Poppy Montgomery Secretly Married for Months

    April 5, 2014
    Pam Wright
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In this I-know-everything-that’s-going-on-thanks-to-this-social-media world that we live in — well, perhaps with the occasional exception like where to find a missing plane — it must be pretty tricky to keep something like a celebrity wedding secret.

But that’s precisely what Poppy Montgomery was able to do — for months.

The Unforgettable actress announced during a Friday appearance on Live! With Kelly and Michael that she and husband Shawn Sanford were married in February — on Chinese New Year to be precise — at Disneyland.

“On Chinese New Year, I ran away with all of the children and got married at Disneyland,” the star said.

Montgomery, 38, and Sanford, a Microsoft executive, welcomed a daughter in April 2013. Little Violet Grace is sister to Montgomery’s 6-year-old son, Jackson Phillip, with ex-boyfriend Adam Kaufman.

According to Montgomery, Disney characters Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse wore wedding attire and presided over the couple’s wedding ceremony. The bride was a little more casually dressed — in jeans.

“The children were so in awe of Mickey and Minnie that they didn’t really pay attention to the wedding, and then my stepdaughter said, ‘Why is Minnie dressed better than you? ‘” the actress recalled, laughing at the happy memory.

The former Without a Trace actress said her mother was not amused at her choice of wedding venue.

“My mother was horrified,” she said. “She was like, ‘How do you turn Disneyland into Vegas? You don’t run away to Disneyland and get married!'”

Meeting at an event in Puerto Rico, Montgomery and Sanford began dating in 2011. Sanford has two other children from his previous partnership.

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  • david m austin

    congrats. many happy years ahead. take care

  • Sara James

    What is a Poppy Montgomery?

  • Cookiefr

    Good for her. Did you wear Minnie’s Veil? Congratulations!

  • Joseph Landry

    Congrats to Poppy who is one of my favorite actresses. It would have been nice if the person who generated this article had done just a bit more research concerning Poppy’s age. Poppy, along with a handful of other actresses – (Drew Barrymore, Eva Longoria, Angelina Jolie, Miyam Bialik, Kate Winslet and Charlize Theron) were all born in the year 1975. This is 2014. Sorry, but according to my math it does NOT make Poppy 41 years old as the writer incorrectly put in his/her article.

  • Dago T

    The lucky stiff.
    Speaking of stiff …

  • Dago T

    Yeah, really, get a life.
    Or a TV.

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    Because you are you, that’s why.