Police Catch Florida Man’s Texting & Driving Crash on Video

By: Josh Wolford - January 16, 2014

Texting while driving is stupid, reckless, dangerous, and an all around dick move. Everybody knows this, but the majority of adults continue to do it. Why? Well, why does anybody do anything, really? I’m going to go with selfishness, as opposed to stupidity. You can fix selfishness.

Every week it seems there’s a new story about some distracted driver doing something stupid. Whether it’s a texting driver running straight into a trailer full of crap, someone crashing their car into a lake, or someone plowing into a herd of cattle, the examples all demonstrate the simple truth that you can’t really multitask when it comes to driving. It’s something that requires all of your attention.

Today’s example comes with an added bonus – the police actually caught it on dashcam.

We go to Fort Myers, Florida, where it appears that Florida Man is at it again. Watch below as Michael Woody learns the dangers of texting while driving first hand:

Luckily for Mr. Woody, he was able to crawl out unscathed. According to police, Woody admitted that texting is what led to his erratic driving. He was cited for careless driving and texting while driving (Florida’s new ban on the practice just went into effect a few months ago).

And luckily for Google, Mr. Woody was simply texting and not wearing Google Glass when he ran off the road and flipped his car over – they surely don’t need the bad press.

Image and video via WFLA

Josh Wolford

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  • Dave Rutkowski

    Which is more stupid? Texting and driving, or following someone that is and not assisting them when they crash? Or is this staged, which would explain the perfect distance? Someone was far more interested in catching the video than the safety of the driver. I’m not anti police or texting restrictions. But I am concerned about why he was allowed to do it. Would we have watched him jump off a bridge so we could snag a video? Looks like around 39 seconds and no offer to help. We all need to think and act smarter….

    • wertwert

      Clearly was filmed with a dashboard cam. I would assume the filming driver was calling 911 which is why they didn’t rush out to help in the video.

      As far as making a preemptive intervention with a moving car… no way. Unless you are a police officer and trained to do that it would be suicidal to try.

      Stay a safe distance behind a reckless driver is the right thing to do. Getting in front of one would be a bad idea. Calling the police is also better than trying to handle it on your own. Do you really want to interact with a potential intoxicated driver?

  • http://berkshire-driving-school.co.uk John Silvester

    Is there any technology out there which can disrupt texting signals escaping from the car interior? Fortunately the idiot was only driving slowly and did not hit a parked car containing passengers. Even slow speed crashes can be traumatic.

    • http://www.fatebase.com FaTe

      Stop signals inside the cabin?? Unless your car is made entirely of carbon fiber then your driving around in a giant antenna lol. Even then why should we have to change manufacturing standards for people with no common sense?

      If your stupid enough to do such a thing then you should be prepared to face harsher punishment beyond the loss of a car and some careless driving diminished punishment. How about suspended from driving for 6 months to learn the value of a car and how you should drive it.