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    July 5, 2005

Podcasts can help authors promote and sell books. I have already written about how podcasts can be developed into a large scale internet radio station. Bloggers can provide the content via podcast and the station can be far more wide ranging than simply the blogging audience.

Podcasts have even more potential for bloggers and other authors for book marketing and promotion.

In fact, the power of podcasting a book, for marketing and promotions, is almost unlimited.

An author can use book podcasts in several ways:

* Record a chapter or two for download as a sample of the book’s content to serve as an example of the writer’s knowledge and talent.

* Record the entire book, either in its entirety, or as serialized chapters.

* The book on podcast can be sold for additional sales revenue.

* Books on tape are a proven bestseller. Podcast editions should be effective as well.

* The book on podcast could be given away for free as a promotional item for sales of the hard copy edition.

* A podcast book, similarly to an e-book, provides an excellent gift or premium product.

* Along with the sale of another book or product, the podcast book can be used as a bonus to make the regular item an even better buy.

* Podcast editions can readily be sent to reviewers who simply have to download the book, then listen, and review.

* A recorded version of the book can aid in book tours by providing an author reading for vendors offering the hard copy edition.

In effect, the potential for podcast editions of a book are unlimited.

If you are writing a book, you should consider adding a podcast version of the book to your product marketing lineup.

Think podcasts if you are writing a book.

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