Police Kill Dog: Video Goes Viral, Lawsuit To Follow (GRAPHIC)

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Police officers in Hawthorne, California are facing some heat this week after a video was posted to Reddit which showed them shooting a man’s dog.

The man, Leon Rosby, was taking video on his phone of several officers who had closed off a street and were going into a home; he, in turn, was being recorded by another bystander. After a brief exchange with the officers, they approached Rosby, who put his dog–which appears to be a Rottweiler–into his car and then turned and willingly put his hands behind his back to be handcuffed for allegedly obstructing justice at a crime scene.

However, the officers can be seen getting a little rough with Rosby and his dog became agitated and began barking from the car, which had the windows rolled down. The animal jumped out and approached the group, still barking, and one officer opened fire, shooting several times. Rosby, who is clearly devastated in the video, is planning to sue the Hawthorne Police Department; however, they say they were not only protecting themselves, but were protecting Rosby, who was handcuffed and wouldn’t have been able to protect himself had the dog attacked.

“It looks like the officer tried to reach down and grab the leash, and then the dog lunges in the direction of him and the other officers there,” Hawthorne police Lt. Scott Swain said to the Daily Breeze. “And I know it’s the dog’s master, and more than likely not going to attack him, (but) we’ve got a guy handcuffed that’s kind of defenseless. We have a duty to defend him, too.”

You can watch the video below, but please be warned: it’s graphic and highly disturbing.

Police Kill Dog: Video Goes Viral, Lawsuit To Follow (GRAPHIC)
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  • Cop Gangsters

    Gangster Cops strike again. Did you guys see the cop strike the guy in the chest after illegally detaining him . This seems to be what made the dog come over and check out what was going on. The dog wasn’t even that aggressive. This was a 2 yr old pup. A really aggressive animal would attack, not sniff the ground and bark. The cop lunged down at the dog and the dog jumped up on hind legs. Then gangmember cop shot him FOUR TIMES. Gangster cop deserves similar treatment.

    • http://youtube debbie prince

      You are the biggest jerk I have seen tonight. A cop shot a young Rottweiller 4 times and still left him crying and screaming in the street. I seen the video numerous times and I say the crowd was just as much to blame as the cops. But it was okay for everyone else to video tape the incident. I hope you can live with cruelty to animals and pray to GOD you don’t have any.

  • John Smith

    I don’t see how this guy was interfering with the cops, what about the person that took this video? Did the cops go after them? You people who are so ready to put up with the cops violating our rights are just sheeple ready for the tyranny about to be unleashed on this country. The cops and the NSA are recording us and our every move, why shouldn’t we record them without fear of harassment by the cops. Wake up America, They are coming for you next!

  • Whitney

    Filming officers is legal and entirely necessary because they have been given instruction to act with excessive unjust force to condition us for authoritarian take over. Those of you who say both are at fault are the reason we are losing our rights. I’m sure you’ll be the first ones in line at the grocery store to buy a pack of hot dogs and a 30 rack to celebrate our independence this week in a country where our freedoms are disappearing almost as quickly as our investments. Those of you who think staying on the sidelines and keeping quiet while the world falls apart will keep you safe are sadly mistaken. You’re just easier to take advantage of.. what’s another tax increase to fund war machines? What’s another child being confiscated for no reason and sold in a sex trade or someones dog being shot to death? It didn’t happen to you right? God is frowning upon your souls and saving you a nice cold place among the useless who’s lives amounted to nothing. And what man cant handle dog who can easily be grabbed by his leash and is hardly being militant? Most cops are slobs who couldn’t handle the discipline of the military but still want to be able to pull a trigger. This video ruined my day hardcore. The officer should have politely asked him to leave the scene or just continued to do his job and ignored the filming. If cops are doing what they’re supposed to it shouldn’t matter if someone wants to document it. A perfect relationship between a man and his dog gone for no reason other than pride and a cop’s bleeding va&ina

  • Frank Daunis

    I watched the video numerous times.The police officer drew his gun like he was at the ok corral.The dog was not even close to him, or really biting anyone.Just barking.The police officer actually charged the dog and made the situation worst,making the dog more afraid.Than he tried to grab the dogs leash causing the dog to jump-up.Now he fires his gun four times with total disregard of his fellow police officers the hand-cuffed person and surronding people.Any stray and ricoshay bullet could have hit a person in the area.This police officer is totally wrong and dangerous.

