Porsha Stewart Questions Ex’s Sexuality

    November 4, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Porsha Stewart and her ex-husband, Kordell, reportedly had a nasty divorce battle earlier this year after she allegedly learned the two were splitting…via Twitter. According to TMZ, Kordell was granted the right to keep living in their mansion after he kicked Porsha out–although he did have to pay alimony and moving costs for her–after she told a judge that Kordell changed the locks on her and that she had nowhere to go. Now, after months of discord, the couple have cut all ties, but Porsha is back on season 6 of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” and says she suspected from the beginning that something was not right with their relationship.

“There were definitely times in the marriage that Kordell didn’t necessarily want me, physically, and that made me wonder, what does he want?” she said.

Stewart says she’d heard rumors a long time ago about Kordell’s sexuality but he always brushed them off. Now, she’s wondering if it’s the real reason behind their divorce.

“He had no reason to divorce me,” Stewart said. “I asked him about the rumors of him being gay … he explained it away. I didn’t question whether he was gay or not because someone else said it. Any reason I questioned it were things I had experienced or seen.”

Stewart is reportedly going to be back on the dating scene in the new season of the show, which debuted with just as much drama as you’d think.

Image: Bravo

  • John

    This has been a known fact for some time, she was his beard.

  • User

    Well Kim Kardashian had a fake wedding. I guess there can be fake divorces. Is it me or are all reality people just crazy? I think they are all liars. People with no real talent and who have mental issues.

    Think about it. Anything that is a reality TV show is just plain garbage.

  • http://Yahoo Dolores

    Is she stupid? Porsha looks like she’s been around the block a few times, so why bring up Kordell’s sexuality now? More ratings for her show? Get your money and run – but shut up about whether he is or isn’t.

  • Peter

    This is ancient news to anybody from Pittsburgh. While with the Steelers he was among those picked up by the cops in a city park notorious for gay cruising

  • http://yahoo t

    portia: yes, you are young..yes, you are beautiful…yes, you will make a wonderful housewife. but cordell—i don’t care if he is gay. he is not worth one minute of your time…and you deserve so much more. he may be gay, he may not…i don’t care…what he is is a black hitler. and the way he talked to you on the episodes that showed him, you go girl, it will get better. you will be blessed, honey. just know that.