Podaddies Readies Its Video Ad Network

    October 2, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

With many sites having few or no ads for the videos they display, Podaddies sees an opportunity to bring them monetization through an in-stream video ad network to launch October 8th.

Podaddies CEO Nate Pagel has some good company these days. Former employees of Google and Microsoft list among those quietly backing its development, while Adobe is working with the company to match videos up with content appearing in its Media Player.

Pagel told WebProNews his technology is based around the media file, not the web page on which a video may appear. It’s their angle at capturing video ad revenue, which Pagel noted is the fastest growing ad segment online.

Some 60 million unique viewers per month watch videos online, with many of those videos being user-generated content. Pagel thinks Podaddies can help advertisers reach an audience they may not reach through other advertising means.

Podaddies will go for large sites, where Pagel feels the best opportunities reside for revenue and profitability. He said they plan to pass much of the revenue to the content publishers.

Opportunities to make ad revenue will travel with the videos and the ads Podaddies places on them. Their ads will be trackable, and remain with content should it go viral and be reposted elsewhere.

Podaddies will get a big test in 2008, when one unnamed client plans to test ads through the network as part of determining which one will receive the ultimate old media TV placement – Super Bowl Sunday.