  • Charlene

    I have family in the PD & and all due respect to my family most PD’s take their jobs for granted. The Officers are highly trained to handle any situation like this. Whether the guy was being nosey (there are ton of looky loos) and/or Mouthy isn’t justifiable. Officers (from what I know) carry a can of mace. Could of maced the dog instead of pulling the trigger. Listen., regardless, the officer should be held accountable for his actions. I am tired of these cops getting away with murder etc. Why? because they wear a damn badge and carry a gun. They need to really learn how to pick their future officers wisely.

    • LV

      If I could “Thumbs-Up” your comment a thousand times, I would.

      As a former animal control officer who actually worked in Hawthorne, I can tell you that 1) pepper spray works on dogs and 2) Hawthorne intentionally hires aggressive police officers. I could tell you horror stories about what certain ones did to homeless people, in and out of their city, while in uniform. Any perceived threat to their authority and out came the batons and guns. Incredibly rough arrests, too. Just because an area is poor does not give the residents less rights. There are just as many obnoxious people in Brentwood and Beverly Hills.

  • Kevin no name

    As messed up as the video is, the police was 100% correct, an individual who is obviously being loud and vulgar towards the cops while dealing with a situation in progress is obstruction of justice. Tazzing a dog is cruelty to animals and it would torturing the animal. Obviously the dog came towards the officers aggressively and jumped to bite an officer when he was going for the leash. No one knows if the dog had rabis or any other disease. The officers safety was in jeopardy, like in the EMS field officers, firefighters, and first responders are trained that your safety is first!!!

    • Whitney

      You’re not a real man. And regardless of what you’re trained to do God’s rules always override them and it’s important to be humane. You’re a brainwashed victim of the machine who potentially has no soul and is likely eating a bag of lays potato chips in front of the TV screen. The dog was clearly serving more purpose than the officer who shot him and it was not the officers place to take its life. It was NOT being vicious and there’s no way in the world the dog could have had rabies.

    • gretra

      they did not need to use lethal force. the dog was backing away when he fired! they deserve all the bad publicity that will come down on them. cop should be fired!

    • randy cowart

      Agree 100%, but realize owner put dog in jeopardy by being the idiot that he is…..one can’t harass officers, and especially officers who were across the street standing idly by supporting their team while ego maniac blk activist over aggressively films them and yells insults. He is solely responsible for pets demise. Officer who shot dog is and will be held responsible most probably though….unfortunately!

    • http://Yahoo. Kathleen

      You are so wrong! Wiggle in the street when they shoot you!

    • http://youtube debbie prince

      The officers were not in jeopardy and you have so much intelligence that you can’t even spell rabies correct.

  • Frank

    A sad day for dog owners across America.This could be YOUR dog if he happens to bark at a police officer!ALL DOG LOVERS! DONOT LET THIS GO UNPUNISHED!REMEMBER MICHEAL VICK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Louise

      I get really tired of animals being put above human life I could puke. I feel sorry the owner put his dog in the position to be shot, it is totally his fault.

  • H drummond

    The police were so wrong here in so many ways. Their fragile male ego was threatened by the filming which has been ruled completely legal by the Supreme Court so the police cannot harass anyone for filming while on public property. He was so far away from them they had to walk toward him to harass him. They should have ignored his filming and done their damn job. Now after committing murder they will reap the consequences with their jobs, their careers will be ruined and their family will be in danger. No doubt this is agoing to rein a huge pile of doo doo on them. The city website has been down for days now as it is under attack too! I hope they all get fired, have to move and retaliation happens swiftly. It’s time the people take over and take revenge. I’m sick of the lousy job police do and I’ve seen their lame excuse for not following the law so many times. They deserve all the heat that is coming their way and I will be applauding the lawsuits and punishment.

    • randy cowart

      Sad that u see it that way…..no wonder country is in such disarray with people like u who vote….ugh!!!

