Popular Game Themes Come To iGoogle

By: Doug Caverly - March 26, 2009

Never mind money, search, and advertising for a minute.  Whether you go home every evening and power up a PS3 or just have fond memories of early arcade and Nintendo games, Google’s got something to bring a smile to your face as gaming themes for iGoogle have been unveiled.

Yes, early this morning (or late last night if you’re on California time), iGoogle users were given access to 24 new themes, and there are some rather interesting ones in the mix.  Try the World of Warcraft, Spore, and Call of Duty: World at War layouts if you’re into modern stuff.

There are also Mega Man, Mario, and Galaga themes if you like classics.  And even Dungeons and Dragons and Scrabble designs for people who prefer games that are played with pens, paper, and boards.

Pretty cool, right?  From a business perspective, it’s interesting that Google was able to get nine different game publishers to relax on intellectual property front, too.

Now there’s just the matter of what might come next.  Marissa Mayer told Dan Ackerman, "We think that games are social, and as iGoogle becomes more and more social – we launched chat last week – we’ll know who your connections are, and that will allow you to interact with all your friends and start playing games on your iGoogle page.  And [they] won’t be just single-player games, but multiplayer games."

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