Police: Dad Forced Teenage Son To Drink Himself Unconscious


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A Tennessee man found himself in hot water on Saturday over what can only be described as a rather vicious and disturbing act involving his son. Somehow "bad parenting" doesn't quite cover it.

Mark Allen Hughes of Sweetwater, Tenn. was not at all happy to learn that his 15-year-old son was drinking illegally. As a minor it is of course illegal for him to do so.

Fearing that his son was headed down the wrong path, Hughes allegedly took it upon himself to demonstrate the evils of alcohol by forcing his son to participate in a twisted drinking game.

The Associated Press reported that the teenager eventually consumed so much alcohol that he lost consciousness. Keep in mind that excessive drinking can result in alcohol poisoning, a potentially fatal condition.

Witnesses were concerned enough by what was happening in front of them that they took it upon themselves call the authorities to the home.

By the time law enforcement officials arrived, the young man had no pulse and CPR had to be performed until an ambulance arrived on the scene. The teenager was then rushed to a nearby hospital.

The teen’s grandmother informed the AP that thanks to proper medical treatment, her grandson is expected to be just fine.

The same can't be said of his father, who was arrested shortly after Sweetwater law enforcement arrived at the home. Hughes may have started out dealing the punishment, but he’ll be the one learning what a harsh penalty for a stupid action feels like. That's one way to lead by example.

Sweetwater Police Chief Eddie Byrum has said that he is aiming to see that the case against Hughes is “prosecuted to the fullest”.

For the record, there are easier ways to teach your teenagers life lessons when they mess up. Rather than follow this bizarre example, opt for an actual conversation.