      • http://youtube debbie prince

        Can you attempt to kill a dog who was not agressive and not even kill him in 4 shots? Did you enjoy the way he swirled and screamed in the street? You are not even close if you think that dog was agressive. He never snarled, growled. bared teeth. You I am afraid is the heartless one. The cops had no reason legally to approach the man.

  • Blind Melon Chitlin

    AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I HATE MOTHER!!@#&%*#@^%ING COPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jane R

    This is disgusting! Seems the copper got a bit too Trigger Happy. Trigger Happy cops are a danger to society and should be immediately removed from the General Population. I hope this guy gets a good lawyer and sues the pants off that cop and the entire department. Copper needs to lose his job, pay a steep fine, and be forced to volunteer in an animal shelter. What a disgrace to the entire department.

    • Whitney


  • Sondra

    Really people? Some of you wish death upon a human being for a dog.

  • http://yahoo. Samuel Williams

    Most cops are dumb asses !!! Most cops are kids who got picked on in school who got a gun and a badge and think they are billy bad asses!! That really piss me off that that dog got shot for nothing !! Karma is a SOB and hopefully he get his dose !!!

  • randy cowart

    This arrogant “black pride” cop hater brought this horrific act on self and deceased pet ! He clearly stalked officers with camera and yelled vague anti police comments toward officers while they stood idle and supported other officer from across the street. This person continued to rile the officers by pacing back and forth across the street with camera phone mocking officers. I have much respect for pet attempting to defend owner, who was a blatant idiot, but feel officer who shot dog should be reprimanded/suspended. Funny as this video demonizes officers where the owner/idiot should be receiving all the heat !!!!! No one wants to see animals killed, hurt, or mistreated, but this instigating anticop ass brought this on self and pet. Rest well beautiful Rottweiler!

    • Joey B

      The cops were being filmed because some of the cops in that area are not honest. It is far easier to believe someone with a video of cops breaking laws compared to someone complaining about cops breaking laws without any proof. The guy was arrested for basically hurting the cops’ feelings. That is not a crime but it fits in the catch-all charge of obstruction of justice. Obstruction is used when the cops can’t think of anything to arrest an individual for. Most cops are not bad, but the few that are ruin it for the rest.

  • dog owner

    wow dog gets shot because owner is video taping an dayum cop shoots 4 times an can not make a good clean kill shot poor dog i hope that cop has night mares 4 rest his life of the that dog twitching till his death

  • RON


  • http://youtube debbie prince

    Ya’ll have got to be kidding me. The cop was way wrong but the people looking on started this dogs death and suffering because they were hollering “look out” “the dog” someone even went so far as to say “shoot it!. The cops had no obvious reason to even talk to the man with the dog. What the public done was as bad as what the police did. How do feel now watching a dog suffer so much in a street for nothing. He wasn’t even close to attacking anyone.

  • Jaysson

    If I were to take all these variables into account, I would say the dog owner set this situation up so he could sue the police. He already said, immediately after being arrested, that he’s suing. What was he doing there? Why was he antagonizing police? Why were his windows down enough for the dog to jump out? It’s really obvious to me that he anted this to happen so he could try and sure them.

    • http://Yahoo. Kathleen

      Jaysson, the dog shouldn’t have been shot! You are as ignorant as the police. Oh wait, you’re probably related.

    • http://youtube debbie prince

      You are sick. Nobody human sets there dog up to be shot 4 times for nothing and suffering in the street. May someone have pity on your soul.

    • Louise

      Right on, you said it just right

  • Vanita

    Azzhole Cowardly, Scary, Dirty Cop could have handled that better than that!I hope this stupid incompetent cop pays for this one!

    • http://youtube debbie prince

      ME TOO!

  • Tom Smith

    The police these days think they are Gods
    Just too dam trigger happy

    • http://youtube debbie prince

      You are right

  • Whitney

    If my dog wasn’t humping my leg right now I’d still be crying.

  • Haley

    I literally cried when I saw this. it said graphic but I wanted to see what happened and why. I regret watching it. I even called the police station these officers belong at and got a full denial on the other end of the phone. I am severely PISSED. I have a rottweiler. If she was trying to defend me just by barking and someone shot her, I’d kill them. My dog is like my child and that is how it should be. And they let that poor fucking dog wiggle on the ground for a good 5-10 second time period before they put it out of his misery!!!!!!!!!!

