Podcaster Records Cockpit Talk from Distressed JetBlue Flight

    September 28, 2005

The Fly With Me podcast has captured some of the pilot-tower audio from last week’s Jet Blue emergency landing at LAX.

As far as I know this audio has not been “broadcasted” anywhere else.

(Added by WPN) About the Fly With Me website …

“Hear from flight attendants and pilots as they tell what goes on behind the galley curtain (and behind the cockpit door)”

From the first podcast:

Fri, 1 April 2005
First Episode Finally Here!
This podcast is archived here. I’ve finally posted the first episode of “Fly With Me”. I want to thank all the flight crew members who lent their voices to this podcast. Be sure to let your friends know about this — I’m sure they’ll enjoy it too. Joe

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