Polaroid Aims to Recapture Tradition in the Digital Age


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Jon Pollock, Polaroid's Chief Marketing Officer, spoke with WebProNews about the new addition to their Polaroid collection during CES 2010 in Las Vegas. In 2008 Polaroid ended its line of Instant Film cameras, but  the company has decided to bring back its traditional Polaroid OneStep camera. Althought the Polaroid camera will contain many of the same qualities as previous ones, this time it will have a contemporary twist.

Pollock discussed how many individuals, including artist and photographers, showed their appreciation towards the Polaroid camera, and pleaded for its return. In November of 2009, Polariod made the announcement that it was bring back classic film.  Pollock said this camera “really represents Polaroid.”

Polaroid's new Creative Director, Lady Gaga, stated she was excited to help Polaroid take its Instant Film into the digital age.

The New Polaroid offers:

  • flash
  • red-eye reduction
  • self timer

The new Polaroid will be available in sliver or a wooden look right around the holidays this year. The price has not been established.