John Paul Crucifix Falls in Ceremony, Crushing Man

    April 25, 2014
    Mike Tuttle
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Three days before former pope John Paul II is to be canonized — declared a saint, in a spectacular ceremony — a horrific accident has taken the life of a pilgrim in Italy, 21-year-old Marco Gusmini. An enormous sculpture of Christ on the cross, weighing 1300 lbs., fell from 100 feet and crushed the man during a pre-canonization ceremony.

The weather in the area of Cevo, in northern Italy where the crucifix was located was fine, not windy. The statue simply fell.

The statue was apparently erected to commemorate a visit Pope John Paul II had made to the area years ago. The ceremony coming up this Sunday, officiated by current pope, Francis, and attended by Pope Emeritus, Benedict, is to “induct” John Paul II, as well as another pope, John XXIII, as saints.

The image of a crumbled Christ, face down with the cross on top of him, would have been sure to elicit all kinds of chatter. But the fact that it killed a man is so much worse.

And, of course, folks are coming unglued in several different ways about the entire thing. Some are pointing to it as a bad omen or sign.

Some people who believe that the Catholic Church is abandoned by God since the Protestant Reformation see this as a signal from God that he wants no part of the Church’s pageantry. They are particularly struck by the fact that this happened “three days” before the canonization ceremony.

Of course, gallows humor abounds.

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  • Hey You Guys!

    Gee, where are all of the religious talkers-to-god all ready to claim this was the will of their god? It is always there when it is a feel-good story…..

    Well, on the bright side for believers, this person will be getting a free ticket to heaven.

    For those others, this was just a plain tragedy – being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  • Believer

    Perhaps Jesus does not appreciate a sinful human MAN to be hung on a cross as the PERFECT SON OF GOD was when HE DIED ON THE CROSS FOR THE SINS OF THE WORLD. You are not supposed to worship idols. That includes SAINTS.

  • john

    the bible clearly states
    thou shalt not make any graven image unto me
    which includes crosses .

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