'Pokemon Origins' Cartoon to Stream For Free in November


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With Nintendo readying the launch of Pokemon X and Y in just a matter of weeks, it seems that Pokemon might make be this year's handheld equivalent to the recent success of Grand Theft Auto V. In addition to the games, Nintendo will be blanketing media with new Pokemon content.

Much like Rovio's Angry Birds, Pokemon content is now steaming to mobile devices (where young kids can be found playing games) through the Pokemon TV app on iOS and Android. Nintendo today announced that the English version of the Pokemon Origins cartoon will be coming to Pokemon TV on November 15. The first episode will air that day, with new episodes coming later.

Pokemon Origins tells the story of Red, the Pokemon trainer from the first Pokemon games, Pokemon Red and Blue. The four-part series will follow Red around the Kanto region as he battles Blue and Team Rocket while collecting his first Pokemon. The new trailer for the game shows that Nintendo may be targeting old-school Pokemon fans who have grown up a bit: