Police Kill Dog: Video Goes Viral, Lawsuit To Follow (GRAPHIC)

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Police officers in Hawthorne, California are facing some heat this week after a video was posted to Reddit which showed them shooting a man’s dog.

The man, Leon Rosby, was taking video on his phone of several officers who had closed off a street and were going into a home; he, in turn, was being recorded by another bystander. After a brief exchange with the officers, they approached Rosby, who put his dog–which appears to be a Rottweiler–into his car and then turned and willingly put his hands behind his back to be handcuffed for allegedly obstructing justice at a crime scene.

However, the officers can be seen getting a little rough with Rosby and his dog became agitated and began barking from the car, which had the windows rolled down. The animal jumped out and approached the group, still barking, and one officer opened fire, shooting several times. Rosby, who is clearly devastated in the video, is planning to sue the Hawthorne Police Department; however, they say they were not only protecting themselves, but were protecting Rosby, who was handcuffed and wouldn’t have been able to protect himself had the dog attacked.

“It looks like the officer tried to reach down and grab the leash, and then the dog lunges in the direction of him and the other officers there,” Hawthorne police Lt. Scott Swain said to the Daily Breeze. “And I know it’s the dog’s master, and more than likely not going to attack him, (but) we’ve got a guy handcuffed that’s kind of defenseless. We have a duty to defend him, too.”

You can watch the video below, but please be warned: it’s graphic and highly disturbing.

Police Kill Dog: Video Goes Viral, Lawsuit To Follow (GRAPHIC)
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  • Whitney

    If someone was filming me while I was doing my job it wouldn’t interfere with my ability to finish my work.. because I stand behind my work with integrity. If you sign up to wear a robocop suit and openly carry again.. chances are a little extra attention shouldn’t completely throw you off. If they weren’t standing around contemplating the best doughnut and large coffee deal in town and doing something constructive like serving the public.. they wouldn’t have needed to take time out of their busy day to wrongfully arrest a man and murder his dog. I’m a girl, and I can handle a dog.. a lot of men in this world with no father figures who didn’t have enough time milking the teet. Too much ego, not enough balls. Do ur job and never mind who’s watching.

    • Whitney

      *openly carry a gun.

  • http://yahoo Brenda Karas

    That was the most horrible thing I have ever seen. Complete misuse of police authority. The fellow with the dog did nothing for the police to cuff him and his distressed dog was only concerned for his master. All of the officers should be charged with misuse of authority and released from any further employment with any law enforcement agency since they are really and truly thugs themselves. If someone was telling the story they could call exaggeration or lies but it is all on camera and they really abused their authority. The fellow didn’t get anywhere near them and was leaving when they grabbed him and cuffed him. I noticed the cowards waited until he put his dog in the car. I sure wish the window had been up because that poor dog didn’t deserve to die.

  • Jalie

    That cop was in the wrong. He should not have shot the dog.

    What is worse for me, is that he stood by watching the dog suffer, instead of shooting it once and done. The fact that it struggled on the ground is just awful.

  • Cate

    This video just makes me sick, how awful.. and really the sad bit is there will be no justice, those cops will get away with it

  • Chris

    You people call this a “dead dog”? He just got 2 bullets through his back and head and is struggling on the ground? There are only 2 reasons this dog had to suffer and they are: 1. The asshole owner who antagonized the cops and 2. A cop who was so stupid he had to watch the dog struggle. That’s it.

    • wtf

      Chris. YOU STUPID F(U)CK. The dog owner was not doing anything NOT .. get it NOT doing anything illegal.. Just because the cops didn’t like it.. DOES NOT ALLOW THEM to take the actions they took. YOU MORON. What you should be noting it that 1. The cops were acting outside of the law. You should be screaming that the cops follow the law and Protect and Serve the people they are hired to do so for. NOT making EXCUSES for them. That citizen had the right to film them, and if he wanted quietly protest. But MORONS like you don’t get the fact that Police have to sit there and take it. But now everyone seems to think that this has become some sort of obstruction of the police to do his job.. BUL(L)S(H)it!!! Wake the F(u)ck up and pull your head out of your ass.. You should be calling the police dept DEMANDING THAT THIS OFFICER BE FIRED.. WITH NO PENSION

  • Carey

    This is exactly why NO ONE trusts the POLICE ANYMORE. Shooting a dog who is protecting his owner, who surrendered peacefully after DOING NOTHING WRONG??? If these ASSHOLES are not held accountable for this, then it will happen AGAIN AND AGAIN. These LOSERS WITH GUNS

  • Robert

    Many of the police are trigger happy criminal psychpaths …They are rarely held responsible for the endless atrocities they perpetrate
    The police ? should be under constant video surveillance, data linked directly to the news media ..Offenders should be immediately fired , permanently banned from public employment.prohibited to possess firearms …and personally subject to lawsuit for damages …The police are a dangerous subculture totally out of control !

