PlayStation Network Back Up For Matchmaking Soon?

Possibly some good news for PS3 owners

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PlayStation Network Back Up For Matchmaking Soon?
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UPDATE: This was just posted to the official PlayStation blog:
I know you all want to know exactly when the services will be restored. At this time, I can’t give you an exact date, as it will likely be at least a few more days. We’re terribly sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this process.

Last time Sony said that it would be rolling out “some services” of the PSN following April’s massive attack and outage, it was last week and their timeline of “the next couple of days” proved to be inaccurate.

The latest news does not come directly from Sony, however, as their latest official blog post came May 6th. Eurogamer is reporting that a “trusted source” confirmed that Sony plans to restore matchmaking on the PSN within the next couple of days.

Yesterday we learned that a Tokyo-based spokesperson warned that full PSN and Qriocity services may not be restored until May 31st, a timeline than devastated many PS3 owners. The key word in that announcement is “full,” however, as some services will most likely begin popping back online before others. May 31st is simply the likely “full reboot” day.

European Playstation community manager @MusterBuster seems to think that online gaming function will be restored before other services as he tweeted this after the May 31st announcement:

Once again, 31st May is the date for FULL restoration of PSN services. Restoration is phased. Online gaming will return BEFORE May 31st. 23 hours ago via web · powered by @socialditto

Sony said in its latest update that they were still “verifying the system security.” The above “phasing” remarks suggest it’s possible that they will feel confident enough to begin restoring some services before the end of the month.

If online multiplayer comes back relatively soon – say within the week – how will that affect your attitude towards Sony? Have they already done too much damage to their reputation in your eyes?

Over the weeks that this has been playing out, I’ve written quite a bit on the subject. Most of the time I’ve received hundreds of comments, most of them passionate to say the least. I’ve noticed the common threads running through the comments, such as paid Xbox Live vs. Free PSN, whether to blame Sony or the hackers for the intrusion and debate over how Sony has handled the outage.

Here’s the question I want to ask PS3 owners: If online gameplay comes back within the next couple of days, will you go back to gaming and be content? If not, what exactly will you expect from Sony?

Also, out of personal curiosity, how many have actually switched to Xbox due to this outage?

PlayStation Network Back Up For Matchmaking Soon?
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  • Jodi Jezz

    Go Pistons!!!

    • http://www.ientry.com/ Josh Wolford


    • XxHi_HaTeRz_xX

      lmao what he said p.s GO THUNDER!!

  • Randy

    You all dont get it this a big srever it takes time to fix. Now they say they are working around the clock to get it fixed which should be right look at the stock market for sony there taking a hit every day the network is down thats money they dont want to give up. But if it takes till end of the month to get it fixed I’ll wait. Because I’m not paying to play on xbox there graphics suck.

  • paul farley

    ur an idiot…

  • David

    Listen whiners. I’m a 35 year old gamer and love playing with my son online. Since this downtime started we have been constantly watching for updates or any news to see just when we will be able to get back online for some multiplayer action. I know and realize that there are quite a few games that are only online, but there are tons more that have a campain mode of some kind that you don’t need an internet connection for. So quit whining, suck it up and how does anyone think that a company that doesn’t charge us for our online enjoyment think that they owe us anything. They have been doing what they can and it is not the end of the world and will be back on soon. What do you think would happen if they cut corners and didn’t do a thorough job with this new infrastructure. Hacked again, and possibly a lot of people hurting because of these selfish hackers only out for number one. I’m sorry if no one agrees with me, I’m an owner of 2 ps3’s and over 60 games and other equipment. There is absolutely no way in hell I would ever sell any of my ps3 games or anything to buy an X-box just because of this downtime. Sure it sucks, but life goes on and if you want an upside. If we do have to wait till the end of May to begin our online play, then think of this. We will have just a few more days to wait to buy the new map pack for Black Ops.

    To Sony; I know you guys are doing the best you cana dn I appreciate the thoroughness you are showing to keep security in place to keep us all gaming with some certainty that we can be secure in identity and financially. I appreciate the PSN services and always will. You can be sure that you will always have a costumer in myself and my son. Thank you and again soory if no one agrees with me

    • Lykens

      but map pack comes out sooner on xbox, always frustrated me, they have cod maps month ahead of us

      • Lykens

        oh, but i do agree with everything else ya said bro lol

  • Baja

    Reasons for not switching to xbox

    1) Free internet
    2) Great multiplayer
    3) Better games in my opinion
    4) free video chat. what is it u ask u hook up a camera to ur ps3 an u can talk to anyone in ur list that has a camera. i talk to family in my country all the time video chat way better than a international phone call.
    5)FACEBOOK YOUTUBE TWITTER N GOOGLE all i do is hook up my keyboard to the ps3 n boom a mini computer.
    6)I put alot of songs n videos on my ps3 n i can even transfer movies from my comp that i have downloaded to my ps3 i have the 320gb ps3
    7)netflix i know xbox has it too but playstation has its own movie store u can rent or buy from them.
    8) i get all of this standard all for free can xbox do that for me

