Porsha Williams, Kordell Stewart Divorce Finalized

By: Meaghan Ellis - December 6, 2013

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Porsha Williams has officially cut ties with her ex-husband Kordell Stewart. According to TMZ, the two have officially made it to Splitsville, as their divorce was finalized yesterday.

It was reported that the final divorce decree  was issued on Thursday, Dec. 5 by Fulton County Superior Court Judge John J. Goger.

Stewart’s lawyer, Shiel Edlin, spoke on the former NFL quarterback’s behalf in reference to the finalization. He stated that Stewart is very disappointed at the way things fell apart between he and Williams because he had aspirations to be ‘married for life.’

Edlin also added that he hopes Williams will not continue to ‘vilify’ Stewart. “For reasons we cannot understand, [Porsha] displayed a reckless abandonment of anything close to the truth over the last eight months,” Edlin said.

For those who missed it, there were a number of allegations that Williams addressed in reference to Stewart’s sexual orientation. Although Stewart’s attorney aims to place fault on Williams for the allegations, the former Pittsburgh Steeler was actually plagued with questions and speculations of an alternative lifestyle long before she met and married him.

However, Williams did weigh in on the allegations with her own observations during the season premiere of ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’.

“There were definitely times in the marriage that Kordell didn’t necessarily want me, physically, and that made me wonder, what does he want?” she said in the premiere. But, she actually isn’t the first to come forward with such claims.

Williams’ attorney, stated that the two were pleased to finally settle the matter amicably. Williams has made it quite clear that she is pleased to finally move on from the marriage. She took to her social media timelines on Twitter and Instagram yesterday to share her sentiments with fans.

Williams and Stewart were married May 21, 2011, had no children together.

Image via Twitter | Porsha D. Stewart

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  • @Reality

    That isn’t fair… it is not all women … just American women. I just went to a feminist lecture last week. The speaker wanted to talk about a woman centric world. Even the women in the room laughed at her because America is already woman centric. Feminism has killed America and people know it. The problem is that women are never happy. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are. They are never happy. I must have 15 lady friends. Every one of them is educated, a career women, who has a very comfortable life. Yet, not one is really happy. I even know multimillionaire women who literally have everything and they still complain to me. There is always something “missing” from their lives.

    So I asked myself what do these women really have in common. It turns out that they all liked those drama programs on TV. They all watched them. Then I asked them what books they read. All the books were about drama. What I finally realized is that women are addicted to drama. It is non-stop with them. That is why women hold grudges for years and decades.

    TV network executives aren’t stupid. Why the heck do you think we have so many crime dramas on TV? Those dramas are nothing like real life. Not even close. If you doubt me, go down to your local courtroom. All you will ever see is one forced plea deal after the other. Rarely will you see an actual trial. Then if you do, it isn’t like it is on TV. Women like the made up illusion of drama. The phrase “Drama Queens” didn’t come about for nothing.

    Women simply like drama and being the center of attention. All of them. This will never change. Right now everything is a man’s fault and men are useless to women. That is until a woman needs something.

    It isn’t like this in the rest of the world. Go travel and see.

  • Lisa

    My sentiments exactly. This is an opportunity for Porsha to display Class and maturity by not stooping to a low level. The Spirit of Excellence and Spiritual maturity would be exemplified by Porsha either speaking well of her ex husband or by not saying anything at all regarding him. She would gain the respect of many instead of coming across as a scorned woman.

  • Reply to @Reality

    You are right. But it really is a serious issue. Men are choosing to not get married. Lots of them are doing this. There is absolutely no upside for a man to get married. I really do blame feminism. I have no problem with equality but it has gone way beyond equality. It has become a war on men.

    It is so bad that people literally ignore statistics and just push agendas. There are absolutely no statistics that support the “rape culture”. Go look at them yourself. Yet, that is all we hear about. Then there is he VAWA. People push phony statistics about that all the time. Heck, half the violence in the country is actually against men. Then there is the children. Yet, all we care about is the women?

    Here is the bottom line. Men, don’t get married. You will save yourself a lot of anxiety. Until women in the country gain some perspective. Just don’t marry them. Go overseas. There are beautiful and nice women overseas. Women who actually might appreciate you. Heck, go gay for all I care. Just don’t marry an American woman. Give American women EXACTLY what they want. They will never learn until you do.

    Men — doubt what I say? Just wait and see how bad it gets when Clinton runs. Just wait. You will have women going nuts.

    • Jt

      I once had a conversation about the rape culture with my girlfriend. We were watching TV and a news article came up about it. I asked her how many women did she know that were raped. She couldn’t think of one. I then asked her why she thinks there is a rape culture after all, if it is so pervasive then she should know of at least someone. My girlfriend then replies, well I hear so much about it, that it must be true.

      Our conversation wasn’t an argument or anything like that. It was actually a nice discussion.

      I then talked about crime. I told her that in my life, I really haven’t seen a crime or been a victim of a major crime. I don’t even know anyone that has been. In my life, I had money stolen out of my locker at a gym and I saw a fight at a basketball court. That is pretty much it. Yet, all I see on TV at night is crime story after crime story.

      It is then we both agreed that really things are sensationalized in this nation. Things are way overblown. Neither one of us has really been a victim of crime. The odd thing is that both of us have witnessed people going to jail for something they did not do. Both of our situations involved police setting people up …. literally generating crimes.

      We are both smart people and my girlfriend is a great girl. We both know crime exists, but the reality is that it is not as pervasive as it seems. Another thing we noticed, is that the news is always the same no matter what network you are on. The first stories are about crimes ….. then the next about tragedy ….. the next is about some the government ….. then there is some story glorifying the cops or the military ….. then some feel good story at the end. All the networks do this. They mix it up a little but it is always the same story.

      Convince us we are not safe —- identify the government as the protectors —- give us a little hope at the end.

      It is almost like brainwashing.

  • camara

    I really do not put the blame on feminism, because women do what they want to do. This is a free country and it is up to the individual and how they feel about their own life experiences. This is Porsha life and no one can speak on it but her, womens’ movement has no place in it.

  • Mike

    Kordell be gay.

  • http://nevadadivorce.org/las_vegas_divorce.htm Conexa

    it is a shame when people in the spot light loose all dignity and just become nasty