Podcasting: Big and Fantastic

    October 1, 2007

The guys from the cutting edge pod firm BIGFANTASTIC talked about podcasting and and its promising future in a video interview at the Podcasting Expo in Ontario, CA.

Asked about the definition of podcasting, Doug Cheney stated, "I think of it as free content. The idea of freeing your media, letting it find its audience."

Ryan Wise quipped, "Podcasting to me is like going on a motorcycle and going through the country … just freedom."

Chris Hampell expanded on this:

"To me it is about pick up a camera and shoot. Pick up a microphone and record. Just throw your soul out there and see what happens! It’s like one big talent show. It’s great because everybody can do it. It’s the voice of America … and the world."

It’s a funny video with Ryan remarking as the same question was passed to him that he was bachelor number two. Check out bigFANTASTIC.

>>> Watch the full video here.