  • Danna

    It’s the dumbass owners fault for putting his dog in a car with the windows down. I’m sure you all would have done the same thing if you were that police officer. They did nothing wrong.

    • wtf

      Danna you stupid F(u)ck. Had the police officer followed the law and not taken the citizen (who was NOT doing anything illegal) into custody, handcuffing him etc. NOTHING would have happened. PULL YOUR IGNORANT HEAD OUT OF YOUR a(ss) People like you are giving police rights that they DO NOT HAVE, and then make excuses for them. You dumb F(ucking) POS.

    • Carey

      you are an absolute IDIOT! Probably republican, poor stupid woman. the man surrendered peacefully after having done NOTHING WRONG. The LUNACY happens after the jackass cops start manhandling the dude FOR NO REASON – did you not watch the video or are you simply STOOOPID???

    • James Parker

      if i was a cop i would not care who recorded me, and before arresting the guy, as a former cop i would have told him to secure his car windows, im sure the cops saw they were down and saw the dog barking.

  • http://facebook.com/iamryanphillips RJ Phillips

    That police officer deserves what’s coming to him, that made me sick.
    If nothing happens to this officer many people will lost hope in this so called justice system. (or what’s left of it)

  • Luc

    Poor dog, made to suffer and die because the owner failed to act properly by securing it in car. The Screamer’s in the background recording & making dog noises didn’t help either. The cop, was acting on instinct, much like the dog. (Hated to see the dog shot for the owners decisions.) Nobody wins, especially the poor dog, who deserved more.

    • Carey

      you are out of your mind! the owner did nothing wrong, and even so, surrendered peacefully. what the THUG cops did both to him and his dos is CRIMINAL. a dogs job is to protect his owner from physical harm – the cops know this – they have police dogs for gods sakes – if they get away with this, whats next – now our pets are not safe??? the cops have become racist bullies with weapons – unacceptable! these LOSERS need to lose their badges NOW – on behalf of dog owners we need to stop this or what’s next? Our kids?

  • wtf

    Please give us the names of these cops so that we know they are PERMANENTLY taken off the force and never get another position where they are given the ability to carry a firearm ANYWHERE

    • Carey

      YES, YES – their names and badge numbers – where can we get this info?? It should be published on every pet/dog/animal lover website on the net. this needs to be punished and not swept under the rug per usual – the cops investigate the cops and, what do you know? they find the cops innocent or justified in gunning down the poor poor dog EVERY TIME, how shocking. WE NEED NAMES AND BADGE NUMBERS! dont let this go unpunished for once!

  • Carey

    Exactly why NO ONE trusts the police anymore. They are LOSERS, ASSHOLES, and RACISTS with GUNS. If these freaks are not held accountable for this – shooting down a dog, protecting his Owner, who is getting roughed up while surrendering peacefully after having done NOTHING WRONG, is heinous and no different than any of the criminal activity they are allegedly trying to stop. A dogs job is to protect its Owner and the dog was doing just that – protecting his Master from the THUGS harassing him, and the THUGS killed him. THEY SHOULD BE PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW WITHOUT QUESTION!! Now our pets are not safe???? SCREW THE HAWTHORNE POLICE! Enough is enough!!!