  • THX1138

    Trigger happy Thugs.the Bastards.

  • Christine Gossselin

    The police had no business handcuffing this guy. I don’t know why he was videotaping the cops, but he DID have the right to. The cops had NO RIGHT to kill his dog. Trigger happy cops. They won’t come when you really need help from them, because they’re too lazy to do their job, but they’ll kill innocent animals and people and try to blame the people. This country is getting to sound more like Nazi Germany during the war. How long will it be before they take all our guns and videocameras and cell phones, and torture and imprison the innocent? Think I’m nuts? Just wait a while. Things are getting out of hand.

  • Steele

    Wow…..and these are supposed to be heroes…..man I just wish the dog woulda got one last bite on that sucker cop who shot.

  • http://Yahoo. Kathleen

    You M-F’s! The dog is wiggling in pain, and you just watched, after your BRUTAL attack. You should have put him out of his misery. You are the kind of cops that get NO respect from me. And, I am White, and hope you see something you love, loyal, wiggle, in agony. But, they probably do.

  • http://youtube debbie prince

    Thank You

  • D Green

    I hope that cop gets what he got coming to him.. That was the worse video I have ever seen.. I don’t have a dog but I could feel that dog and his pain and shock…But don’t worry the cop will get off.. Maybe someone should kill a cop dog…These cops are way out of hand.. But you know Karma is real and so is God…This is why Chris Donner was not hated by anyone but the police… Why cause everyone knows the cops aren’t worth a dime…

  • http://webpronews.com boss

    Well all da SOB had to do was to shoot in the air or ground just to scare da dog…..da fckin wht piss of shts yes were doing their jod but so was his dog……..all dey could of done was to easily UNCUFF DA GUY TO GET HIS DOG…….ITS NOT FCKIN ROCKET SCIENCE!!!!!! But let b a wht SOB O and its a whole diff ballpark……..

  • j Boy

    The article lacks information that he was one of two suspects taken into custody which is why he freely put his hands up and surrendered.

    I feel bad for the dog, but the dog was poorly secured and this dude is going to get a ticket for it as well. The dog clearly was vicious to the officers considering its size and the aggressive manner it approached them.

  • george

    those cops are pieces of shit. they need to be arrested and prosecuted for murder.

  • John

    I hope the f#4#k cop is proud of himself, show your kids what you did prick


    I HATE COPS! When I hear a cop getting killed, I say he must have done something to deserve it!

    • Daryl

      You’re an idiot.

  • Mike

    It is not right but, that dog is dead because it’s owner tried to make some kind of point. People need to realize the police can do whatever they want with little cause for justice for the rest of us. We can all try to prove a point, but someone or thing is going to pay the price. It is not right, but this is what happens.

  • Jay




  • RBA

    Cops & animals don’t mix. All a cop has to do is say that they felt threatened by an animal to justify shooting it. You see most of these shootings with large dogs, but its not just that. Small dogs & even cats have been shot & killed by police. Last month in Ohio, a police officer shot & killed 5 kittens claiming he was euthanizing them. Another incident that happened last month in California is when a 13 year old Cocker Spaniel mix was shot by a police officer, that dog miraculously didn’t die, but his recovery is questionable. Only some of these stories make national headlines, but all you have to do search the internet, there is way to many to the point where you can say this is an epidemic. An epidemic that needs to stop!

  • Louise

    As I was watching this video it looked to me like the dog owner was taunting police who were there doing there job. He took his dog close to the police cars, knowing that the police dogs were there working. He waved his phone at the officers on the sidewalk and said something I couldn’t understand. He continued his taunting which was interfering with the police doing their duty (illegal) This young man set this whole thing up he wasn’t just walking his dog, and if he had tethered his dog in the car, or closed the windows so the dog couldn’t get out. He would not have lost his dog, who was only trying to protect his owner. Unless you have ever been attacked and bitten by a dog don’t judge the police office for shooting a dog attacking. Also I read that this young man has already filed a law suit against the police, so being there was “just walking his dog” Come on now.

