Plaxo Launches Social Network Pulse

    August 6, 2007

Plaxo launched today its social network, Pulse. Pulse pulls in what they call "people feed" or RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to allow for conversation about the content with your family, friends or co-workers.

Plaxo Launches Social Network Pulse
Plaxo Launches Social Network Pulse

Using "people feeds" users can subscribe to the people in your address book and receive the content they want to share with you from a number of sites. The list of sites that are compatible with Pulse include, Amazon, AOL Pictures,, Digg, Flickr, Jaiku,, LiveJournal, MySpace, Picasa, Pownce, Smugmug, Tumblr, Twitter, Webshots, Windows Live Spaces, Xanga, Yahoo 360, Yelp and YouTube.

The company says they have plans to add more sites that are compatible with Pulse.

"Pulse represents the natural evolution of Plaxo," said Todd Masonis, Founder and VP of Products. "It’s all about keeping you more richly connected to the people you actually know, by transforming your address book into a true social network for your real personal and professional relationships."

Pulse users can share information publicly or only with people within their network. Other features of Pulse include one-to-one connections designed for categorization of relationships into family, friends and business network. It also has a share bar for sending messages, links or videos to those in your network.