    • Sondra

      Where do you see the man getting “roughed up”? If the man didn’t want any trouble than he shouldn’t have been running his mouth. The dog never would have been shot if the owner would have properly restrained him. I hope there will come a time when all of you who are saying “fuck the police” are in danger and in life or death need of help from the police, then maybe youll appreciate them risking their lives everyday

      • Sondra

        Where do you see the man getting “roughed up”? If the man didn’t want any trouble than he shouldn’t have been running his mouth. The dog never would have been shot if the owner would have properly restrained him. I hope there will come a time when all of you who are saying “f### the police” are in danger and in life or death need of help from the police, then maybe youll appreciate them risking their lives everyday

  • Robert

    This video is an oft repeated example of the Gestapo like hoodlums of the American police perpetrating criminal atrocities against the citizens They are totally arrogant contemptuous of the public

  • John Doe

    I would write things on here that could get me lawfully arrested but I will contain my thoughts to a controlled response. I did something similar while on a trip to New York. I taped a cop pushing a woman around in Manhattan. I didn’t have my dog with me (who is a pit bull)and i am glad I didn’t because the officer stormed up to me once he realized I was filming. If you say the dog was vicious because he was a rotty or if it was a pit I would say you are ignorant and might as well say something racist and consider it appropriate. Either way the owner of the dog was not breaking the law in any capacity. If you argue that point I can guarantee you that you are wrong and that I can prove you otherwise. To Lt. Dan….er I mean Lt. Swain. You are an idiot sir. How are you going to justify your officers actions by stating you have to protect a man who you handcuffed when you unlawfully detained him in the first place. The video clearly shows the officers from the point of involvement to detainment. At no point did the man provoke, become aggressive or interfere with the officers to the point of breaking the law. This would mean a wrongful/unlawful detainment/arrest and a minimum of a misdemeanor charge of cruelty to an animal on the officer. That officer and clearly many like him are very trigger happy and have a crippling little man complex. Please don’t take what I have written as me being anti cop. My uncle was a chief of a very large city and I respect the badge. I just don’t respect the scum dressed and disguised as cops that need their ass handed to them. Short of it is I support the dog and his owner and I want to go rounds with the DB and disgrace of an officer.

    • wtf

      Please note it is not Illegal to film and officer doing his job in California unless you are obstructing said officer from doing his job. and officers making up b.s. reasons they believe they are being obstructed doesn’t count. Police are getting as out of hand as our government is. Time to take back our lives our privacy and OUR RIGHTS. This department needs to be contacted by everyone , and the officers (here all of them who are illegally obstructing the citizen from his right to film this) need to be fired, pensions taken away and never given jobs where they are allowed to carry a weapon again!

    • russ brooks

      You have a demented mind and soon you shall be behind bars where idiots like you belong!!!

  • John Doe

    I give you the go ahead Chris Dorner 2…geeze retarded cop.

  • wtf

    Some one please find out which division this was, and what the officers yes officers ALL OF THEM) Names are. They need to be fired with no pensions.

  • Kathleen

    Horrible, I’m shocked….what a horrible, violent act by these officers. Shocking, cruel….That poor man, and the animal was in such pain. No respect for life…no respect……

  • wtf

    It is NOT illegal to film a police officer doing his JOB Get it NOT! He was NOT obstructing the officers in their job.. get it NOT.. . I am tired of people like you. TIRED of people just giving our rights away. and TIRED of Police officers who continually believe they have the right to shoot anything and anyone they want. These cops need to lose their jobs NOT just get suspensions. We should find out their names contact their departments/division get them fired and make sure they are never allowed to carry a weapon again

    • Carey

      YES I am with that – this cannot go unpunished! I will help with this! How can we get their names? This needs to STOP NOW! Don’t let it go. THere is solidarity here – most of the world owns a pet and loves it like family or even more…this can’t continue…

  • Isabella

    WTF did these so called officers expect????!!!! It is a dog protecting his master, his friend. You notice the dog did not get agitated until the officers surrounded the guy. The officer that shot him belongs in same class as Michael Vick. You have canine officers right there. Call one of them to handle and calm the dog down. If they would have let the guy talk to his pooch and let him know everything is OK, I am sure the dog would have sat and waited until his master gave him the OK. But in today’s society shoot first and maybe, just maybe, ask questions later. My little 10 pound dog would have reacted the same way. SHAME ON YOU OFFICERS! I hope your souls have been torn for the rest of your living days an beyond. DISGUSTING ACTS OF VIOLENCE!!! ENOUGH ALREADY.

  • Meghan

    This is one of the most disturbing videos I’ve seen. . .I really hope Rosby wins his lawsuit. The dog wasn’t attacking, and it sure as heck wouldn’t have attacked it’s owner. It was trying to get to and defend his owner. The cop could have let Rosby get his dog under control. . .most likely the dog has had a lot of training because of the reputation that breed has for the type of dog it is. So, the cops arrested Rosby for such a ridiculously minor charge, yet killed his dogs in the process? Was it really worth killing something over something so stupid??? I hope Rosby wins.