    • gary harms

      You must be a police officer…or you are blind. The police officers in this video had no business even approaching this man. If you notice, there were others recording the incident as well ( thankfully, or this act might have gone unnoticed). They were not approached. This was brought on by the officers themselves. They did not have to handcuff a citizen who was many yards away from the actual situation. They handcuffed the bystander because he had the audacity to record civil servants while they were doing their. Had they kept on doing their job this incident would not have happened. I don’t own a dog. You don’t have to be a dog owner to be outraged at what this shooter did. Do I blame the officers? Definitely. Will others? I’ll bet almost everyone who views this video will clearly see their wrongdoing here. The cops were wrong, the shooter was very wrong. They should be severely punished officially and I hope the the man being wrongly apprehended will win a judgement that hang over their heads for the rest of their working lives…as Mall cops.

      • Ann

        You didn’t read the article. Lots of people were recording. They asked him to turn his music down and he refused. It had nothing to do with the camera phone.

  • Rhett

    I’m on my way to Hawthorne to end that cop.

  • Bill

    It’s a shame that the dog was murdered by this COP. To bad the dog didn’t have a gun. I hope that the owner sues the cops. They should have let the owner have the time to secure the dog.

  • B.D.

    HAHAHAHA. I cant believe they said they were defending the owner!! what a load of Bu**Sh**. That’s so pathetic lmao.

  • lisa atkins

    a pathetic display of police misconduct, the individual was doing no harm, the dog was not acting aggressively to warrant being shot, if those officers had any intelligence they would have asked the owner to fully secure the dog in the car before approaching, then after needlessly shooting the dog they let it writhe on the ground in agony, once they had injured it so badly they should have dispatched it immediately to end it’s suffering, not even capable of doing that, so pathetic

  • http://Yahoo Jeannie smith

    I live in arkansas…I hope our cops are not as stupid and billybadass as the police….I wonder who to complain to…I would hate to live in that town and had trouble…he clearly needs to be held accountable for his actions.

  • http://Yahoo Jeannie smith

    I hope the cops get in trouble…it is scary how he can just start shooting for no reason…

  • ToTo

    The cop needs to do some jail time!

  • http://None Luis Collazo

    That shithead cop, how could he me so stupid. There was no reason to handcuff the dog owner, and worse, to go against the dog who knew his master was in danger, unfairly. I hope the cop is terminated, permanently, and imprison if possible.

  • Deborah

    God! seeing this poor animal shoot and suffer for only doing its job trying to protect his master. I can’t stand these gun toting cops who think they can do anything. They do really think their gods. This guy wasn’t doing anything wrong. Most cops are so fat and out of shape the only way they can stop someone is too shoot them. I HOPE THEY ARE ALL FIRED AND THE SUES THE POLICE DEPT FOR LOADS OF MONEY. AMEN!

  • Daryl

    Cop did what he had to do. The cops were put in a bad position by the dog owner who failed to secure his dog. Yes, he put the dog in the car but he got loose. Was the cop supposed to let the dog chew him up? Sad situation to be sure but the Cop didn’t cause it and was forced to act by a bad dog owner.

  • Real Talk

    Funny how people are outraged at the killing of a dog but have no compassion for the murder of a young black boy…oh im sorry, race has nothing to do with it ;)

    • Whitney

      Just because we are shocked that at what happened here doesn’t mean no one cares about the kid. I’m black and I’m smart enough to know that our president is the anti-Christ.. and the terms black and white are becoming obsolete anyway considering most of us are mutts. That beautiful dog was probably purer than all of us.

  • joseph collins

    what are cops good for they lie steal kill rap and more like kill dogs to cops are corrupt I know my father was a so called cop he did it all he beat my mother and us people get pulled over where is the drugs everyone is not on drugs my father is a pig just like the rest they are called the gang in blue .you all had no rite to kill the dog the dog was doing something you cops do not do service and protect what is your code that you cops live by shoot first ask questions later that is your code bet you cops had a good laugh over the dog will I am sorry for the dog and the owner my heart goes to you both

  • hoos

    if a cop shot my dog i will be out hunting for that cop down an eye for an eye motherf*cker

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