taylor

        Yes Bird, Porsha has a serious potty mouth. I absolutely agree, as far as the 2 year?, bullying. Like I said, Porsha should stop the media circuit, and Shut Up. :-)

        • Successful4Life

          From day one if she felt she was been as she claim ..she should said I can’t do the show n leave instead she say and ran her mouth .at the end of the day she collected her fat check like everyone else. Porsha needs to find somewhere and sit down.

          • Regina Taylor

            I totally agree. Now she is doing the media circuit, playing the victm. Have two seats, Porsha.

  • Jamie Lynn

    i feel so bad for porscha…im against violence 100%, but every person has their limit and kenya knew she was instigating porscha the whole times thats why she brought them and used them SPECIFICALLY towards her. i dont condone violence but kenya had it coming. and i agree eric matteson, anyone could clearly see that kenya was harassing porscha with her “props.” i woulda laughed if her wig got pulled out!!!

  • theoracle

    The way Porsha mopped up the floor with her x husband wasn’t too pretty either. That guy has been bullied for the last two years also.

  • QueenTina

    Porsha is really playing this victim role of hers. When was she ever bullied on the show? I never saw one episode when she was bullied by Kenya or anyone else. Porsha is trying to stay in the spot light because she knows her 5 minutes of fame is just about up. I read she maybe joining Love And Hip-Hop I really laughed because if she can’t handle the HWOA she definitely better stay away from the ladies on LAHH.

    • Successful4Life

      Thank you.. she needs to find somewhere and sit down.

  • gatekeeper5

    Don’t these women have anything better to do with their lives?..a bunch of nonsense and I don’t understand this new social media culture at all.. where you have people trying to out do each other by insulting and bullying each other, this society in going down the drain faster than Draino!!!