Play Stump The Google Personalized Page

    March 2, 2007
    WebProNews Staff

Some updates have hit Google’s Personalized Homepage (unfortunately a shorter/catchier name was not among them), including one that makes the tabs a little more interesting.

Kai Shih called the latest tweaks to the Personalized Homepage ones “for those who are feeling too lazy to customize it.”

Gadgets added to the Page will suggest similar ones, based on the selections made by others who picked the same one. It sounds a lot like Amazon’s product suggestions seen on pages throughout that e-commerce site.

The gadgets also have ratings and reviews available in their directory. As more people populate those, they will be useful in deciding in a given gadget is for them.

That’s a lot like what Amazon does too.

Here’s the fun part, which doesn’t look like something Amazon has done already. The Tabs available for the Personalized Homepage have become intelligent:

For those who are too lazy to create new tabs to organize stuff, here’s a bit of magic. If you add a new tab to your homepage, you can name your tab and have the option of letting us select the content for you based on your chosen name.

Say I create a tab called “Astronomy” to get the latest news and info on that topic. We’ll populate the page with the NASA image of the day, the current moon phase, and a bunch of feeds related to astronomy.

Less lazy folks are welcome to try to stump us with tab names.

So there’s the challenge. Find something for a tab name that Google can’t match with content. That will be a neat trick.

Did you know the Gadget Directory has Amazon gadgets? I’m shocked.

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