PlayStation 4 Gets PornHub Support

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Familiar with the video format wars? You know why VHS beat Betamax, right? It was porn. How about HD-DVD and Blu-Ray? Porn.  Could the next generation console war be won with the ease of access to pornography?

If you’re a PlayStation 4 owner who’s already burned out playing all 24 launch titles, you could always use your console and navigate on over to Pornhub. That’s right, according to Pornhub’s twitter page, the porn site is completely compatible with the PS4, making searches easy and video formatting to fit the screen of your TV. In other words, if you want to watch, full screen, on your high definition television, Ron Jeremy making love… then you can watch Ron Jeremy making love. The PS4 comes with its own HDMI cord, so you can plug that bad boy in and get in on the action.

No word on whether or not PornHub will support the Xbox One. The Xbox 360, however, due to its Internet Explorer application, allows users easy access to PornHub to stream their favorite videos.

There’s an ongoing fear of the Xbox One potentially spying on you with its ‘Kinect’ camera. Although it’s not mandatory any longer , the Kinect camera use to always have to be connected in order for the Xbox One to function. Due to the fear of being watched, Xbox One owners can purchase a cover for their camera when it’s not in use. Whereas the PlayStation 4 will only really collect what you’ve been doing (e.g. “voice and text communications, video of your gameplay, name, PSN Online ID and IP address) on the PlayStation Network.

Folks over at Microsoft, like co-founder Paul Gharaffi, as well as potential CEO candidate Stephen Elop have both considered selling off the Xbox business. Perhaps momentum can be picked up in sales if the Xbox One allows the ease of access to pornography like Bing does.

When  it went on sale on Friday, Sony announced that it had sold one million consoles, making it the largest console launch day in history. Now users have a little bit more to look forward to.

Your move, Microsoft.

(Images via Destructoid)