Plenty Of Fish Reels In Loads Of Cash

Dating site does well with barebones design

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A dating site called Plenty of Fish is getting attention for the massive amounts of money its creator, Markus Frind, is making from it.  The net profits approach $10 million per year, according to Frind.

Plenty of Fish isn’t exactly omnipresent; compared to other dating sites, it hasn’t been become visible through television commercials.  Also, a Google News search for "plenty of fish" turned up more results relating to edible animals than to any interaction between humans.Plenty Of Fish Reels In Loads Of Cash

Still, that’s not a problem for Frind.  His site got off the ground in Canada, and in The New York Times, Randall Stross reports, "According to data from comScore Media Metrix for November 2007, Plenty of Fish had 1.4 million unique visitors in the United States.  In December, Mr. Frind said, the site served up 1.2 billion page views, and page views have soared 20 percent since Dec. 26."

Everything’s free, of course; growth rarely takes place so quickly otherwise.  The money comes in through advertising, and Plenty of Fish’s lack of a workforce keeps it from getting spread too thin.

Mathew Ingram writes, "The Times’ story mentions Craigslist, and I think the comparison is apt: like Craig, Markus has also focused on keeping the site free and on only doing those things that users want, not what others think he should do."

Plenty Of Fish Reels In Loads Of Cash
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  • http://www.freedatingusa.com/plentyoffish.asp Plenty of Fish

    Plenty of Fish should stick to dating and leave the American bashing forums to other sites. POF is Canadian run and treat posters on their forum VERY differently. As a dating only site I would only rate the quality at maybe a 3

  • http://www.plentyoffishdatingnow.com Plenty of fish

    Woh, Mr. Markus is the top sample that I am impressed in my life. He has a master mind in marketing and managing his site by himself.
    Again, Mark, if you read this note, I just want to say how smart you are.
    Again, thank you for sharing his successful story.

  • Guest

    Plenty of fish is no longer free. They had an upgrade package where you can a “serious member” pic beside your name. What is really stupid is that Markus claims that study shows people who pays are more serious or perceived as more serious. He claims more women are signing up and also purchasing the upgrade. What fumes me is that he giving away it for free to some people. What I hear they get it free for a year. No I’m not jealous but come on. If you start giving away the upgrade for free option, how can I tell who really paid and who really didn’t? This is totally confusing me.
    As suggest as some remember a donation page would be better and people are willing to donate. Obviously Markus net income is less due to the bad economy. Misleading the users will only anger than and slowly people will begin to lose trust and go elsewhere.

  • http://forums.canadabanks.net Canadian Banking Forums

    It’s great to hear that a fellow Canadian has made it big time!

  • http://www.pdfpal.org Walter Hawkins

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