Playing Technorati Favorites

    February 22, 2006

Technorati continues to crank out services faster than the Keelber’s can crank out cookies.

Is there a connection? Possibly. Something to ponder. In the meantime, we’re left to fiddle with thier latest creation: Technorati Favorites.

“It’s really very simple. Just tell us who your favorite bloggers are and you’ll get a custom page that lets you monitor, search, and share your Favorites!”

I’ve been experimenting with the new service and at first glance, yes indeed, it seems very simple, and just like with blogrolls, I can see how Favorites might help add context via association (meaning, through who and what you read). But again, unfortunately, I’ll probably just as quickly abandon this service as I did my original blogroll for the reason that while it may send one social gesture to 50 of the bloggers I know and read, it also sends an entirely different social gesture to the other 150 I couldn’t add to this list. And that sucks. Well, that, and honestly, I just don’t want another thing to manage.

Shel Hotlz had smarter things to say recently regarding the Role of Rolls (also see the comments thread).

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