    • madworld

      are you blind that dog was lunging at them you blind idiot…its what good dogs do…it thought it was protecting its master

  • Gettin Bizzee

    I have a rottie who’s the most gentle thing on earth. BUT I ALWAYS put her in her large carrier no matter how short a distance I travel from home. THIS is exact reason why.

  • John

    None of you were there, you don’t know exactly why the dude was arrested. As far as the video is concerned he was not “ruffed” up. If you think so, you’ve never been arrested. As far as the dog was concerned, the officers did try to grab the leash but when it lunged at the officer he was justified in killing the poor animal…

  • josh

    what a piece of shit pig. excessive force for sure. he coulda shot at the ground at least. the dog would have fled. was his life at risk? no. all these people saying its just a dog, blah, blah, blah. well guess what happens if you kill a police k-9. try telling them that dogs and people aren’t equal than, see where that gets you.

  • buck

    Everybody hates the cops until they need them. People really think the cops wanted to shoot the dog??? The dog may not have been attacking, but if you think a dog is about to attack you, what would u do?????

    • Sondra

      exactly, all of this ignorant fuck the police bullshit is childish.

    • unknown

      if i was a cop i would have find an alternative to containing the dog, i would not have shot it. that is animal cruelty and i hope they get arrested and served.

  • http://yahoo joanne

    This poor dog was protecting his master who was cuffed for ? who knows, but shooting an innocent dog was so wrong by an officer of the law…they could have let the dogs’ master calm him down..and get a hold of his leash, this poor animal would not have suffered such a senseless death..and to die suffering from the officers bullets. What kind of officers are these that did not shoot mace or other actions..like stun gun..anything than killing this poor dog. He was just trying to help his master..that what dogs do…they protect their masters from harm..the dog did not know his master did any thing wrong, just that the officers were holding him. My heart goes out to the poor dog and his master.

    • unknown

      well posted Joanne :)

  • James Parker

    I was a police officer in chicago 20 years, and even know in illinois it is illegal to record the police, if you were not disturbing my police investigations i didnt care who recored me because i have nothing to hide and sometimes being record helps the officer because only so much can be caught on the dash cam. Im sorry to see how officers these days act. So angry at the world, the moment u feel like that turn in your badge instead of giving people like me and my son whom is a current cop a bad name. Dealing with people isnt easy always but it comes with the job. Officers can stand to be re trained but civilians need to step aside some time. I feel both sides play a role in getting this poor dog killed, if the man kept on his way and didnt stop to record or did it farther away, and if the cops just stayed focus on their investigation.

    • Tina

      My father is a retired SFPD and he believe that cops nowadays pull their guns too quickly. My dad pulled his maybe a few times, but guys today are to trigger happy.

    • Intolerable of Ignorance

      I appreciate your service and the service of all caring, respectful law enforcers. However, this cop was wrong and the citizens behavior does not justify the cops excessive force. The gun should be used as a last resort.

  • Gary

    This makes me sick! There was no reason for the officers involved to even approach someone taking video unless they are posing a danger to themselves or others let alone hancuff the man. The whole incident could have been avoided by simply asking the man to move across the street. The dog was not attacking initially until the officer moved toward him in a threatening manner, The officer involved should lose his job. He is clearly not fit to be in a law enforcement position. Officers have many non lethal ways to deal with a dog attack.

    • unknown

      100% agree.

  • jeff

    totally fascist. i usually support law enforcement but in this case they were way out of line. they had no reason to handcuff this man for cellphone taping, which other people were also doing. then they created the circumstances where they had to shoot an animal clearly protecting it’s owner, he has a very justifiable lawsuit.

    • unknown

      yep your right, i would sue the heck out of them

    • russ brooks

      Jeff: He was arrested for interfering with a law enforcement officer in the performance of his duties! The arrestee refused to turn the music down on his car radio that was interfering with the officers trying to hear what was occurring at a crime scene that was still active. The arrestee was justifiably arrested and the dog was shot because the dog attacked an officer PERIOD!!! No lawsuit here at all.

  • unknown

    i just lost all respect for cops.