    • Baja

      To SONY im a faithful PS3 gamer n i will continue to wait but i rather have the cold hard truth n get angry n accept it rather then running thru hoops with these updates either way were all gonna get mad just tell us what happened so we can be angry n move on. I RATHER WAIT N HAVE A SECURE PS3 THAN A PRONE PS3 THAT IS HACKABLE….. I’LL BE HERE WHEN IT GOES BACK ON BUT FOR THE MEANTIME THANKS FOR THE FRESH AIR N THE LADIES IN THE CITY I MISSED CRUISING AROUND IN MY CAR THANKS FOR THE BREAK…

  • Lykens

    i was a hardcore ps3 player,and at first i was on board with sony and seen they were just doing the best solution at the time. but then the delays, timelines, and just general lack of info…. well got frustrating…. sad to say but i did break down and buy a xbox360 and some of my favorite titles for it online.really was bad to have to buy titles i done owned but for a different console. but i dont see a bounce back from this. still playing with the idea of just loading my ps3 and games etc, and just taking them to gamestop and try to convert it all to xbox360 stuff. (or dropping it off at a salvation army cause it’s worthless at the moment lol). LYKENS

  • http://webhostingreview.info/dedicated-hosting/ top dedicated hosting

    when it will be back

  • XxHi_HaTeRz_xX

    Microsoft may entice existing Playstation Network users with free Xbox Live membership in order to benefit from the three week period that Sony estimates will be necessary to restore full service to PSN.The current going price for the annual Gold subscription for the Xbox Live currently stands at £29.97 at Amazon, and it would make plenty of sense for Microsoft to give it away for free given the amount of new business this could generate.A survey carried out in the US last month highlighted the perils that might face Sony should Microsoft decide to take advantage of the chaos caused by the data breach.The research carried out by CouponCodes4U in the US found that around a fifth of Playstation 3 owners may consider switching allegiance to Microsoft. Given that the Xbox 360 gaming consoles and its games are normally cheaper than the PS3, it might make sense for some to switch.And there might be some indication that this is already happening. Amazon UK is showing a rise of 32 per cent in the sales rank.

    • j d


  • XxHi_HaTeRz_xX

    just read that somewhere just thought you guys should see it

  • @fsportsguy

    Us Americans have 10 second memories, as soon as we’re able to play online this whole incident will be forgotten about. That’s typical Anerican behavior! I’ll never switch to xbox. My real problem with Sony is their lack of info regarding the situation. If they give me some free games or a move, I’ll be happy and all is ok!

  • Nabeel Chutkae

    seriously its not a big deal. go and find a sport as well as a girlfriend. its not sony that decided to shut down, its the hackers that forced them to do it. its impractical to trade for an xbox, as they will most likely be targeted next according to anonymous

    • David

      I just heared something from our friends that (SONY) just got heck into again. when they was testing it can anyone confirm that plz. and they thinking about making us pay for it.

  • Tim Harrison

    I spent more than $600.00 on personal spaces and my avatar on Playstation@home and then boom, its gone. I will not be spending another dime on it ever again.

    • http://WebProNews TL pate

      All your avatar stuff will be there when you relog on.All the chat is you will have to change password for log on.Then you should still be able to acess all your stuff.

  • http://WebProNews TL pate

    If the network for Psp is restored I believe I will continue with.I don’t agree with how we weren’t informed ealier on the extent of the intrusion,but that was a mistake on there part.I do however hope they catch the people that did this and make them pay.Their attempt to hurt Sony really only hurt the gamers not Sony.Also switching to Xbox is not the answer because if Sony can be hacked I’m sure Xbox is do.Which who’s to say it wasn’t a plot.I do know that I hope it”s fixed soon.

  • todd

    i would like to have a question answered. it was my understanding that the hack was placed through an e-mail to a playstation supervisor . upon opening the e-mail a worm was placed in the network server . if this is the case , why not separate the supervisor and other techs e-mail to separate servers so the hack can’t get there from there . or am i not getting it?

  • mojo_killer

    As far as me getting an xbox because of the crash that would be a hell no. They are the biggest pos you can buy. I’ve had my ps3 since they came out and it still works wonderfully. My buddy who is a die hard xbox fan has bought 5 to my 1 ps3 no bull. This problem playstation network is having does suck really bad. I would love to kill some people on call of duty right now but it is better to do something right the first time then to not do a good job and the same thing happen all over again. Words to live by, if your in a hurry your either fixing a mess up or fixing to mess up. Its not like we have to pay for online play or anything.

    • http://playstation justin

      im sticking with the ps3, no way am i paying just to play with my friends on x-box, im so sick and damn tired of hackers screwing everything up for everyone, hackers are nothing but smartass dick sucking bitches

  • black opps

    I hope at this time they take this down time to repair, install, or upgrade there servers to stop the game kicks and lags!this would be a big plus.PSN take your time and get it right! we can wait. perfect time to fix any other problems, your all ready down. so make sure you stay totally ahead of the game.i think we should all be allowed 1 free game or pack download.the playstation nation will be fine but better if you keep us in the loop. remember we chose YOU!


    been a sony fan since day one and a playstation owner since day one xbox can suck it, all you hackers can eat a d*&k for being such douches, i wish someone would stomp on your hands so you couldnt use them anymore, and all you losers who are angry at sony for being hacked shit happens, hopefully this was a wake-up call and sony can fix this problem permanantly and we all have a better network. keep up the hard work sony and lets get it back and running again.

  • Justin

    I am going to give Sony a second chance, even though this whole debacle is Gigantic, considering people are calling it the largest data breach..in history? While it hasn’t affected me to the point of buying an xbox, I am anxious to get on and Play Da Gaymes! So, I’ll wait patiently but if anything like this happens ever again I will simply never buy Sony again.

  • Important Person

    The only problem I have with all of this is that Sony cant even update us truthfully. They have to keep lying to their customers over and over by saying “in a few days” so we dont all switch to xbox cuz we actually believe them. Really Sony? If you cant give us an exact date then dont expect us to believe that it will be up in a few days! Some of us arent as stupid as you think. You make me laugh, I can guarantee it will be over another week or more.

  • Cheezy Q

    I ultimately chose PS3 over an XBOX because of certain features. Blu-ray, integrated Wi-Fi (instead of an expensive add-on), standard hardware components (so I didn’t have a pay a Microsoft tax for a hard drive upgrade), etc. As I used the PS3 more, I played games and used more and more online services. I also prefer some of the PS3 exclusives, such as MAG.

    I’ll probably keep the PS3, and will probably still frequently game on it, especially for the exclusive games I like. But this experience has been the ultimate in suck. It’s bad enough to have no access to Netflix or the online component to your games. But to also have to deal with potential ID theft and CC fraud…that’s devastating. It obliterates any trust the consumer has in the PSN store, and you can be sure that it will be a while before I buy anything offered over PSN.

    So, I won’t turn in my PS3, but I’ll definitely purchase an XBOX for the multi-platform games, and use it a lot more.

  • http://yahoo mike mcelwain

    I had 6 xbox 360 s all ring of death have fun

  • richard barnes

    yes i will waite butt not to much longer whant to play on line again!!!!! thanks faithfull player of sony products.

    • richard barnes

      oh an i think that the game part of this has nothing to do with the pay part of this so separate the two an let us play why you fix the rest of the problems what you think ! theres realy no reason for us not to be able to play wright!!!!!! please reply

  • Joe T

    I have been waiting patiently for PSN to come back up. I won’t make the move to XBOX. Simply because, I made the move from XBOX to the PS3 (thank you RROD X 2). It is more than frustrating that Sony can’t even roll out the matchmaking yet. Honestly, it boggles my mind that a tech company doesn’t have the ability to seperate the matchmaking system from everything else. I will put up with it this time around, but should this ever happen again and Sony doesn’t learn from this mistake, it will be the last time I put up with it.

  • Roger/ Cyklonefire

    its been a crazy haul over all, i have always had xbox 360 and a ps3 but i loved the ps3 due to its free online and its nicer gamers compared to the paying for live and aggressiveness of gamers on there. Overall however i have noticed playstation is very cocky and xbox is not…look who got hacked. I paid for my live account two days after psn was taken over. I will continue to play ps3 but i admit it very seriously that i will keep my live account golden cause psn is not done getting hacked by any means. if one group can do it so can someone else and idk about some people but i love my online gameplay. – says cyklonefire on 360 and ps3

  • Jim Wobold

    I found Onverse and it is kicking ass in the meantime!

  • Toddimus Prime

    I will say that I am a bit annoyed that they don’t have something back online as of yet and am also annoyed by there attitude of not telling the public anything. Sony does need to win the peoples trust back when they come back on. I guess though saying that I will stick with my ps3 I own over 80 disc based games for it. I also wouldn’t jump to xbox like alot of people are now because we are at the end of this console cycle. Nintendo announced thier new system (debut at e3) and there is rumors out there that microsoft is going to do the same. So why by old tech when we have the new console generation right around the corner. As for my multiplayer fix? I’ve been using my pc hay for what it is worth pc is the best multiplayer console outhere today.

  • Joe

    What do I expect from Sony “NOTHING” They have lied from day 1 saying it would be a couple of days which was turned into a week which is now 3 weeks.
    More to the point ” What can Sony expect from me” Once the psn is up and running if it ever goes down again, and i mean for 1 day then Im ditching it there and then and getting an xbox.

    A couple of crap games does not make up for this, they have been totally unprofessional and just constantly lied to their customers.

    The only reason and i believe this to be the only reason people have not moved is cost, but once a ps3 packs in you can be guaranteed that most will replace it with an xbox, in the coming year ebay will be awash with second hand ps3 games.

    • THEMBOYS209


      • http://yahoo.com/search wasim worrie

        thats true xbox sucks!!!!!!

  • http://yahoo.com/search wasim worrie

    when is the playstation store going to go back?

  • juan torres


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