    • russ brooks

      If YOU lost all respect for an officer of the law shooting an enraged large dog, then you need your head examined!!! We don’t pay our officer/deputy’s to be dog food you idiot!!!

  • Sondra

    All of you wishing death upon all cops for one cop doing his job are ridiculous and childish. Of course the cop didn’t want to kill the dog or he would have done it as soon as he jumped out of the window, he acted on instinct and shot the dog that lunged at him. Who knows what the dog would have done to him. I just hope you all are in need of a police officers help one day and you realize that their not the bad guys after all.

    • unknown

      i respected cops, until this. the cop made a threatening motion to the dog, and so he defended his self. as for wishing death your right i wish death on no one, but i have no lost all respect for them. my uncle saw this who is also a cop, and said that the cop who shot the dog just disgraced police officers all around for an incident that could have been avoided all together

    • http://yahoo eric isaacs

      Are you stupid I am 47 and I have yet to see a cop high po sheriff do there job yet assholes on a power trip

      • Sondra

        You’ve never in your life heard of a cop helping someone and doing their job? Do you remember 911? cops saved plenty of people that day. Or how bout just the other day when a cop saved a 2 year old girl from a knife shielding man? I could go on and on. stay ignorant…

  • http://yahoo eric isaacs

    So the dog witnessed police brutality and acted to protect its owner and was shot so much for protect and serve

  • Karen Shinkle

    I hope that they not only get sued for the unjust way that they handled that situation, but I hope that they are penalized by the state and by the humane society. That was a cold and heartless way to handle that dog. The humane society should have been called before they reacted to any situation. Animals have a right to life and that dog just wanted his master. Those officers could not have been more cruel and heartless and should be brought up on charges for animal cruelty. The officers were stupid. Dogs are only protecting their human, but It just goes to show who your best friends and protectors are in life. I hope they rot in hell.

  • neato!!!

    I would have shot the dog also however the fault goes to the dog owner who did not secure his dog properly or give any restraining commands. The police waited and hand cuffed him for unknown reason the video doesn’t go in to but the second the dog was out of the car the dog was at large. At large means any animal that is off the property of its owner or keeper and not under physical restraint. A minor violation, the second the dog touched a police officer it is a vicious animal. Vicious animal means an animal that constitutes a physical threat to humans or other domestic animals. The owner would of been at fault there since he could of told his dog “stay” or “sit” or any other restraining type command to control his dog. I am sure shortly after being shot the dog probably defecated like most of the comments written about this article. I would of sited the owner for failure to remove feces also. I like animals and put no blame on the dog or the police, total blame should go on the owner for not securing or training his dog.

    • http://copshootsdog lisa shirah

      your a crackhead the officer shouldn’t have tried to touch the dog to begin with yes it could have been properly been locked up but it wasn’t if your going to try and grab a dog like that one after it thinks your trying to hurt the owner(in the dogs eyes)your a dumass

  • unknown

    what language do cops speak? pig-latin

  • william smalley

    It was the arrogant imbecile owner of the dog that caused the dogs death. The owner was a Law Enforcement Officer hater and has a criminal record a mile long. I hope the court throws the book at that dog owner and keeps him in jail for a very lengthy stay!!!

  • Andy

    I couldn’t watch. How can some people kill so easily?

  • Tim Lowry

    N)i)g)g)e)r)s) are always the cause for most trouble. The cops should killed the owner as well. That was an ugly ass dog anyway.

  • Steve Alanzo

    I’m a grown man, almost 50. I gasped and cried when I saw the poor dog shot and SUFFERING. My condolences to the owner and anybody else that had an emotional attachment to this loyal dog. All we can hope for is the “karma effect” on this emotionally disturbed and arrogant cop. “What comes around goes around”!

  • Intolerable of Ignorance

    First, I am so sorry for that poor dog. I hope someone went to the dog so it did not die in pain afraid and alone. Second, the behavior of those police officers was WRONG! The imbecile cop that shot the poor, confused dog FOUR times is NOTHING but a DANGER! Since when did excessive force against animals become acceptable? Not only did he have other options to use for defense, the first shot was effective in stoping the dog. What happened is sickening and anyone who does not notice the COP’S aggressive, hasty behavior is depraved of human intelligence and emotion.

  • DeDE

    As my precious dog is laying by my side while I watch this horrible vidio. I could not help but scream out when the dog was shot and start crying. He jumped into my lap to see what was wrong, all the while looking around to see what upset me. Why handcuff the man. He was cooperating so why start to push him aroung and man handle him. That is why his dog was upset. If the Police had kept calm this never would have happened. I hope the horrible vision of that dog dying a slow and painful death haunts those policeman for life. The gentleman should sue, he was not breaking any laws and from what I saw no opstruction of justice. My heart is breaking for him. You could see earlier in the vidio his dog was a nice well trained animal. And I am a middle aged white female. My opinion is not in any way based on any kind of racism. Just another animal lover.

    • Intolerable of Ignorance

      I Agree 100%

    • Intolerable of Ignorance

      I Agree 100%

  • Typical Gangster

    Hi, im a typical gangster. F### the police because im a crime ridden POS and I secretly fear the police

  • http://copshootsdog lisa shirah

    I cant understand this video to me it didn’t look like the guy was doing anything wrong but using his phone to record something as for the cop that shot the dog that was just plain wrong the dog didn’t do anything wrong it looked like to me the cop was trying to get the dog but in that situation I would have left the dog alone their very protective he didn’t deserve to get shot.cops think their better than everybody else just because u have a badge and a gun and can write a ticket doesn’t make u better than everyone else.if you were going to arrest someone for takeing a video on their phone than everyone else should have been arrested to that’s just plain wrong

  • http://yahoo tom brunn

    the guy should not have been video taping the cops but then the guy who caught everything on video got the whole picture the cops killed this dog and I wish I had a gun id go gunning for them bustards because the dog did not know what was going on it was scared the cops should have use pepper spray the f use deadly force

  • http://yahoo tom brunn

    it goes to show you the cops in this country need to be either retrained fired or more of them killed

  • madworld

    Looks like both parties are at fault…the owner was within his rights until he started shouting at the cops, this is when he crossed the line and the owner should have made sure his dog was secured in the car…the cops mistake was roughing this guy up after he was handcuffed but i cant believe how anybody who watched the video could say the dog wasnt lunging for the cops, of course it did thats what a good dog does, protect its master…one more thing i’ve seen these type of guys with these dogs,and they sometimes use them as weapons, how do we know he didnt purposley leave those windows down, and knew what his dog would do…anyways both parties seem to be at fault for what happened.

  • http://copshootsdog lisa shirah

    I don’t get this video to me it didn’t look like the gut was doing anything wrong to get arrested,as for the dog I really don’t think he should have been shot he was doing what comes natural those kinds of dogs are very protective,thats why I cant stand cops they think their better than everybody else just because they have a gun and can write a ticket don’t mean their better than me or you I hope he sues and wins I would sue toif you were going to arrest him for using his phone you should have arrested everyone else to their a bunch of sorry dumbasses if you ask me

  • Bulls&*!

    That was total bulls&*! First, the officers started approaching the man while he was putting the dog in the car. Why? Wtf did he do? Then, being that he is obviously not a flight risk because he agreed to be handcuffed for nothing, they should have temporarily let the guy go to subdue the dog and put him in the car with the windows up enough so he couldn’t get out. Then the worst part is the assh&*! standing there in his pose admiring his shooting while the dog was writhing in agony. If choose to be a bad a$$, trigger-happy, bringer of death, judge, jury, & executioner, shoot it in the head, don’t critically injure it and watch it die painfully sadist piece of s*&!.

  • thaddeus buttmunch

    BITE The Po LEES! The cops think they have the authority to whack a Rottwority!

  • M braswell

    This is about whats right or wrong and about our freedoms being stripped one at a time!This fucking world makes me sick!The man or the dog neither one did anything wrong!!! Just a bunch of government Nazi PIGS!Looks like the whole world has seen these cops cowardly act!I hope they lose their right to own a weapon and there job

  • http://www.webpronews.com/police-kill-dog-video-goes-viral-lawsuit-to-follow-graphic-2013-07#respond Jean

    What did those officers think was going to happen as they saw this man put his dog in his car…..did they not SEE the windows were DOWN as they cuffed him. AND, to shoot that poor dog! And, not put him out of his misery after a failed attempt to put him down completely! There are times such as this when I think some officers need to have their heads examined. Such as those in this video. AND, why were they handcuffing him….for taking a viedo? That’s not a crime.

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